Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guess Who's Back?

So yea, it has been almost 2 months. I promised myself this wouldn't happen. But it is super easy to break a promise to yourself. I have a number of explanations as to why I stopped for a bit, but considering there are only about 3 people that check this out regularly.... I figure no-one is really that fussed about my explanations (and by explanations, I guess I mean excuses, I just do not like the word excuses....)

First off was the Olympics. Pesky little world event on in my city. Kind of infringes on my personal blogging time...... I was blogging for work, and did put a few of them up on this blog as well. But I clearly can't be completely myself and full of snark on a work blog can I? So I stopped that. But suffice it to say, during the Games, if it wasn't Olympic related, it really wasn't on my radar. I don't really know what went on in Hollyweird during those 2 weeks. I was more interested in Hockey and curling and skating........ so sad really.

After the games I headed to the land of Kangaroos, convicts and vegemite to take care of my momma who had what is technically called a radical nephrectomy. The less terrifying version of that is a kidney removed. Yes, Cancer. Scary as F*ck if I am being honest. Already lost one parent to Cancer when I was a kid. The thought of it happening again terrifies me. But apparently with the Kidney Cancer - assuming it stays in the Kidney - no chemo, no radiation. They just cut the bugger out and send you on your way. Weird right? But unless everyone is a big liar, that is the case with my momma.

The surgery was smack dab in the middle of the Games and went well. I missed the worst of the recovery as I wasn't there until almost a month post-op (ha, I have never had reason to say or write that before...). My brothers were there before. And they didn't kill each other, which is good. I am not being glib. I was actually worried there would be a knock down drag out brawl on the suburban streets of Kingston Tasmania. Thankfully they checked themselves and hid their mutual dislike for each other from our mother.

It was a very low key trip to Australia. Watched a lot of British Procedural Drama on DVD, went through the jewellery (hate doing that), laid claim to a few things I want (or were promised to me by dead relatives), had afternoon tea with my mommas friends, ate a lot of delicious Lamb, met my niece and sister in law who live in Japan with one of my brothers (who I hadn't seen in about 7 years)........

And now I am back. Work is insane at the moment. Technology is not our friend at the moment and is making me contemplate a job at Chapters where I would hopefully not have to deal with the ineptitude of others..... but would have to deal with annoying customers so mebbe I should think of something else to do with my life. Why is there not a well paying job where I get to sit at home and not deal with people? Sigh.

Anyways... these are my explanations. And to be honest, I thought about totally abandoning this altogether. Although only a small number of people that read this, there are apparently a few people who know me in real life who check it out. Which is fine.

Hi if you are out there reading this. How's it going? What's new?

But 99.9% of these people don't know the truth of my life and I had thought this would be a place where I could be me a little more. Completely my own fault as I put this out on Facebook. I know. What am I whining about? I should just say f*ck it and not care right? Maybe.

Anyways, that is me done blathering on like a crazy (crazier) person for now. It is Easter Sunday. If you celebrate it, good for you! I am one of those very very very lapsed Catholics who is now pretty much agnostic (which is very cowardly I know, I should just pick a team and go with it). I am choosing to celebrate by going to the movies. Chloe and maybe Ghost Writer.

Have a great Sunday gentle readers.


Confessions of a Music Lover's I-pod

No, I did not abandon this permanently. Another post will offer the half assed explanation ;). Starting off with an old reliable that this also a favourite.....

This should be interesting as I am listening to tons of new to me tunage. Heading to the Coachella Music Festival (California) in a few weeks so lots of new peeps to listen to. All the tunes below are at the festival. Not that I hadn't heard of most of them. They just weren't on my current rotation, ya know.

Here's how you do it: I-Pod. MP3. Other listening device. Shuffle all songs. Write down first 15. Only skip if an artist is repeated. No cheating!

1. Yeasayer - Final Path
2.Grizzly Bear - Fix It
3. Mew - Apocalypse
4. Vampire Weekend - Taxi Cab
5. LCD Soundsystem - Movement
6. As Tall As Lions - Be Here Now
7. The Gossip - Got Body If You Want It
8. She & Him - Ridin' In My Car
9. David Guetta - This is Not a Love Song
10. Gorillaz - White Flag
11. The Middle East - Lonely
12. Beach House - Norway
13. Corrine Bailey Rae - Till It Happens to you
14. Miike Snow - Faker
15. MUTEMATH - Valium

Super crazy beyond stoked about Coachella. As always seems to happen, it is ending up costing double what it was originally intended to. Boo f*cking hiss to that. What was planned as a fun 9 day road trip for 4 is now a very quick 3 day trip for 2. Oh well. That is the way it goes. Still should be amazing.

Just waiting for the schedule to be released so I can start to plan the days...... There are a number of bands that I am (not) literally dying to see. Florence and the Machine, She & Him, Sleigh Bells, Phoenix, Muse, Matt & Kim, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Band of Skulls, Frightened Rabbit, The Gossip, The xx, Vampire Weekend, The Avett Brothers, Imogen Heap, Thom Yorke..... the list goes on. Gonna be epic and fantastic. If they would release the fricking schedule. I know what days people are playing, but not times or stages. Argh.

Anyone else going? Anyone I should not miss?