Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Trying out a new home

I am kind of giving up on this..... look for me on tumblr......


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Guess Who's Back?

So yea, it has been almost 2 months. I promised myself this wouldn't happen. But it is super easy to break a promise to yourself. I have a number of explanations as to why I stopped for a bit, but considering there are only about 3 people that check this out regularly.... I figure no-one is really that fussed about my explanations (and by explanations, I guess I mean excuses, I just do not like the word excuses....)

First off was the Olympics. Pesky little world event on in my city. Kind of infringes on my personal blogging time...... I was blogging for work, and did put a few of them up on this blog as well. But I clearly can't be completely myself and full of snark on a work blog can I? So I stopped that. But suffice it to say, during the Games, if it wasn't Olympic related, it really wasn't on my radar. I don't really know what went on in Hollyweird during those 2 weeks. I was more interested in Hockey and curling and skating........ so sad really.

After the games I headed to the land of Kangaroos, convicts and vegemite to take care of my momma who had what is technically called a radical nephrectomy. The less terrifying version of that is a kidney removed. Yes, Cancer. Scary as F*ck if I am being honest. Already lost one parent to Cancer when I was a kid. The thought of it happening again terrifies me. But apparently with the Kidney Cancer - assuming it stays in the Kidney - no chemo, no radiation. They just cut the bugger out and send you on your way. Weird right? But unless everyone is a big liar, that is the case with my momma.

The surgery was smack dab in the middle of the Games and went well. I missed the worst of the recovery as I wasn't there until almost a month post-op (ha, I have never had reason to say or write that before...). My brothers were there before. And they didn't kill each other, which is good. I am not being glib. I was actually worried there would be a knock down drag out brawl on the suburban streets of Kingston Tasmania. Thankfully they checked themselves and hid their mutual dislike for each other from our mother.

It was a very low key trip to Australia. Watched a lot of British Procedural Drama on DVD, went through the jewellery (hate doing that), laid claim to a few things I want (or were promised to me by dead relatives), had afternoon tea with my mommas friends, ate a lot of delicious Lamb, met my niece and sister in law who live in Japan with one of my brothers (who I hadn't seen in about 7 years)........

And now I am back. Work is insane at the moment. Technology is not our friend at the moment and is making me contemplate a job at Chapters where I would hopefully not have to deal with the ineptitude of others..... but would have to deal with annoying customers so mebbe I should think of something else to do with my life. Why is there not a well paying job where I get to sit at home and not deal with people? Sigh.

Anyways... these are my explanations. And to be honest, I thought about totally abandoning this altogether. Although only a small number of people that read this, there are apparently a few people who know me in real life who check it out. Which is fine.

Hi if you are out there reading this. How's it going? What's new?

But 99.9% of these people don't know the truth of my life and I had thought this would be a place where I could be me a little more. Completely my own fault as I put this out on Facebook. I know. What am I whining about? I should just say f*ck it and not care right? Maybe.

Anyways, that is me done blathering on like a crazy (crazier) person for now. It is Easter Sunday. If you celebrate it, good for you! I am one of those very very very lapsed Catholics who is now pretty much agnostic (which is very cowardly I know, I should just pick a team and go with it). I am choosing to celebrate by going to the movies. Chloe and maybe Ghost Writer.

Have a great Sunday gentle readers.


Confessions of a Music Lover's I-pod

No, I did not abandon this permanently. Another post will offer the half assed explanation ;). Starting off with an old reliable that this also a favourite.....

This should be interesting as I am listening to tons of new to me tunage. Heading to the Coachella Music Festival (California) in a few weeks so lots of new peeps to listen to. All the tunes below are at the festival. Not that I hadn't heard of most of them. They just weren't on my current rotation, ya know.

Here's how you do it: I-Pod. MP3. Other listening device. Shuffle all songs. Write down first 15. Only skip if an artist is repeated. No cheating!

