Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet the Broderick's!

In what is not the norm in Hollyweird, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick took the paparazzi frenzy for that all important first shot into their own hands and released a new family portrait. They did not sell this shot, it was released for free to a number of news agencies. Which makes me love them even more. They probably even payed for the shots to be taken themselves. Love it.

Does everyone remember the insanity at Lennox-Hill Hospital when James Wilkie was born? This was at the height of SATC's popularity and Sarah Jessica and Matthew dutifully posed for the paps for what seemed like forever when they were taking little James Wilkie home. Did you see that James Wilkie celebrated the arrival of his sisters with a much needed haircut!

Again I send out much love and happiness to the ever-expanding Broderick clan.


Monday, June 29, 2009

I'm on Vacation Bitches!

Okay, so I am not going anywhere, so it is more of a Staycation, but whatever.

Bachelorette Rehash: Why Wes is Still Around

Wes is a total douche, I am not disputing that at all. He should get his douchey ass kicked to the curb. But I get why Jillian still has him around. Well I actually have 2 theories. The first is that the producers want him to stay around and us Canadian girls are just so accommodating!

But my less cynical and considerably more likely theory is this. It is the Bad Boy thing. Us women can't get enough of the bad boys. They always get the girl, 'cause we fall for his smooth lines, his manipulative but convincing words and the way he looks in his jeans. And the fact that Wes is a singer. OMFG. If a guy serenaded you, on national Television would you be thinking, hmmm I wonder if he is only doing this to get press for his band. NO! You would be quivering and swooning and wondering how quickly you can rip his clothes off. Srsly. I don't think he will make it to the end, but I get why he is still there.

I don''t know if he has a girlfriend. I do know that he is hoping to further his career. Do you really think he is the only cast member to go on a reality show with an agenda. Puhleeze. But I do so hope that he is the one with "performance issues." That would be most awesome
Next week 5-way in Spain. Ole!

Creepy Not So New Couple Alert?

Season 5 American Idol castoff Kellie Pickler recently announced during a radio interview that she has been quietly dating Kid Rock for over a year. And I hear you all say WTF? What is being called the worst kept secret in Nashville, Kid is a mere 15 years older and has quite a few more arrests under his belt than the 23 year old Country Star. Why did no one tell the rest of the world? But I gotta say, there is just a little bit of ewww in this. Kellie was not known for her intellect when she was on AI, and dating the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson is doing nothing to increase my opinion of her smarts.

I wonder is she got her implants before or after they started dating? Maybe he paid for them? When this ends badly, and you know it will, Kellie will have enough material for quite a few albums. Country music can't get enough of it's love gone wrong tunes.

Vanity Fair pays Tribute to Heath Ledger?

Featured on the cover and in the pages of the August 2009 issue of Vanity Fair is Oscar winning actor Heath Ledger. Many (including me) didn't know that Heath was featured on another cover of Vanity Fair in 2000, declaring him the Hot New Aussie in Hollywood. It is sad to realise that he has been gone for over a year.

VF 2000 VF 2009

The 2009 cover and accompanying article is compiled from a number of interviews with a variety of people who worked with Heath during the final years of his life. It does not have the endorsement of Heath's family or estate & I find it difficult to believe that this is nothing more than an attempt to cash in on his death.

The never before seen images - taken as part of the 2000 cover shoot are amazing & I appreciate seeing them. But I have to question why Vanity Fair felt it necessary to dredge this up again. The article paints a picture of a man who did not wish to be a "celebrity", one who did not cope at all with the deterioration of his relationship with Michelle Williams. He purportedly suffered from chronic insomnia and was completely devoted to his craft. It's all well & good for friends and colleagues to speculate on what happened, but I really wish we could just let Heath be. His family, especially his precious daughter do not need this to be brought up again and again.

Johnny will make everything better.

I was informed this morning via twitter that there the next new episode of True Blood is July 12th. I was a little upset by this news. I mean, WTF? I don't care about Independence Day, I need me some Eric -Sookie eye-f*ckery and Jason to fall off the holy-roller wagon and get him some pudding! The only thing that can make this better is Johnny. His movie opens tomorrow. That will get me through right? Johnny & Christian & Marion will make it all okay. You must go see Public Enemy. We can't let the crapfest that is Transformers 2 win at the Box Office again. I may have to see it more than once to get me through.

Here he is at the Chicago Premier. This is a really Hollywood star boys & girls. This is a man who spends the time talking to his fans and is humble and genuine and sincere. He is amazing. Below is video of him on Letterman. Excuse me while I swoon. White-trash Angelina - Megan Fox - was on after him. I hope her trailer stench didn't rub off on him. Just realised that Shia is not really doing that much press for this? I wonder why?

Robert Pattinson in Central Park

R-Pattz is continuing to cause chaos in NYC as he films Remember Me. Filming in Central Park yesterday & today with co-star Emilie de-Ravin. She is lucky that she has not been lynched by the twi-crazy's yet. In the interests of full disclosure, I have to acknowledge and admit that I am somewhat of a Twi-hard. I hate myself for it, but those books suck you in and make you love them. And then hate yourself for loving them. I am an intelligent woman. I should know better and I do. But I can't help myself. Ugh. I feel so dirty. And there is something about Robert that makes me quiver. It is the singing. And the fact that he totally knows that Twilight & Edward Cullen is total bulls*it, but pretends that it's not. I love it. I know I am pathetic. I am hanging my head in shame, but I can't help it. Whatever. He's hawt and he can sing. And he drinks Dunkin' Donuts coffee. None of that pretentious ten dollar 1/2 caf, no whip, extra hot, soy bulls*it coffee for him. No he drinks really bad coffee just like the rest of us!

