Wednesday, September 30, 2009

There Isn't a Secret Shame Room Big Enough

Tons of new posters from The Twilight Saga: New Moon. How are the twi-hards going to pick which one to hang in their bedrooms. Or for those old enough for it to be a little creepy- their living room or craft room.

I actually own a Twilight Poster. I received it when I went to HMV at midnight to pick up my copy of the DVD when it came out. I haven't put it up. I told my friends that I would need a secret shame room in order to do that. I live in a studio - anyone coming over would see all my dirty little secrets. One day, instead of a craft room (or a nursery), maybe I will have a secret shame room to call my very own. Until that time, I will just post all my secrets for the blogosphere to see....


Miike Snow & Jack Penate - Review

I once almost got into a fight with some chick at a concert. It was about 10 years ago - I had waited in line for two hours with my very good friend Erin in the hopes that they would release tickets to a sold out show. Like total dorks we were about third and fourth in this line-up. In front of us were 2 guys whose mission in life is to procure and then sell autographs. I was both terrified and furious at the possibility that these bottom-feeders would get in and we wouldn't.

But we got in. Yay! The venue was the awesome Richards on Richards - which is sadly now closed and demolished. We stood in the back as there were throngs of girls right by the stage, ready to hurl their unmentionables at the stage. And no mater how hawt I once thought this singer was, I have never been one for the screaming, fainting and hurling of panties. Question - do you throw clean or dirty ones? I did once wave like a fool at some soap stars... another story for another time (Erin remembers this fondly).

We even called our friend Karin who could not be there and helped her to listen to the concert through both of our cell phone batteries. During the show, there were these 2 girls standing right behind us yapping and yapping. Talking about some bullsh*t man problem or an equally unimportant problem. After about 10 minutes I turned around as asked them to be quiet. Actually I said something to the effect of "I didn't stand in line for 2 hours and spend $25 dollars (I was po-or back then) to listen to you yap about your f*cking boyfriend." Admitedly I was probably in a bit of a bourbon-haze, and probably could have been a little more polite, but WTF?

There is a point to me!

Last night - in the middle of the dance floor while the band was on stage there was this dude in an obscenely tight T-shirt hitting on everyone and everything. At first I couldn't figure out if he was just being one of these annoying super friendly people who have no sense of what is appropriate behavior. Then I realised that he was only talking to people without penises and that he was also a little grabby. I am not exaggerating when I say that I heard him hit on at least 8 girls. I guess I should feel honoured that he also hit on me right?

I ventured out on a work night with my friend Emma to see a small show at the newly renovated "The Venue." Billed as Miike Snow & Jack Penate, I originally had no clue who Miike Snow were. I have been a fan of Jack Penate for a couple of years. He is an indie rocker who toured with the magnificent Adele - so I checked him out and fell in a little bit of love.

Jack came out with his band just after 9.00pm and he pretty much rocked my world. Black skinny jeans, a mop of hair that kept falling into his eyes, and a shirt that was beyond description but was buttoned all the way up. Emma likened it to The Breakfast Club being on stage. Jack was fantastic. He has this frenetic energy when he is onstage that is both off-putting and captivating. He has a solid voice live and seemed thrilled at both the turnout and the love from the relatively small crowd. Sadly, they played mainly songs form his new disc which has a completely different sound from his first album - which I loved with a fiery passion. His new CD - Everything is New - is a little more poppy than his debut release - Matinee. I like both, and overall the set list was good. Great energy by Jack, feeding off the crowd. It was a great set, only around 45 minutes with no encore, but for $20, I will take what I can get!

After a 30 minute break out came Miike Snow. As I said, I had only heard their tunes about a week before the concert, and I thought they were decent. But live, this Swedish electropop outfit was ah-mazing. I am not a massive fan of electronic/dance music - and live it generally leaves me pretty cold. But whether it was the vodka-sodas, or the crowd - I totally got into it and grooved my ass off - while avoiding Mr Hits On Anyone With Boobs. I was a tad unnerved when they came out in white face masks and matching track-sweaters - which they kept on until about three songs in. Off putting yes, but it did nothing to detract from their phenomenal set. Again, shorter than I would have liked (about an hour), with no encore, but they hit most of their big songs. I am now officially a fan....... and I bought their CD at the show and it is awesome.