1. Yeasayer - Final Path
2.Grizzly Bear - Fix It
3. Mew - Apocalypse
4. Vampire Weekend - Taxi Cab
5. LCD Soundsystem - Movement
6. As Tall As Lions - Be Here Now
7. The Gossip - Got Body If You Want It
8. She & Him - Ridin' In My Car
9. David Guetta - This is Not a Love Song
10. Gorillaz - White Flag
11. The Middle East - Lonely
12. Beach House - Norway
13. Corrine Bailey Rae - Till It Happens to you
14. Miike Snow - Faker
15. MUTEMATH - Valium

Super crazy beyond stoked about Coachella. As always seems to happen, it is ending up costing double what it was originally intended to. Boo f*cking hiss to that. What was planned as a fun 9 day road trip for 4 is now a very quick 3 day trip for 2. Oh well. That is the way it goes. Still should be amazing.

Just waiting for the schedule to be released so I can start to plan the days...... There are a number of bands that I am (not) literally dying to see. Florence and the Machine, She & Him, Sleigh Bells, Phoenix, Muse, Matt & Kim, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Band of Skulls, Frightened Rabbit, The Gossip, The xx, Vampire Weekend, The Avett Brothers, Imogen Heap, Thom Yorke..... the list goes on. Gonna be epic and fantastic. If they would release the fricking schedule. I know what days people are playing, but not times or stages. Argh.

Anyone else going? Anyone I should not miss?


Thursday, February 11, 2010

RIP Alexander McQueen

Sad news from the Fashion World this morning. Alexander McQueen passed away - he reportedly took his own life. While I am not a hardcore fashionista, I have been known to pass judgement on some of his red carpet looks. Below are some of his most memorable looks (for me, I am sure far more clever people than I will have a differing opinion)

Love --> but would love a lot nore if it was slipless.

Controversial --> Yes. But Love anyway

McQueen on the left with SJP at the MET's Costume Institute Gala --> Um yea.

Gwyneth Paltrow's breasts --> hated it.

I think this Twitpic courtesy of Sam Sparro says it all.

Opening Ceremony Secrets.... Not Likely!!!

Last night I was very very lucky to be able to attend a Dress Rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony of the Games. While I will not spill any of the secrets regarding the show itself….. Let me just say…. Wowsers! This was a “full” dress rehearsal. All the musical acts were in attendance, the parade of athletes was conducted (with stand-ins) & even the speeches were simulated for timing purposes.

I was super impressed with the entire show. From start to finish I think they did a phenomenal job. The music was fantastic (one act in particular had me smacking my friend on the arm at the amazingness, tearing up and screaming like a crazy person all at the same time). The dancing was equally impressive. At times, the acrobatics were jaw dropping.

Being in an enclosed venue such as BC Place creates some unique challenges as the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Games traditionally involves a massive spectacle of Fireworks and “things” shooting into the sky. Honestly though, I didn’t feel short changed about any of it.
Watching parts of it on the screens inside the venue - trust me when I say the whole event will look spectacular on screen. Particularly if you are able to watch it in High Definition! The colours, the movement, all of it –fantastic.

Now onto the all important questions about getting in and out of the venue. Getting in was a breeze – they had express lanes for those without bags which was very handy. On the way out, patience will be your friend. Thankfully VANOC had people stationed with megaphones directing the crowds. One final side note: All the staff/volunteers/security: AMAZING.

I suspect that the organisers have a few more surprises up their sleeves and I will most definitely be glued to my seat tomorrow night. I can’t wait to see the whole thing “again”

PS: No cameras allowed in for obvious reasons.... hence the not so visual photos ;) I did sneak a few from my phone, but in the interests of not spoiling the surprise I am not posting them until after the ceremony! I have some morals. Well, I have at least one :)

2010 Photo Ops

Hello reader(s): just a heads up that over the next few weeks the posts in this wee blog will have a decidedly Vancouver Winter Olympics Focus. the reason for this is that I am writing full time for another blog during the Games and may not have time to update both. Also, as the other blog is a little more professional than this one, there will probably be a lot less cursing! I will try and post other things as well... but don't hold your breath! XO
Vancouver has always been a picturesque city. That much I know. Add to that the Olympic Games and this city has become a photographers dream. But will there be key spots where everyone wants their photo taken? Along with the Massive Canadian Flag on the Corner of Hornby and Howe streets, I suspect that this shot will be another favourite among those flocking to Vancouver. How could it not be? A conveniently erected Inukshuk, the banks of False Creek and Russian Sochi 2014 House in the background. A perfectly perfect photo opportunity. Do you think mebbe a Russian snuck out and put this up? Mayhaps......