I have an early version of the script for this movie somewhere - haven't read it yet.
Ok ~ Think I am done for the night. I am still figuring this out ~ what to post, who to ignore. I have so many opinions and only so much time to spend on this. Argh. I will just do what I feel like I guess?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday June 29th

One day left. One day left until no work for over 10 days. Tons of stuff to do though, tomorrow will be a busy day.... ugh. But, one day left.

Attack of the Vagina Virgin's

The Jonas Brothers are playing the first of 2 shows in Vancity this evening. I think I can hear the screaming from here. Sometimes at night, I wake up to the screaming of the tweens. You? I had a discussion today about whether I would go if given free tix. My conclusion was not even if they were front row centre. My ears couldn't take it - all those girls losing their sh*t for these purity ring wearing manufactured stars.

And I chose today of all days to go to the Costco across the street from GM Place. Thankfully the screaming hadn't begun yet. But there was quite the line-up of young inappropriately dressed girls waiting to get into the soundcheck. How are they allowed out of the house like that? And who is paying for these clothes?

What is rather interesting is that neither of their 2 shows are sold out. You can get tix below face value. I know people that did (for their younger siblings apparently....). In this Global Economic Crisis, parents seem hesitant to shell out the over $100 for good seats. I am sure that the Jo-Bro's put on a good show - I am sure it is slick & polished; they will probably even mention Michael Jackson as an inspiration - ugh.

But for talent, pure raw talent, skip the Jonas Brothers & spend $35 seeing Xavier Rudd & Joshua Radin at the Commodore from July 1-3.

Joe Jackson = disgusting human being

Did you see him at the BET Awards? WTF was that? I am not even the biggest MJ fan, but come on, even I was disgusted by his appearance and the words coming out of his mouth. I can't even type words I am so repulsed by his behaviour & actions. People wonder how & why Michael became the person that he was, why he clearly had so many "issues" - just look at Joe. He is the reason that Michael Jackson became the shy, eccentric damaged individual he was.

And I heard his explanation the next day. I don't buy it. The man is sickening and I hope that he is kept far far away from Michael's kids. He would do his best to f*ck them up as well. All those other parents of child stars seem like paragons of goodness and virtue compared to him. Well, maybe not Dina Lohan. See below.....

Lilo's Birthday Week Bonanza Begins.

Lindsay Lohan celebrated the week of her birthday as an good recovering addict does. Poolside in Vegas, cavorting and posing for as many paps s she could find. That seems like a logical thing to do right? And it is only day one of her Birthday week. She changed no less than five times in the course of one afternoon, all the better to pimp out her new self-tanner line. No sign of Sam, but the week is young. Oh and Ali - she was there. Of course she was. She needs to watch and learn from her big sis how to play the game. Ugh.

I am torn about Lindsay Lohan. I actually think she has some talent and that if she got her sh*t together she could have a solid career. I mean it. Srsly, did you see Prairie Home Companion? She held her own against Meryl Streep & Lily Tomlin in a Robert fricking Altman movie. It was impressive. But she has a narcissistic fame whore for a mother & a bible bashing felon, who is also a media whore for a father - with such amazing role models could you really expect anything else.

True Blood Recap: "My Wife Doesn't just give her pudding to anyone"

Yay! Lafayette is out of the basement! That makes me do the happy. Eric & Sookie also continued their eye-f*ckery. I really hope that she ditches bland Bill and instead Sookie and Eric can indulge in the hot, dirty vampire sex. Be still my quivering loins. Jason is having trouble with the whole redemption thing, and you know you it is just a matter of time until he eats some more of Sarah's pudding.

I cannot wait until Evan Rachel Wood starts on this show. Lesbian Vampire Queen - can't wait for it. Do you recall her killer outfit at the SAG Awards this January. Those shoes were total fabulosity. I can forgive her slip with Marilyn Manson due to those shoes. Love her.

Music Monday - from my keyboard to your i-pod

Recent Purchases (yes, purchases)

Pete Yorn - Back & Fourth. Mellow and fabulous

Regina Spektor - Far. Total amazingness

Away We Go Soundtrack - featuring Alexi Murdoch. There are no words for this man. I can't believe I have never heard of him before this weekend. Love, love, love.

**Update on Alexi Murdoch. Found out today that not only have I heard of him before, I have seen him in concert. He opened for Alanis Morisette last year. I knew his voice sounded familiar in I have heard it live kind of way, but I just couldn't figure it out. Thanks Emma for the reminder **

I have also been overplaying Laura Marling a lot this past week. She is fantastical. I wish she would come to Vancity and play. That would make me so beyond happy. Personal favourite song is Ghosts. Check out the video below:

Leonna Naess is also on frequent rotation on my I-pod. I am digging the chick music at the moment. Not sure why. Leona opened for Ray LaMontagne last year and she was phenomenal. This is one of my faves of hers: Don't Use My Broken Heart

Hot British Ginge

And it is not Hot Harry I am talking about. There appears to be more than one red-haired Brit causing quiveration these days. Haven't seen much of the three stars of Harry Potter recently, except for filming. It seems the supporting cast will be left to walk the red carpet for Premiere's due to filming of The Deathly Hallows.

Ron Weasley AKA Rupert Grint did take time out of a heavy shooting schedule to site down with the Daily Mail and pose for a few photos. He talks about how his acting opportunities may dry up after Harry Potter, what it ws like to kiss Emma Watson, and most importantly - his ice cream truck. Srsly. Like Emma & Daniel, I really like Rupert. He has grown up as part of one of the most successful film franchises ever and the most fun he has is drive around in an ice cream truck? Dina Lohan, you listening? Photos below.

