Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

Sad news from the Fashion World this morning. Alexander McQueen passed away - he reportedly took his own life. While I am not a hardcore fashionista, I have been known to pass judgement on some of his red carpet looks. Below are some of his most memorable looks (for me, I am sure far more clever people than I will have a differing opinion)

Love --> but would love a lot nore if it was slipless.

Controversial --> Yes. But Love anyway

McQueen on the left with SJP at the MET's Costume Institute Gala --> Um yea.

Gwyneth Paltrow's breasts --> hated it.

I think this Twitpic courtesy of Sam Sparro says it all.

Opening Ceremony Secrets.... Not Likely!!!

Last night I was very very lucky to be able to attend a Dress Rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony of the Games. While I will not spill any of the secrets regarding the show itself….. Let me just say…. Wowsers! This was a “full” dress rehearsal. All the musical acts were in attendance, the parade of athletes was conducted (with stand-ins) & even the speeches were simulated for timing purposes.

I was super impressed with the entire show. From start to finish I think they did a phenomenal job. The music was fantastic (one act in particular had me smacking my friend on the arm at the amazingness, tearing up and screaming like a crazy person all at the same time). The dancing was equally impressive. At times, the acrobatics were jaw dropping.

Being in an enclosed venue such as BC Place creates some unique challenges as the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Games traditionally involves a massive spectacle of Fireworks and “things” shooting into the sky. Honestly though, I didn’t feel short changed about any of it.
Watching parts of it on the screens inside the venue - trust me when I say the whole event will look spectacular on screen. Particularly if you are able to watch it in High Definition! The colours, the movement, all of it –fantastic.

Now onto the all important questions about getting in and out of the venue. Getting in was a breeze – they had express lanes for those without bags which was very handy. On the way out, patience will be your friend. Thankfully VANOC had people stationed with megaphones directing the crowds. One final side note: All the staff/volunteers/security: AMAZING.

I suspect that the organisers have a few more surprises up their sleeves and I will most definitely be glued to my seat tomorrow night. I can’t wait to see the whole thing “again”

PS: No cameras allowed in for obvious reasons.... hence the not so visual photos ;) I did sneak a few from my phone, but in the interests of not spoiling the surprise I am not posting them until after the ceremony! I have some morals. Well, I have at least one :)

2010 Photo Ops

Hello reader(s): just a heads up that over the next few weeks the posts in this wee blog will have a decidedly Vancouver Winter Olympics Focus. the reason for this is that I am writing full time for another blog during the Games and may not have time to update both. Also, as the other blog is a little more professional than this one, there will probably be a lot less cursing! I will try and post other things as well... but don't hold your breath! XO
Vancouver has always been a picturesque city. That much I know. Add to that the Olympic Games and this city has become a photographers dream. But will there be key spots where everyone wants their photo taken? Along with the Massive Canadian Flag on the Corner of Hornby and Howe streets, I suspect that this shot will be another favourite among those flocking to Vancouver. How could it not be? A conveniently erected Inukshuk, the banks of False Creek and Russian Sochi 2014 House in the background. A perfectly perfect photo opportunity. Do you think mebbe a Russian snuck out and put this up? Mayhaps......

Another popular photo op will likely be the entire 700 block of Granville Street - between Georgia and Robson Streets . This is bound to be one of the busiest pedestrian corridor during the Games and is home to a ton of interesting and different works of art. I love the Lantern Forest that is part of LunarFest: Soul, Art, Life (part of the Cultural Olympiad) - made up of thousands of submissions from children from both Tawain and Canada, this beautiful display is sure to be a hit. The lanterns represent each child's commitment to a greener earth, while also representing their cultural heritage.

I have also witnessed countless people contorting their bodies to fit into these stylized images of the some of the Winter Olympic Sports. These definitely have a very retro feel to them. There is nothing like seeing grown adults laughing hysterically while trying to assume the shape of a snowboarder. Love it.