Another popular photo op will likely be the entire 700 block of Granville Street - between Georgia and Robson Streets . This is bound to be one of the busiest pedestrian corridor during the Games and is home to a ton of interesting and different works of art. I love the Lantern Forest that is part of LunarFest: Soul, Art, Life (part of the Cultural Olympiad) - made up of thousands of submissions from children from both Tawain and Canada, this beautiful display is sure to be a hit. The lanterns represent each child's commitment to a greener earth, while also representing their cultural heritage.

I have also witnessed countless people contorting their bodies to fit into these stylized images of the some of the Winter Olympic Sports. These definitely have a very retro feel to them. There is nothing like seeing grown adults laughing hysterically while trying to assume the shape of a snowboarder. Love it.

This is just the smallest of tastes of some of the places and images that I suspect will be extremely popular for camera buff's during the Games. Where else do you think visitors should be heading to capture that quintessential Vancouver image during the Games?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy 9.02.10 Day

Today, take a moment to remember the original Beverly Hills 90210. It will be many a long year until the dates align again! Or October if you go with the whole day-month-year system. I can never remember which way it goes.

Season 3 was my favourite of 90210. Primarily because Brenda's hair was it it's most awesome - I actually took a picture of her into a punk themed salon to show the super hawt stylist how I wanted my hair - 2 years ago. He mocked me the entire time I was there. Sigh.

Brenda and Dylan 4 eva!
PS: who woulda thunk that dorky David Silver would not only impregnate the stunning Vanessa Marcell (from General Hospital, Vegas), but that he would currently be shacking up with Megan Fox? Not me.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Satyana's not playing along.....

I feel totally skeevy posting candid shots of celebrities and their kids while they are trying to live their lives. I know that photogs and paparazzi come with the territory, but when there are kids involved it is different. The complete and total adorableness of these shots overruled my sense of decency. That and the fact that I am pretty sure these were taken from a long lens as opposed to the pap frenzy that surrounds some celebrities.

These shots of the Denisof family were taken on 2 separate days, but on both occasions the adorable munchkin that is Satyana Denisof seems to love popping her head up to see what is going on. I am sure that the reason Aly and Alexis have her in a stroller like this is to avoid too many photos of her being taken. But Satyana doesn't seem to be on board with the whole protecting her adorable mug from the masses.

This is one family that seems genuinely happy and not yet completely screwed up by Hollyweird living. I really really hope it stays that way.


2010 Scandal #1?

For me, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games coming to my city is not so much about the sports. I have no tickets to any actual events - so if you have any Gold Medal Hockey tickets you would like to donate to me... that would be awesome. Ha! That is not quite true. I am going to the Dress Rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony on Wednesday. Which is pretty cool. And no, I will not be sneaking in a camera or spilling any secrets, so don't ask :)

I know it sounds trite and cliched and tacky, but this is honestly a once in a life time opportunity. In spite of all the other crap going on in my life.... this is it. In just over 2 weeks, this will be over. And how much would it suck to let it pass me by? I live so close to all the action, I would be a fool to sit at home and bitch and moan about a few disruptions to my life.
And my fellow Australians are definitely embracing the mantra of once in a lifetime opportunity. I am sure you have all seen this big ass boxing kangaroo flag that they hung in the Aussie quarters at the Athletes Village. It has made headlines around the world as one of the first bona fide scandals of these Games. They are not the only country to have flags hanging. They are not the only country to have massive flags hanging. The IOC (not Canada, Vancouver or VANOC) kinda sorta wanted it taken down. Something to do with it being a trademarked product and not an actual country flag. The whole thing was blown totally way out of proportion but praise Jeebus the IOC "backed down" and the Aussies can keep their Boxing Kangaroo flying high. Hello the Molehill. People were freaking over nothing.
To that I say.... Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Confessions of a Music Lovers Ipod

Lazy post to start the day (although if I am being honest, it is more like late afternoon here in Vancity).....