Oh and just over 2 weeks till HP and the Half Blood Prince opens. Still debating the midnight screening - anyone wanna come?
Bachelorette is soo good tonight. I understand why Wes is still around. Check back tomorrow!

Week In Review - June 28th

What a long strange week it was in the world.
Hollywierd lost 3 greats

Michael Jackson - the King of Pop - is dead yo! I know right? Apparently he broke Twitter for a bit.

Just hours earlier Farrah Fawcett lost a long and public battle with Cancer. Sadly her loss was completely overshadowed by the dramarama of MJ.
And only one day earlier, Ed McMahon, the sidekick to end all sidekicks passed.

And just now some random post on Brit-Brit's Twitter about her passing - it is now gone, but I saw it I swear. Methinks some hackage was afoot! **Update: Hackage ws afoot** Geesh people, I don't think the world could take another celebrity death this week

Even though it sucks balls, Transformers has huge opening weekend.

Despite generally shitteous reviews, Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen is set to have a massive opening weekend of around $110 million, bringing it's domestic gross to over $200 million. I have yet to decide whether I will see it. Lots of other good movies out right now and this is not high on my list of must sees. And the whole Meagan Fox thing - I just don't get it. She is the white-trash Angelina, trying so hard to be taken seriously, but WTF has she been in? A TV show with Kelly Ripa & Faith Ford? And what?

I kinda respect the fact she says what she thinks, but most of the time what comes out of her mouth makes me throw up in my mouth just a little bit. If I get bored on my staycation, I may go. But right now I am thinkin' - meh. Redeeming quality of the movie is the sexy as hell Josh Duhamel. Fergie is a damn lucky woman.

Elisabeth's Plagiarism Hassles?

I never thought I would write about Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View. I find her most annoying and honestly think that she is one of the most narrow-minded, uninformed Conservative puppets out there. Elisabeth who suffers from Celiac Disease is being sued by a Massachusetts woman for copy right infringement over claims that Hasselbeck plagiarised her ideas for the recently released "The G-Free Diet - A Gluten Free Survival Guide" from a book she had sent to Elisabeth 13 months earlier.

I won't start on Elisabeth's blatant attempt to continue to capitalise on her Survivor stint because - ugh. What is actually most amusing to me is who the lawyer for Susan Hassett cc's on the letter sent to Elisabeth advising her of the intent to sue. Oprah? Dr Oz? WTF? The letter is posted on TMZ and I have included the link to it here:

As to the merits of the law suit itself. I really hate to say this, I so wanted this to be true. I was looking forward to her getting taken down a peg or tow. Sadly though, although there are some similarities in the 2 books, but shouldn't there be? I mean Elisabeth is definitely not reinventing the wheel on coping with Celiac - most books on the subject should contain very similar information shouldn't they? How many different symptoms, restaurant do's and don'ts and shopping ideas can there be?

Sadly, I think this case will get tossed out on it's ear. :(

Chuck Bass makes me feel dirrrty (& I love it so)

I don't know what it is about him. Maybe it is the sexy British accent? Or the generally impeccable tailoring? Or the idea that he may treat you as poorly as Chuck Bass treats all his conquests? Maybe it is the fact he is in a band? Or maybe it is the confluence of all these things that makes me lurve Ed Westwick. Who turned 23 over the weekend. Ugh. I am a cougar.

He celebrated in NYC with girlfriend Jessica Szhor by hitting up Lucky Strikes Bowling lanes with some friends. Much birthday lurve goes out to Mr Westwick..... he is a dirrty dirrty man (who loves displaying his chest hair) and I love him so.

My Little Runaways

Here are a few images of Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning as they spent the weekend working on their upcoming movie - the biopic The Runaways. As I have said before, I am very excited to see this movie in which Kristen will tackle the role of Joan Jett, with Dakota playing Cherie Currie.

I wonder who the other girls in the photos are? I don't know much about the girls playing Sandy West and Lita Ford, but could it be them?
Looking bad ass ladies. There has been much chatter on the blogs regarding these casting choices as many seem unable to look past Kristen's role in Twilight and Dakota's good girl image They are of the opinion that neither are hard core enough to portray these icons of female rock'n'roll. I don't know about that, but I do know that they are both damn fine actresses and I am looking forward to this movie a bunch.. I wonder if they will do their own singing?

Okay, so that is is for tonight. My computer is a piece of crap and keeps crashing and generally being difficult. Ugh. Oh and have I mentioned, 2 more days of work until vacation (or should I say, my staycation as I can't afford to go anywhere).

Tomorrow I am hitting up Costco after work which should be very exciting and fun. Have I mentioned I have no life?


RIP Farrah & The King of Pop

This week was pretty bad in the World of Hollyweird. I was at work on Thursday when the news of Farrah Fawcett's passing came down through Twitter-world. That saddened me. Then just a few hours later word of MJ being rushed to hospital started making it's way around the interweb. I didn't take it super seriously and will own up to making a few "Karma is a b*tch" quips to those around me - and on Facebook. But then when TMZ announced he was gone. Holy Mother. Now, I have fairly strong opinions about MJ and his past, but I do not wish death on anyone. And for TMZ to now be the "news agency" to break this story? My brain can't compute that. Someone on Twitter made a great comment that they wished that MJ had tweeted to announce the death of TMZ instead of the other way around. It was awesome. And true I guess. I feel so much for his children. Their father was their world. their mother was not involved in their lives as far as I know and to be there when it happened. Poor munchkins.

Farrah - Charlie's Brightest Angel

Farrah Fawcett lost a long battle with Anal Cancer on Thursday, surrounded by many of her loved ones including Ryan O'Neal who had become her rock during this very public battle with a rare form of cancer. They reunited when she was diagnosed in 2006, and had planned to remarry when Farrah was able. Sadly it was not to be so. I do not believe their son Redmond was there when she passed.