The photos are kinda crappy as I was camera less and these are all from my I-Phone . It sucked that I forgot my camera as we were very close to the front. Booo to that. regardless, overall it was a great great great night! 2 great acts, a few drinks, and home by midnight - which is about an hour past my bedtime so today was a little bit of a struggle. Blargh.

Oh and the singer that I was talking about at the start of this post - John Mayer. Don't judge me. Before his ego became bigger than his talent he was a great singer. This was around the time of Your Body is a Wonderland before he became what he is now. Oh F*ck off - Don't judge me. I stand by this concert choice.

Next up: Monsters of Folk at The Commodore... was at the Orpheum, but ......4th row curse.


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kristen > The Cast of The Hills

Last night, according to all reports, the Bitch was Back. And no I am not referring to the awesome and fantastic news that Heather Locklear is bringing her micro-mini back to Melrose Place. And to that I say - ah-mazing. I - of course - am referring to the only other bitch in Hollyweird - Kristin Cavallari, who is returning to her rightful place as Queen Bee-yotch on MTV's highest rated show - The Hills.

I was planning on breaking up with The Hills - relegating it to the "Oh I don't watch that anymore" pile. I know how contrived and ridiculous the show is. It is a guilty pleasure, something I know is bad for me, but I have trouble resisting. But those pesky marketing people at MTV have made it virtually impossible to resist watching. The hype surrounding the return of KC has been impressive to say the least and these photos that were released a few days ago only serve to continue to pique my interest. Bastards.

There are tons of pics on MTV's site - but these were my personal faves. The ones of Lo, Stephanie and the annoying as f*ck Speidi are from March, but the rest are fairly recent. These pictures are nothing compared to the recent revelations about how much these reality TV stars make per episode.

Jay Leno was on Oprah last week and he explained that the shift away from scripted TV is partly a cost-saver on the part of the network. Considering these figures - which are being deny deny denied by the cast - I am not sure if this is a valid argument in this case!

According to The Daily Beast: "Cavallari is being paid $90,000 an episode, which is almost as much as Conrad was making: $125,000 an episode (or $2.5 million a year), according to a person with knowledge of the show’s contracts. Conrad’s deal stipulated that no other star’s salary could match hers while she was on The Hills, but those of supporting cast members Audrina Patridge, Lauren “Lo” Bosworth, and Montag come close: $100,000 a show. As for Pratt, his rate is a slightly less at $65,000 per show, because he only joined as a regular in 2008. (In comparison, the stars of The Real Housewives series receive a reported $30,000 a show.) In the case of Brody Jenner, Conrad’s BFFWB (Best Friend Forever With Benefits), he takes in $45,000."

And this does not include promotional appearance fees, clothing lines, book deals and the myriad of other opportunities that have been afforded to these reality "stars." Holy..... getting paid that much to supposedly live your life? Most people don't even make that a year...... and these twits are being paid ridiculous amounts of cash to go for lunch, pretend to fight, pretend to love and even pretend to be friends. All of them pretty much also pretend to think.....KC and Lo are not included in this as they are smart cookies.

The chick in the Uglee-ass white pants with black boots combo is Stacie - who is apparently playing LC's wing-woman. Every uber-bitch needs one chick on their side - even if it is a trashy bartender from an even trashier dive bar. If you don't recall who Stacie is, she is the chick that Spencer the douche "flirted" with so as to create a storyline for Heidi the idiot and himself last season. And by "flirted" you know that I actually mean that MTV paid to shoot in a bar where she may or may not have actually worked......

This season is shaping up to be banana's. Don't judge me. I know it is bullsh*t. I know that there are better things on. I even know that I should not be watching a show that contributes to the dumbing down of teenagers everywhere. But I can't help myself......