Easy game for everyone!! Shuffle all your I-Pod or MP3. No cheating. Only skip if there is a duplicate artist. The goal is to have 15 different artists in the list below. This is a safe place. There is no judgement of the unmitigated cr*p that is hiding on you I-Pod.

1. Blindness - Metric
2. Cold Shoulder - Adele
3. Can't Take that Away - Paddy Casey
4. Breathe - Alexi Murdoch
5. Say it Ain't So - MoZella
6. Apparitions - Matthew Good Band
7. My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
8. Like A Prayer - Madonna (Hope for Haiti version)
9. Souled Out - Conor Oberst
10. Lump Sum - Bon Iver
11. Loving You - Paolo Nutini
12. Fans - Kings of Leon
13. Cold Hands Warm Heart - Brendan Benson
14. The Professor - Damien Rice
15. Secret - Missy Higgins

Nothing I am ashamed of. I love Kelly Clarkson. She is awesome.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Settle the f*ck down Twihards

I find this story equal parts annoying and amusing. Normally I would call bullsh*t on a story like this, but it comes from Deadline Hollywood - a source that is generally pretty spot on. Nikki Finke - love her or hate her - normally gets her stuff right.

According to a report on her site, fans of Kristen Stewart have been bombarding potential buyers of Welcome To The Rileys, pleading with them to purchase the rights to release the film. In an effort to ensure that they are able to see Kristen on screen as a teenage stripper, apparently these fans have gotten a hold of said executives emails and are using twitter, text and email to beg for a distribution deal for this movie. No word yet on whether their efforts have been successful.

Holy mother of crazy. Assuming this is true, and I am going with it being true simply because it is hysterical and disturbing, What the f*ck?? Badgering movie executives to buy a movie because you are a fan of one of the actors in it is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. But I am not surprised. These are the same fans that have been known to write petitions because they don't like the proposed director of Eclipse. The same fans that wrote and delivered a letter to Summit when the very small role of Victoria was recast. Fans that will inundate message boards to defend Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and the Twilight series if someone deigns to say something even remotely disparaging. Some of them are just a little crazy.

Now, don't mistake me. I am a fan of Kristen Stewart. Look back through previous posts. I think she is a little bit of awesome and have even been known to write a few comments on message boards in defensive of the Stew. I really want to see Welcome to the Rileys. I read the script and think it has potential. What I take issue with is the fact that although the intentions are from a good place, treating the makers, cast and crew of this movie with such disrespect irritates me. WTF were they thinking? That this would make the buyers want to purchase the film? They are turning what is a complicated high level decision into the equivalent of a high school petition to get a new brand of pop in the cafeteria.


First Song from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.

One of my dirty little secrets is a fondness for the music of Avril Lavigne. I know. I am deeply ashamed of this. But musically, she is a'right with me. As a person, I find her pretty much irritating as hell. She is in her mid 20's and still dresses like the punk poser she was as a teenager. And acts like she is five. But whatever, she is not the first singer I have listened too that I wouldn't want to associate with in real life. She is just the one I am probably most ashamed to admit to liking....

Avril Lavigne is contributing to the soundtrack for Tim Burton's ridiculously anticipated Alice in Wonderland. In fact, she is not only contributing to the soundtrack, she has the lead track on said soundtrack. The song "Alice" will be released along with the Soundtrack on March 4th. Other contributors include Franz Ferdinand and All American Rejects.

Thoughts? Obviously this is not the video for the song. It is not bad. It is not great - Avril often yells a little when singing. I am pretty sure it will grow on me....

What do you think? Did Tim Burton completely miss the mark having Avril Lavigne contribute the lead single off this soundtrack? Is he hurting the film? Or to answer a bigger question.... do Soundtrack's even matter anymore? I can't recall the last time a song from a movie has been so huge that everytime you hear it your mind automatically goes to the film??

For me, I gotta say the Aerosmith song from Armaggedon. That was huge. Oh, and I am also sorry for admitting that I liked that song and that movie :( Sh*t, I am totally blowing any musical credibility I ever had with you aren't I? Heh!