Farrah rose to stardom in the 70's as one third of Charlies Angels, and shocked Hollyweird when she left the top-rated show after one season to pursue a movie career. Sadly fame and fortune on the big Screen never materialised, but she did garner critical acclaim for her roles in a number of made for TV movies such as 1984's The Burning Bed, 1986's Extremities and 1992's Small Sacrifices.

After her diagnosis, Farrah vowed to fight with everything she had to not let this rare form of Cancer beat her. Fiercely private she documented her struggles and treatments in a documentary that aired on NBC.

I am a little young to be one of the Charlies Angels generation - have caught up in reruns thankfully - but I do remember Farrah in her miniseries hey-day. The Burning Bed and Small Sacrifices in particular. She played the ultimate victim who took control of her life from an abusive husband in The Burning Bed and completely turned it around as a mother who callously discards her children for the love of a a man in Small Sacrifices.

She was bright and beautiful and her smile seemed to be able to light up all those around her. She fought hard & brought this rare form of cancer to the forefront of peoples minds. Come on, tell me you didn't snicker just a little when you hears that she had "butt-cancer" - we all did. But she fought so hard and for so long. Rest Sweet angel. Wherever you are, I hope it is a good place.

The King of Pop

I tried explaining to my Aunt on Thursday night that MJ was my generations Elvis. We will all remember where we were when we heard the news. Much like 9-11 or Princess Diana, I will always remember who was there when it happened (sorry LP, you are stuck with being in my head forever). She didn't get it. She doesn't have kids, so I guess that is why. But MJ was totally our Elvis. He changed the face of music forever and broke down so many barriers for black artists. He was so amazingly talented as a singer, songwriter, performer, visionary.

If I remember only this part of him, I can grieve for MJ. As long as I don't think about the rest of it - the court battles, the "wacko jacko" stuff, the surgeries, the all around crazy - I can truly grieve for this extraordinary man. And I truly hope that this is what he is remembered for. Cause in this respect he was amazing. In spite of all of his faults and eccentricities, he was one of the greatest performers ever.

I loved Thriller - who didn't. I was about 10 or 11 when it came out and I have a story about it. I lived in a culdescac and there were 4 of us girls all around the same age living in the same street - weird enough on its own right. So as most girls are, we were little b*tches and would basically rotate who was on the outs with us. That girl on the outs was studiously ignored by the others, wasn't allowed to climb "our" tree and was basically as ostracised as a child can be. One particular instance I remember vividly was taping my own voice using the words at the end of Thriller - you know the "Darkness falls across the land......." bit and putting it in Hayley's mailbox to scare her. Srsly. That is what I did to another human being. Ugh. Kids are so stupid and mean. In today's world though, there would be nekkid photos texted, emailed, posted on facebook or tweeted to everyone we knew. But it was a horrible thing to do and if Hayley ever reads this, I am sorry for being such an insecure little b*tch that I felt the need to tear you down to hide my own issues.

I have opinions about the private stuff - I think his behaviour with children was inappropriate, but criminal? I don't know. I think he must have been hiding some intense personal baggage to want to undergo that much surgery to hide who he really was, and I still don't know if I believe that he had that Vitilgo skin thing. I think he was an incredibly screwed up man, who was intensely shy and eccentric. But whose fault was that? His father? The press? Us? I don't know. This story is far from over.

The one thing I do hope is that his kids will be given some privacy and respect during this time.

I will be remembering this Michael Jackson - The King of Pop - And I hope that he is finally able to Rest in Peace


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Confessions of a Music Lovers I-Pod

I first did this on an IMDB board that I lurked and occasionally commented on and found it to be a little bit of awesome. The game is simple (provided you have some form of MP3 or I-pod): Set your device to shuffle all songs and list the first 15 songs that play. Cheating is discouraged (we all have some crap that we are loathe to cop to listening to) - only skip a song if the artist is repeated. I have not been switching out my tunes that much recently, so this will be a reminder to me that I need to mix up my tunes a little!

The order is Artist, Song, Album (if I have it)

1. Ray LaMontagne - Three More Days - Till The Sun Turns Black

2. Pete Yorn - Long Time Nothing New - Back & Forth

3. The Runaways - Thunder - Best of Runaways

4. Deathcab for Cutie - I was a Kaleidoscope - The Photo Album

5. Spring Awakening Cast - Song of Purple Summer - Spring Awakening

6. Crowded House - Mean to Me - Crowded House

7. Lady Gaga - Poker Face - The Fame

8. The Get Up Kids - 10 Minutes - Something to Write Home About

9. Melissa Manchester - Midnight Blue - Women & Songs - Beginnings

10. Mandy Moore - Gardenia - Wild Hope

11. Fleet Foxes - Textbook Love - Fleet Foxes

12. Jack Penate - Cold Thin Line - Torn on the Platform

13. M. Ward - Rave On - Hold Time

14. Joshua Radin - Star Mile - We Were Here

15. Coconut Records - It's not You, It's Me - Nighttiming

Okay. Not a bad start. This is a pretty solid showing for my first time on this. I had to skip a few as Ray showed up 3 times and the boys from Crowded House wanted in on the action more than once as well.