This is just the smallest of tastes of some of the places and images that I suspect will be extremely popular for camera buff's during the Games. Where else do you think visitors should be heading to capture that quintessential Vancouver image during the Games?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy 9.02.10 Day

Today, take a moment to remember the original Beverly Hills 90210. It will be many a long year until the dates align again! Or October if you go with the whole day-month-year system. I can never remember which way it goes.

Season 3 was my favourite of 90210. Primarily because Brenda's hair was it it's most awesome - I actually took a picture of her into a punk themed salon to show the super hawt stylist how I wanted my hair - 2 years ago. He mocked me the entire time I was there. Sigh.

Brenda and Dylan 4 eva!
PS: who woulda thunk that dorky David Silver would not only impregnate the stunning Vanessa Marcell (from General Hospital, Vegas), but that he would currently be shacking up with Megan Fox? Not me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Satyana's not playing along.....

I feel totally skeevy posting candid shots of celebrities and their kids while they are trying to live their lives. I know that photogs and paparazzi come with the territory, but when there are kids involved it is different. The complete and total adorableness of these shots overruled my sense of decency. That and the fact that I am pretty sure these were taken from a long lens as opposed to the pap frenzy that surrounds some celebrities.

These shots of the Denisof family were taken on 2 separate days, but on both occasions the adorable munchkin that is Satyana Denisof seems to love popping her head up to see what is going on. I am sure that the reason Aly and Alexis have her in a stroller like this is to avoid too many photos of her being taken. But Satyana doesn't seem to be on board with the whole protecting her adorable mug from the masses.

This is one family that seems genuinely happy and not yet completely screwed up by Hollyweird living. I really really hope it stays that way.


2010 Scandal #1?

For me, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games coming to my city is not so much about the sports. I have no tickets to any actual events - so if you have any Gold Medal Hockey tickets you would like to donate to me... that would be awesome. Ha! That is not quite true. I am going to the Dress Rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday. Which is pretty cool. And no, I will not be sneaking in a camera or spilling any secrets, so don't ask :)

I know it sounds trite and cliched and tacky, but this is honestly a once in a life time opportunity. In spite of all the other crap going on in my life.... this is it. In just over 2 weeks, this will be over. And how much would it suck to let it pass me by? I live so close to all the action, I would be a fool to sit at home and bitch and moan about a few disruptions to my life.
And my fellow Australians are definitely embracing the mantra of once in a lifetime opportunity. I am sure you have all seen this big ass boxing kangaroo flag that they hung in the Aussie quarters at the Athletes Village. It has made headlines around the world as one of the first bona fide scandals of these Games. They are not the only country to have flags hanging. They are not the only country to have massive flags hanging. The IOC (not Canada, Vancouver or VANOC) kinda sorta wanted it taken down. Something to do with it being a trademarked product and not an actual country flag. The whole thing was blown totally way out of proportion but praise Jeebus the IOC "backed down" and the Aussies can keep their Boxing Kangaroo flying high. Hello the Molehill. People were freaking over nothing.
To that I say.... Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Confessions of a Music Lovers Ipod

Lazy post to start the day (although if I am being honest, it is more like late afternoon here in Vancity).....

Easy game for everyone!! Shuffle all your I-Pod or MP3. No cheating. Only skip if there is a duplicate artist. The goal is to have 15 different artists in the list below. This is a safe place. There is no judgement of the unmitigated cr*p that is hiding on you I-Pod.

1. Blindness - Metric
2. Cold Shoulder - Adele
3. Can't Take that Away - Paddy Casey
4. Breathe - Alexi Murdoch
5. Say it Ain't So - MoZella
6. Apparitions - Matthew Good Band
7. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
8. Like A Prayer - Madonna (Hope for Haiti version)
9. Souled Out - Conor Oberst
10. Lump Sum - Bon Iver
11. Loving You - Paolo Nutini
12. Fans - Kings of Leon
13. Cold Hands Warm Heart - Brendan Benson
14. The Professor - Damien Rice
15. Secret - Missy Higgins

Nothing I am ashamed of. I love Kelly Clarkson. She is awesome.