Friday, January 29, 2010

Sundance Portraits Make Me Smile and/or Quiver

At the start of this years Sundance Film Festival founder Robert Redford pronounced that this year would see a return to it's roots and that it would again enable unknown filmmakers to find an audience. That declaration remains to be seen and will be debated by much cleverer people than me in the weeks and months to come. I am pretty much here to post pictures of people I like and ridicule posted images of those I don't like. This specific post is more on the love side....

Let's begin with 2 of my absolute fave indie queens. On the left we have the amazing Catherine Keener - a staple at film festivals. One of the most respected working actors around, she never seems allows herself to be sucked in by the Hollyweird bullsh*t. She is with Oliver Platt - her costar in the upcoming film Cyrus. On the right is one hi-larious lady - Parker Posey. She has been in a ton of films, I especially loved her the Christopher Guest movies - Best In Show, Waiting for Guffman, A Mighty Wind. She was also too funny in Scream not judge my love of the Scream Trilogy. I will fight you on this. Parker was not promoting anything at Sundance this year - she was one of the judges.

Next up is my girl crush Kristen Stewart who is the indisputable Princess of the festival with 2 films showing. The top right picture is with her director Jake Scott and co-star Melissa Leo from Welcome to the Riley's. The other pictures, of course, are with her costar Dakota Fanning as well the totally bad ass Joan Jet and Cherie Currie who Kristen and Dakota are playing in The Runaways. I have already written a ton of stuff about both these films, so won't say anthing further.

I have already posted candid pictures of my new favourite imaginary couple Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. I love these pictures, although they do make me rather distracted. And I have already had to wipe the drool off of my keyboard once this week... I don;t want to do it again. Their film Blue Valentine is getting good reviews and looks like it will get picked up. Yay!

Cute boys in flannel, dirty jeans and boots are always a good thing in my mind..... Oh James Franco, another many who makes me quiver in my nether regions. Howl was one of the first films screened at the Festival this year and seems to have gotten decent (but not fantastic) reviews. It has a great cast (including the dreamy Jon Hamm, Bob Balaban, Mary Louise Parker & David Strathairn) and a very interesting premise. On the right is the Orlando Bloom - who still makes me quiver - and Juliette Lewis who are costarring in Mark Rufallo's film Sympathy for Delicious about a newly paralysed DJ who seeks out a world of faith healing. Hmmm. Interesting!!

Sarah Polley is the Queen of Canada's indy film scene and an Oscar nominee. She is pictures here with her director for the thriller Splice. No specific reason why she is included in this set of pics. I just admire her a lot. Such a young and talented young lady! I adore Naomi Watts. Ever since Brides of Christ and Hey Dad! - which unless you are an Aussie you will have no idea what I am talking about. She is very very very talented. Her movie Mother and Child looks very interesting. Watts plays the daughter of Anette Benning who was given up for adoption by Benning when she was born. It also costars Kerry Washington, Samuel L Jackson, David Morse and Jimmy Smitts. The few reviews I have read are all positive, which is a good! I also just saw on IMDb that Watts is signed on for a remake of The Birds - inspired casting if you ask me!
Last up is a group of Aussie actors who were in town for their crime drama film Animal Kingdom. Guy Pearce is probably the best known of the cast, but was not in Sundance sadly. But Ben Mendelsohn was. I heart him. Very well known and respected in my home and native Australia. Not so much elsewhere. He has had a number of smallish roles in some films, but nothing substantial. He did costar in one of my favourite movies from Australia - The Year My Voice Broke - such a good movie!!! The chick - Jackie Weaver - at the front is best known to me for being married to a very well known personality in Australia (Bert Newton). But she has also done a ton of TV and Film work in Oz. She was actually the one I initially recognised in this picture for some bizarre reason!

All of these shots are from the EW Photo Studio - an annual tradition at Sundance. I am such a fan of these shots and the photographer - Ture Lillegraven. Sundance wraps up over the weekend and then the focus will be on Tuesday's Oscar nominations. I am finally going to see Crazy Heart over the weekend. I may actually write a quick review - it has been a while!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Denise Richards hit the Mother Load

Remember when Charlie Sheen was arrested on Christmas Day for allegedly threatening his wife of 20 months? Yea that was pretty bad. And remember at the tail end of that post I mused to the interwebs how long it would take for Denise Richards to run to the tabloids and spill her guts to the world about her relationship with Charlie? I am honestly surprised it took her this long. I know that within days of the arrest she was conveniently spot ed out and about at the park with her daughters. I won't go so far as to accuse her of calling the pap's to come and take some candid shots of her and her girls. I will just say again that it was very convenient.