I feel the need to defend the Mandy Moore tune. It is the only one I have on my i-pod and is a really pretty, simple little song that was recommended by a blog I used to read often. I stand by Gardenia. Here is a you-tube of Mandy Moore singing it in Seattle (if the fricking embedding tutorial I just watched on You-tube works) ***Update - it worked - I am so happy! Go back and check previous posts for new you-tube fun!***


I am a little surprised my latest obsession - The Kings of Leon - did not come up as I have all 4 of their albums on my phone. I love them hard, saw them at Sasquatch (went to Sasquatch to see them) last month and am going to see them again in August. Love love love for my Kings of Leon

So there you have - a variation on this is to list the "most played" songs, but I prefer this one - I always have a song that comes up that I haven't heard in an age and it prompts me to listen to it all over again!

Off to listen to some music now


Bradley Versus John

As I have no life and am also very poor, my latest thing is to see a double feature but only pay for one. Only possible at certain theatres as often the times & what I want to see don't match up. And it is not like I do it all the time & just for the sake of seeing a movie. Just sometimes. I look at it as my own personal frequent viewer program. I go to so many movies, I deserve a little reward right? Oh and before you mock me you judgey mc-judgersons I also bring in my food and drink. Whatever. I once knew someone who snuck in empty drink/popcorn containers to take advantage of the refill rates - ewwww. That is way worse right?

Moving on.........

Hollyweird's "it guy" of the moment is the gorgeous Bradley Cooper. Can we talk about his hair for a minute? I think he has eclipsed McDreamy on the hair front. Cause he has the whole I am an asshole to women, but you all want to bone me anyways swagger going on as well. Patrick Dempsey is never more than squawking distance from his wife (who I am sure is lovely......) & that tends to lower his place on the do-me meter.

Bradley has quickly risen on the ranks of Hollyweird's leading men - from smallish roles in a number of films such as Wedding Crashers and Failure to Launch, I best knew him as Will Tippin in Alias. I knew he had some A-List potential even then, & his recent "date" with everyone's favourite friend can only serve to cement his status as Hell-Ay's favourite son (for the next month at least).

Anyways, Coop (as he apparently likes to be called) and his hair star in what is shaping up to be this summers blockbuster comedy - The Hangover - a movie centred around three groomsmen who lose their about-to-be-wed buddy during their drunken misadventures, then must retrace their steps in order to find him.

This is a very funny movie. Lots of laughs and solid performances from the whole cast. Mike Tyson's cameo is killer - although I still have no respect for this accused rapist and wife beater. Heather Graham didn't annoy me as much as I expected, but I hope she doesn't come back for the sequel (of course there will be a sequel - it is already in the works). Ed Helms, from The Daily Show and The Office was awesome and I loved Zach Galifianakis as the eternal screw-up Alan. Don't really know that much about Zach - IMDB tells me he has been in the biz for 10 years and his biggest role to date seems to be a role in the Eliza Dushku series Tru Calling. Hmph.

Recently, he has been doing some great pieces for "Funny or Die" entitled Between Two Ferns With Zach Galifianakis where he "interviews" celebrities - attached is his awkward interview with the fabulous Natalie Portman

The second half of my double features was Away We Go - Sam Mendes follow up to one of my favourite films of last year - Revolutionary Road. This quirky offbeat film stars John Krasinski from The Office & Maya Rudolph from Saturday Night Live as Burt & Verona - a 30 something couple trying to find their place in the world as they prepare for the birth of their first child. I really enjoyed this film. Burt & Verona travel to a number of different cities in the US & Canada (yay Montreal!) to try and discover where "home" is.

This is a couple who are drowning in the fears and insecurities surrounding their lives and impending parenthood and the friends and family they encounter along the way help them to overcome these fears. The supporting cast of Allison Janney, Maggie Gyllenhall, Catherine O'Hara & Jeff Daniels are all great, but I was blown away by Melanie Lynsky as "Munch". She is one half of a couple Burt & Verona went to college with who now live in Montreal and have a such a diverse brood of adopted children that The Brange would be jealous. Her happy and joyful demeanour and excitement over her friends pregnancy masks the devastation of a recent miscarriage and ongoing fertilisation challenges. For only 5-10 minutes of screen time, this was an amazingly subtle and nuanced performance and I was in tears.

It was nice to see John Krasinski as someone other that Jim Halpert from The Office and Maya Rudolph showed that she is capable of so much more than SNL skits. The movie does take itself a little too seriously - the lead's names for example - Burt & Verona? Come on. It is as if they are trying sooo hard to let you know how quirky and independent the film is ya know? But that was a minor thing and I got over it pretty quickly.

The music in this film was amazing amazing amazing. I bought the soundtrack on the way home and have yet another new musical love in the name of Alexi Murdoch. There are no words. Yet another Indie-folk, singer-songwriter UK import to add to my list of obsessions. Ch-ch-check him out. You will not be disappointed. You-Tube evidence below. I want him to come to Vancity so I can worship him in person.

The Hair versus the Brain

It sounds a little strange, but these two films were surprisingly similar, although completely different. Both had major themes regarding being lost in your life and what it takes to figure out your place in the world. And the 2 leading men were very different, but at the end both had figured out where they belonged. The question I was left to ponder after seeing these two movies was - The Hair or the Brain? Which would I choose? And I also think this leads to the question Coop or John? Cause you know that they were kind of playing themselves in these movies. Perfect casting to make my brain hurt as I ponder who would top my freebie five?

The hair is super sexy, an asshole who comes back to you in the end, a lot of fun, and the hair..... quiver. But could you have an actual conversation with the hair? Or would you simply get lost in the flowing locks? The hair would be cocky, confident and sarcastic bordering on mean, but witty and smart? I don't know about that? But.....imagine the make up sex after the fighting.... cause you know with him there would be tons of fighting - Where were you? Why are strippers and whores calling and texting you again? Why did the free clinic call again?

