Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guess Who's Back?

So yea, it has been almost 2 months. I promised myself this wouldn't happen. But it is super easy to break a promise to yourself. I have a number of explanations as to why I stopped for a bit, but considering there are only about 3 people that check this out regularly.... I figure no-one is really that fussed about my explanations (and by explanations, I guess I mean excuses, I just do not like the word excuses....)

First off was the Olympics. Pesky little world event on in my city. Kind of infringes on my personal blogging time...... I was blogging for work, and did put a few of them up on this blog as well. But I clearly can't be completely myself and full of snark on a work blog can I? So I stopped that. But suffice it to say, during the Games, if it wasn't Olympic related, it really wasn't on my radar. I don't really know what went on in Hollyweird during those 2 weeks. I was more interested in Hockey and curling and skating........ so sad really.

After the games I headed to the land of Kangaroos, convicts and vegemite to take care of my momma who had what is technically called a radical nephrectomy. The less terrifying version of that is a kidney removed. Yes, Cancer. Scary as F*ck if I am being honest. Already lost one parent to Cancer when I was a kid. The thought of it happening again terrifies me. But apparently with the Kidney Cancer - assuming it stays in the Kidney - no chemo, no radiation. They just cut the bugger out and send you on your way. Weird right? But unless everyone is a big liar, that is the case with my momma.

The surgery was smack dab in the middle of the Games and went well. I missed the worst of the recovery as I wasn't there until almost a month post-op (ha, I have never had reason to say or write that before...). My brothers were there before. And they didn't kill each other, which is good. I am not being glib. I was actually worried there would be a knock down drag out brawl on the suburban streets of Kingston Tasmania. Thankfully they checked themselves and hid their mutual dislike for each other from our mother.

It was a very low key trip to Australia. Watched a lot of British Procedural Drama on DVD, went through the jewellery (hate doing that), laid claim to a few things I want (or were promised to me by dead relatives), had afternoon tea with my mommas friends, ate a lot of delicious Lamb, met my niece and sister in law who live in Japan with one of my brothers (who I hadn't seen in about 7 years)........

And now I am back. Work is insane at the moment. Technology is not our friend at the moment and is making me contemplate a job at Chapters where I would hopefully not have to deal with the ineptitude of others..... but would have to deal with annoying customers so mebbe I should think of something else to do with my life. Why is there not a well paying job where I get to sit at home and not deal with people? Sigh.

Anyways... these are my explanations. And to be honest, I thought about totally abandoning this altogether. Although only a small number of people that read this, there are apparently a few people who know me in real life who check it out. Which is fine.

Hi if you are out there reading this. How's it going? What's new?

But 99.9% of these people don't know the truth of my life and I had thought this would be a place where I could be me a little more. Completely my own fault as I put this out on Facebook. I know. What am I whining about? I should just say f*ck it and not care right? Maybe.

Anyways, that is me done blathering on like a crazy (crazier) person for now. It is Easter Sunday. If you celebrate it, good for you! I am one of those very very very lapsed Catholics who is now pretty much agnostic (which is very cowardly I know, I should just pick a team and go with it). I am choosing to celebrate by going to the movies. Chloe and maybe Ghost Writer.

Have a great Sunday gentle readers.


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