Now, Denise could have called Star Magazine or In Touch or even the more reputable People. But no, Denise Richards went straight to the top and parked her smug ass on the hallowed couch of the mighty mighty Oprah. Ugh. Am I the only one who finds this woman completely unsympathetic? It can't just be me. I also find myself feeling guilty about how much I truly dislike her. I know she was married to an asshole, I suspect that their relationship was even more abusive than she said on Oprah today. But in spite of it all - she drives me up the wall. In spite of the fact that as a woman I should be on "Team Denise", I can't bring myself to like her even the tiniest bit.

I have given this a bit of thought. I feel like I should be completely supportive of Denise and marvel at her ability to rise above her abusive marriage and even praise her strength at coming forward and sharing her story for other women out there. I should, right? As a woman, f*ck - as a human being. And please, do not mistake me. I in no way shape or form condone Charlie Sheen's behaviour. He is seriously f*cked up. He has issues far beyond this insignificant blog. What I am taking issue with is Denise Richards capitalising on this situation. It is the timing that makes me nauseous. The father of her children, who she claims to be in a "great" place with is arrested for domestic violence. And in one measly month she is talking about it with Oprah? How is that being a good mother? How is rehashing the most damaging parts of your life benefiting anyone? It doesn't. The only person gaining anything from this whole depressing situation is Denise Richards.

Yo Denise: those same kids at your daughter's school that you talked about with the mighty mighty Oprah? The ones that spilled the beans to your eldest about Charlie being in jail over Christmas? Do you think they or someone else is not gonna hear about this and feel the need to tell your young daughters about what an abusive sh*t their father is? So Denise. Talk all you want. Say what you gotta say. Get it all off your (fake) chest. But perhaps it would be prudent to wait until your girls are old enough to understand the details of your relationship with their father.


Monday, January 25, 2010

Where's Dawson?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent much of my Sunday catching up on Season 5 of Dawson's Creek. Primarily because I have always had a crush on Joshua Jackson and was reminded of this after watching him cheer on his love when the cast of Inglorious Basterds won best Ensemble. Watching Pacey Whitter be Pacey Whitter got me thinking about the rest of the crew from that show. We all know that Katie Holmes is busy being brainwashed by Tom Cruise and raising the most adorable robot baby ever. Michelle Williams has an extremely successful screen career on the go, an Oscar nomination (for Brokeback Mountain), and a toddler to raise on her own. But Dawson? Where the f*ck is Dawson? He was ostensibly the star of the show - it was named after his character after all. Dawson was played by James van der Beek? Where in the world is James van der Beek? If you have seen him, let me know. You know I once wondered on the Twitter where Frankie Muniz (Malcom in the Middle) was, and I actually found out. He is in Arizona or Texas or somewhere hot. Racing cars and still being really really short.

On a happier and much more panty-dropping note, here is the ah-mazingly hawt and phenomenally talented Ryan Gosling at the Sundance premier of his movie with Michelle Williams. The movie is called Blue Valentine and it spans the rise and fall of a marriage by cross cutting across time periods. It looks kind of like a downer. But I will still see it. How could I not. Amazing and talented actors. And besides, nothing could be as bleak of The Road? Seriously, did you see that movie? Most depressing and bleak movie I have seen in a good long while. I hope that Blue Valentine opens in Vancity. Talent like this needs to be seen on a big screen.

Look at him. Look at her. Look at them. Why have I not thought of this before? This not a coupling I have ever considered. Primarily as I have always secretly hoped against hope that he would get back together with Rachel McAdams. They were the perfect Canadian couple. The were low key when they were together. They are low key while they are apart. And it may still happen. One day. Until then, I would be completely satisfied with a Gosling-Williams pairing. I give them my blessing.
And on a unrelated but even more important note... holy f*ck Mr Gosling. Why do you do this to us? Any picture of you sends my hormones and libido into overdrive. And then you had to go and do this. It's okay girls, I'll give you a minute. No, don't apologise. Go ahead, wipe the drool off the keyboard. Go on, I won't judge you. I am right there with you.