The brain is loving, attentive and there for you...... all the time he is there for you. Like a cold sore, he would be there. All the f*cking time. But, the conversations would be witty and sarcastic and smart. You could joke and play and pun to your hearts content - I love a good pun don't you? - and also discuss what is going on in Iran, the state of the Global Economic Crisis, the environment, the world. And he would not just repeat what he heard the Silver Fox or Jon Stewart say - he would have actual opinions he would be able to back up with facts. But would the passion be there?

My brain hurts from thinking about this. I know that I need a titch of an asshole in my man. Someone who is nice & sweet & kind scares me. I am not used to it and the crazy cynical woman in me would automatically look for the underlying sociopath. But the insecurity of being with the Hair. All those 30 something Hollyweird whores sniffing around. Hoping to hitch their star to the latest big thing. Could anyone handle the insecurity of it? Maybe Angie. She would whip him & his hair into submission.

I can't decide on the Hair or the Brain. I would like a mix of both. Or Johnny Depp. Cause he is the perfect perfect combination of Hair and Brain. I have told you that at one point I had my own Johnny Depp right? A long time ago. Just enough of a bastard to keep the passion alive, but smart and sarcastic and now married to someone else, with a few rugrats running around. Oh well. Maybe his wife will get really really really big - like can't leave the house, Richard Simmons intervention needing big? Oh a bitter girl can dream can't she.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Bard On The Beach - A Comedy of Errors

I haven't forgotten or ignored what happened yesterday. I am just not at a point where I can write about it yet. Maybe tomorrow. RIP to 2 great talents. Farrah and The King of Pop. I am at a loss for words.

But, the show goes on and one of the perks of my job is the opportunity to see quite a few of the many productions that are put on by Vancouver's amazing Arts & Culture community.

Last night I was extremely fortunate to see Bard of the Beach's production of A Comedy of Errors. Directed by David Mackay who has a long history with Bard, and featuring a cast that I had seen in the much more sombre (but nonetheless outstanding) Othello a few weeks ago, I have to say that I had not laughed that had in quite a while.

First though, dinner was at Kibune in Kits. Fabulous. A sushi restaurant actually owned and won by Japanese people in Vancity? Something you rarely see! Even though it was in pretentious Kits, I could suck it up and enjoy the sushi. I have recently expanded my sushi horizons to include actual sashimi which is a good thing! All I can say is yummo and check it out. http://www.kibune.com/

We then made our way to the Red Tents at Vanier Park for Comedy. My date knew seasons ticket holders who were able to snag us some decent seats. For those unaware 2-3 rows from the top in the middle section is the best. I agree that there are no bad seats at Bard on the beach, but their are better seats! It was nice to not have to line up an few hours before the show with the rest of the masses.

The Comedy of Errors tells the story of two sets of identical twins that were accidentally separated at birth. Antipholus of Syracuse & his servant, Dromio of Syracuse, arrive in Epheus, which turns out to be the home of their twin brothers, Antipholus of Ephesus and his servant, Dromio of Ephesus. When the Syracusans encounter the friends and families of their twins, a series of wild mishaps based on mistaken identities lead to wrongful beatings, a near-incestuous seduction, the arrest of Antipholus of Ephesus, and accusations of infidelity, theft, madness, & demonic possession.

It was 2 hours of wacky and riotous fun, starting with the incomparable Christopher Gaze, Artisitic Direcotr of Bard, appearing as the Virgin Queen in his role as the Duke of Epheus. The show descended into a farcical romp that included a quick cameo from the author himself as well as the entire cast breaking into a jig at the pronouncement the "This is Shakespeare"
The cast was fantastic as always. My secret love Bob Frazer was genius as a dim-witted monk during the start of the play, but came back as Antipholus of Epheus. Both Shawn MacDonald & Ryan Beil were outstanding as the hapless servants Dromio - I was more partial to Ryan Beil's performance, but both were great. And as always, Alan Zinyk was stellar in a number of small, but important roles.

I would be remiss if I didn't mentioned the fantastic use of music in this play. Ranging from Gregorian Chants to The Doors. What killed me was a totally unexpected insertion of War's "Low Rider" - that I think about 5 people in the audience recognised - announcing the entrance of Michale Blake's Angelo. I died. Srsly. It was beyond fabulous.

I cannot recommend this play enough. If you are not a fan of Shakespeare, this is a good one to pop your cherry to. It is easy to follow and is not at all dark and twisty like so many of his other works (trust me, I like the dark & twisty, but this one is pure silly fluffy goodness)

A few more Bard on the Beach tips from an aficionado: find a blanket, grab some food (& a bottle of vino perhaps), get their early (mostly no assigned seating, so earlier = those better seats I spoke of) 2-3 rows from the top in the centre are great seats. And remember to dress warm! The tent has an open back and the wind can whip through (as it did a little last nite). Finally, another fave dinner suggestion is Rocky Mountain Flatbread which you can get to-go. BEST PIZZA EVER. HANDS DOWN. http://www.rockymountainflatbread.ca/

To be perfectly frank, I do have one teeny tiny little gripe against the fabulous folks at Bard on the Beach. What the what is up with the Rogers Icecreams? Bring back the Hagen Daz yo! Okay rant over (doesn't really qualify as a rant does it? - more like a rantlet).

Peace and love to all on this most odd of days. Yesterday shows you that life is short and that even those who seem to have it all can be gone in an instant.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009

Was hurting a little today at work. Pizza for lunch totally worked. But a major minor screw up by someone who was not me, kind of made the afternoon a little annoying. Grrr.

But, my mantra is slowing working down to 1...... currently the chant is sitting at 4 days left until Vacation. With that thought running through my head, I can get through anything. Well, except for the fact one of my fave peeps is on vacay now. Who the hell am I going to talk to at work? How dare people not revolve their lives around me. Bah!

True Blood Rehash

I finally got around to watching Episode 2. OMFG I love this show so hard. So many things are fabulous about this episode I don't know where to begin.

Lafayette - amazing amazing amazing. Using a dismembered leg to escape. So good. Doing a deal to try and save himself. So fecking good. I love him and I hope he is not dead :( They had better not kill him off.

I knew that Jessica was damaged goods. And I kinda hope Bill kills her evil dad.

Oh and Eric...... Eric is swoon-worthy - yes? Being worried about his highlights - ha ha ha. And then the shop keeper thinking that Bill and He are lovers. Loved it.

I heard that in the books, Sookie and him get together - I kinda want it to happen, just cause I would like to see him nekkid. Alexander Skarsgard. Hawt. Have you seen him in Lady Gaga's video "paparrazzi". Holy mother.......

Okay so I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add in a video - embed I think is the word the kids use? I have tried and it won't let me. Son of a bitch. One day....... Anyways, take the time to click on this link and watch the teaser for season 2 of True Blood. If it doesn't make you quiver just a little, well..... I don't want to pass judgment.

And the Oscar goes to....... one of these 10 Films?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced that in 2010 one of 10 films from 2009 will win the Oscar for Best Film. 10 Best Film nominees? Clearly a response to the supposed snubbing of movies such as The Dark Knight & Wall-E in this year's race.

Not sure how I feel about this one. Love the Academy Awards. Watch them religiously. this year, I even allowed people in my apartment to watch them with me (they brought food and booze, so I could cope for a night). But 10 best film nominees? What, is New Moon gonna get nominated next year? Maybe. Oh that would be awesome. Can you imagine the write-in campaign for that. Twi-hards would totally lose their shizz over that. It would be kinda worth it just to see the screaming, hysterical, crying fans. I know, I am going to hell.

Also, that means the winning film will need even less votes to claim the Golden Statue? Is it diluting the votes too much? Maybe they could do a kind of proportional representation kind of vote. All voters indicate their Top 3 preferences. those films with the top 5 votes move through to the "second round" - whereby the second preferences of those voters whose films were kicked out are included. Then you could go to the top 3 and do the same thing? Kinda complicated I know, but could work. And would mean that more of the votes would count right. I am a genius right? Srsly. It would totally work. Just my thoughts for the little they are worth.

Twilight Saga Update

I am a fan of Kristen Stewart. I have quite the girl-crush on her. I think she is a decent actress (clearly she must be good as she has worked with and been hired by some of the best in the biz), and I like that she totally doesn't care what anyone thinks. She is awkward and doesn't interview well, but she knows it. Love her hard.

I have high hopes for The Runaways. I am confident that they will do a good job. Kristen sand in Into the Wild and was pretty good. She deffo has the hard-core bitch face down and is working with Joan herself to get the moves down. Can't wait to see it. Lots of photos around the interweb of her in character. She looks bad ass.

They released the cover art of new movie version of New Moon. And Twi-hard moms everywhere are totally torn. "OMG Taylor is so hot, but he is the same age as my son/daughter so I can't think of him that way" I am sorry but i don't get the whole Taylor thing. It is not that I am Team Edward (which I totally am), he just doesn't do it for me. To each their own. I have said it before, sadly I need a little asshole in my man and Taylor is just to sweet and nice.

And Rob...... sigh. Still filming in NYC... still being hounded by crazy fans. This blood is not due to them though....I think ;)

Guilty Summer Show has been decided - Woot!!

Was gonna be Big Brother, which is always good for making you feel like you need a shower after watching it. But it is on a few times a week and who wants to make that much of a commitment to a show over the summer? So tonight I watched the inaugural episode of Real World Cancun.

10 minutes in they are talking about "promise piercings" & wanting to be the first one to "get some ass". I am sold. It's gonna be a dirty dirty summer in Cancun. This is the cast. They look like such a clean living bunch don't they!

Wednesdays at 10.00pm on MTV. Maybe at 7.00pm as well?. Hmmm. Real World Cancun - tell your friends. It's gonna be a horny, slutty, drama-filled summer and you know you wanna know what happens!

Okay, again I need to get myself organised for tomorrow. Big day. Meeting with our CEO to "chat" about anything we want. Eeek! What to say. Had some downsizing in January and morale is shot to shizz so he is meeting with everyone to see where we are at. Good in theory, but I have no idea what I am gonna say. I am kinda cynical and sarcastic and often speak without thinking so I really have to watch myself. Wish me luck.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday June 23rd

Just got back from a work event. Four glasses of wine instead of the prescribed two. As a lite-weight this could be a bit of a problem. Oops. Pretty sure I told one of my accounts that I was just using someone for sex? And the someone was a chick and I am straight. Crap. Oh well.

Okay, onto the news of the day:

Welcome to the World Marion & Tabitha Broderick!

One of my fave's Ms Sarah Jessica Parker has become a momma yet again. Ferris Bueller and Carrie Bradshaw became proud parents, via a surrogate. The official quote released by SJP's peeps is as follows:

“Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are delighted to announce the healthy arrival of their two daughters at 3:58 p.m. on June 22 in Ohio. Marion Loretta Elwell Broderick weighed 5 lbs., 11 oz., and Tabitha Hodge Broderick weighed 6 pounds. Both Hodge and Elwell are family names on Parker’s side. The babies are doing beautifully and the entire family is over the moon.”

Yay! Love SJP so hard and am happy that everything went well after the whole Surrogate break-in scandal. You heard about this right? 2 Police Chiefs from Ohio allegedly broke into the home of the surrogate in an effort to gather information for the tabloids. Okay, so being a celebrity means you give up some of your privacy. But for police officers to break into the home of a pregnant woman to gather dirt for the paps. Ugh. I hope they make lots of fun and interesting friends in prison.