And the one of him with costar Faith Wladyka. Please. Even my cold black heart is melting. I think I may have even felt my ovaries skip a beat. And as anyone who knows me in real life or is a regular reader of this blog is very well aware ---> my womb is permanently closed for business. Oh Ryan Gosling, why you gotta give my momma a wee glimmer of hope that her baby may some day have a baby. Yikes!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kristen Stewart - The Princess of Sundance?

I find it a little odd to think that a 19 year old girl will likely be the most photographed and talked about star at this year's Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah. There are Academy award winners, fame whores, Industry heavy hitters galore. But all the photogs, all the reporters... they are all hoping for one thing. Kristen Stewart. Granted, Kristen is in 2 films at Sundance this year. But it is not like that has ever happened before. What is bizarre to me is that from the second she landed by private jet on Friday until she leaves, all eyes will be on her. And considering that Kristen Stewart is as fond of attention as women are of Brazilian's, I am sure this experience will be interesting!

Welcome the the Riley's is in competition at Sundance. This is the much anticipated K-Stew as a stripper role that was filmed before, during and after the press junket for Twilight back in late 2008. Lurking on some of the boards apparently there are a large number of fans who simply want to see their K-Stew naked. Sorry to disappoint all you skeevy pervs, but from what I have read, it isn't gonna happen. The film premiered yesterday and Kristen and co-star Melissa Leo were on hand to promote promote promote. I have not seen any inkling of James Gandolfini in Park City, so I am assuming that he has opted out of the press duties for this one

The reviews have been mixed. While most have consistently praised the performances, a number of reviewers have found the story to be cliched and lacking in originality. There has also been quite a bit of criticism heaped on Jake Scott's directorial efforts. I have read the script. And I agree that the story of a little girl lost who is saved by a couple who in turn are saved by the little girl lost is a little cliched. But, I am looking forward to seeing Kristen as something other than Bella Swan and for her to show to the world that she is capable of so much more than Twilight. One teeny beef I have with the reviews I have heard is that they are saying that Kristen is trying to "break free" from Bella Swan. Ummm.... no. She made this movie when Twilight was on the cusp of becoming the worldwide crazy insane phenomenon that it is now. I am pretty sure that Welcome to The Riley's does not have a distributor yet. So I don't know when we will get to see it.

Kristen's other movie at Sundance has distribution (yay!) and will be released in North America in March. It is also not part of the competition for Sundance. This is The Runaways - the Rock biopic about the Joan Jett, Cherie Currie band - The Runaways. This film is also very "buzzy" as it features fishnets, drugs, same-sex kissing, booze, rock and roll.... all those fun things that make a film buzz-worthy. Especially when they involve a kiss between Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

Although this was touted as a K-Stew film - early reports say that the standout in this is most definitely 15 year old Dakota Fanning. Dakota and Michael Shannon as sleazy manager Kim Fowley are apparently the stand outs in this movie. And before you lynch me, I am not saying that Kristen sucks in any way shape or form. Or that reviewers are saying she sucks. What reviewers are saying is that this is such a departure for Dakota - who has been America's sweetheart for how may years now? - that she becomes so immersed in her role that she is barely recognisable in parts. Even looking at these pictures, she is so grown up! And so pretty! Can't wait to see her strung out, in a fishnet stockings behaving in a decidedly non-Dakota way.

But really, I am sad to say that much of the focus on Kristen at Sundance will not be about the work that she has poured her heart and soul into. I think that most of the bloggers and detractors will be focusing on the number of times that Kristen smiles during interviews, how she doesn't look as polished as the Disney starlets she is constantly compared to, how she doesn't answer interviewers questions with that perfect sound byte. You know, the really important stuff. Gah. To dispel at least one of these things: I have purposefully included as many pics of Kristen looking at least half-way happy. Some are from The Runaways shoot and for those of you not as obsessed as I am: the top left photo is with director Floria Sigismondi
I wonder if Phillip Seymour Hoffman is ever talked about for his Sundance ensembles? Prolly not.