Huge congrats and lurve to SJP and Matthew. I think these two munchkins will be quite the fashionistas and I can't wait to see them grow up! I am sure that James Wilke will love being a big brother to his new little sisters!

Perez is still a douche

I hate to give him more press, but Perez just doesn't know when to quit. He was called out by the good folks at GLAAD for his clearly homophobic slurs hurled at Will.I.Am. Another obscenely long statement "from the heart" was issued today defending his words. I agree violence is wrong. Buddy who clocked him shouldn't have. But Perez needs to realise that words can hurt as well. Okay I think I am done with this. Until the court case. Cause you know that Perez is gonna take it as far as he can.

Happy Happy Birthday to Joss Whedon!

Creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, and Dollhouse. And Dr. Horrible. Can't believe I almost forgot my NPH and Dr Horrible. I am so happy that you were born. You are beyond genius and have given us all some of the best TV ever. Hands down. Never stop Joss. Ever.

Awesome pic is from Neill's A-Z of Awesomeness. It is a rad site. Ch-ch-check it out yo!

RIP To Ed McMahon

Admittedly, I am too young and too Australian to really appreciate the whole Ed McMahon phenomenon. But I do know that he was the best sidekick ever. Much love to his family and friends on his sad passing

Blargh. Bed beckons me! Another long day tomorrow. but I am thrilled to report that it is the very last fricking cluster fam of the year! So beyond over these things and so over the moon thay are dunzo. Snoopy dance of happiness going on in my head right now.

Yet to watch True Blood or last nites Nurse Jackie. Just caught up on Chelsea Lately and My Jon Stewart. My PVR is at over 80% and that worries me a titch. Maybe on my vacation (5 more days of work to go - woot!) I can clear some stuff out. I have all of Angels in America on there. I love it, but need to be in the right mood ya know?

Okay, Special K Red Berries, then bed.


Monday, June 22, 2009

Holy Mother 'effin' Day

Counting down the days until I am on vacation for a week and a half. 6 more days of work left. Woot!

I don't even know where to begin with today. So much smutastic news and so little time to review and opine about it. What a time for me to start this little venture.

Will.I.Am versus Perez Hilton

Ugh. This is so lame, but is big news. So Perez and Will got up in each others bizness at an afterparty for the MMVA's. Will told Perez he should respect him, Perez called him a "f#g", Perez got punched. Then Perez got scared and thought they might have guns so called 911. Then sent a call out to everyone on Twitter to call the 50 on his behalf. Srsly? Srsly? WTF? What a waste of fricking time is this. Glad to know my Canadian tax dollars are going to protect this douche.

I think the punching was wrong. But I also think that a self-confessed proponent of gay rights is just as much of a douche for calling someone a homophobic slur. To quote Perez on his 11 minute "statement" from this morning - "I made the split second decision that I was gonna say what I thought was the worst possible thing that thug would ever want to hear...... I don't need to respect you and you're fag and you're gay and stop being such a faggot". What a dick.

And then to call 911 because of what basically amounts to a bar fight. You think they have guns? You were in Canada honey, we don't carry guns. And having people on Twitter also call 911. Dumb-ass. He is so annoying.

Extra special cheer for the BEP when I see them in October :) Opening for U2 bitches!

Chris Brown versus LA Prosecutors

Ahhh to be rich and young in Hollywood. You can beat the crap out of your girlfriend, but if you have the $$$ for a slick lawyer you will get what in my opinion amounts to a slap in the face. This was a FELONY assault and buddy walks away with no jail time. I am calling bullsh*t all over this. It is disappointing, but to be expected.

180 hours of picking up garbage & graffiti removal for a FELONY assault to which he plead guilty. 5 years probation for a FELONY assault. I hope he violates his probation immediately and ends up in jail. All I can say is WTF?

This a photo of the convicted felon only weeks after seriously assaulting his girlfriend. Doesn't he look penitent & contrite? Sorry for what he did? He makes me sick. Justice was most definitely not served today.

Jon & Kate are Dunzo!

And I still don't care.

Emma Watson shows Miley & Ali Lohan how it is done!

Oh my how Hermoine Granger has grown! The press machine for Harry Potter & the Half Blood Prince is in full swing and Emma Watson seems to be at the forefront of it all. From her Burberry ads (loved them) to her multiple magazine covers, she is showing the other the other teen starlets (yea, I'm talking to you Miley) how to grow up in the public eye and not be a total brat.

These photos from Teen Vogue are total gorgeosity. Look at that waist! Holy mother, girl needs a Big Mac (or 12), but at least I have yet to see her flashing the paps, drunk stumbling out of a club or basically being an embarrassment to anyone. And her parents? hmmmm don't recall ever seeing them around. Take note Mama's Lohan and Cyrus - you can raise a child in the Biz without becoming a fame-whore yourself.

July 15th is the day. I am contemplating a midnite screening, but I have a staff meeting out at the new Richmond Oval that starts at the crack of dawn (transport leaves at 6.00am to go out there), so I don't know if that will work. I am still deciding. I am even more excited about this than I was about Twilight, and if you know me in real life, you would know that is saying a lot.

Speaking of Twilight, I was given the email address of someone at one of the more reputable magazines in Hollyweird as they want an inside source on all things Twilight when they come back in August. Haven't decided if I will do anything about it, but it is funny that everyone I work with knows who to contact for anything related to Twilight. I am such a dork.

Okay, gotta get my shizz together for work tomorrow. Still haven't watched last nite's True Blood. Maybe I could squeeze it in before bed? I heard it was a whole lot of awesome? Yes/No?