And to continue my descent into depravity and stupidity.....

I wasn't feeling great last Sunday, so I hibernated for the day. Very exciting stuff - cleaned my apartment, cleared out some stuff off of my PVR, what a glamorous life I lead. I also got sucked in to watching most of Season 1 of The City on MTV...... And now I am waiting with baited breath for the start of Season 2 tonight. Crap crap crap. Why do I allow myself to watch this swill. Beautiful rich people, engaged in the most ridiculous contrived faux-storylines.

A few new cast members have turned up this year to keep things interesting. Roxy Olin in the middle is apparently a friend of Whit's from high school and seems to be being groomed as the new bitch on the east coast. It looks like Olivia will have her hands full with her new colleagues at Elle Magazine.
I hate myself enough for watching these shows......Don't judge me.

New Moon Posters & Eclipse Posers

Twi-hards everywhere are torn. On the one hand they want to squeal with excitement that three brand spanking new posters from The Twilight Saga - New Moon have been released. On the other hand, they are picking apart every aspect of the pictures judging and criticising and taking it all far too seriously.

OMG - I can't believe Jacob isn't in the first poster. How could they do that? The whole movie is ruined. Exclamation Point!

OMG can you believe how completely and totally unscary the Volturi look? And don't even get me started on Jane's blond hair. In the bible (sorry, the book) she had brown hair. Why didn't they make Dakota put on a wig. The movie is ruined. Exclamation Point! Underline! Exclamation Point!

OMG finally Rosalie looks halfway pretty, but can you believe how bad Alice looks. God they should have cast Actress X, Y or Z in this role. She is totally going to ruin the movie.

What is up with Edward & Bella - that looks more like an Eclipse embrace not a New Moon embrace. Stupid Summit! When will they learn to consult each and every fan before they do anything as important as print a poster. Maybe we should start a petition. I'll get the Edward and Bella Stationary. Be right back, okay?

Maybe I am exaggerating just a titch, but honest to Betsy at least half of the statements above were written today about a couple of posters. Ugh. It is a movie poster kids. Deal with it.

I like them.
I am feeling a tad anti Twi-hard right now. It's kinda strange. I have always been on the Twi-hards are not as crazy as everyone thinks bandwagon since the beginning of all this. And I still am - for the most part. There are just a couple of things that have been on my mind that I think it is time to let it all out.
What I find so interesting - and at the same time completely infuriating - in all of the frenzy about Twilight and it's stars is that the uber fans (who may or may not be certifiable) have no problem heaping vitriol on the Photogs, but they think it is perfectly okay for them to interrupt someone while they are eating, shopping or generally trying to have some semblance of a normal life. You know the photogs can't go into a restaurant or stores to hassle these kids right? That they would be kicked out immediately if they tried to interrupt them?

Go to the set. hang out there forever. Stalk the f*cking set. But when these people whom you all so desperately try to protect from the paparazzi are trying to have dinner, how about you try leaving them the f*ck alone. Especially if you have already had your photo taken with them. How many photos do you need of yourself with Kellan Lutz?

I hear your retorts: Oh they don't mind. Oh I am respectful of them. Oh I am not like one of the dirty paps. Pfft. Whatever gets you through the night sweetheart! Just because you are not getting paid for these photos does not make what you are doing any more morally acceptable.

Of course they say they don't mind - they are actors. It is their job to not mind. You are the reason they are famous. I get that. And I am sure they completely appreciate the fandom. But don't you think it would be nice, for once, for them to be able to enjoy a meal without someone going up to them? Don't you think it would be respectful to not go to a restaurant that you know they go to? Wouldn't it be swell to let them have some privacy while they are here. Especially since most of you are all so "down with the Paps"

Just to clarify, it is not just the photogs in Vancity numbers that have increased during the filming of Eclipse. It is also the number of regular folks who are stalking not only the sets, but also the places they think the cast will be. And it is this combination that is making the experience of filming Eclipse a lot harder for the cast - particularly Rob and Kristen. I mean, they are both virtual prisoners in their hotels. And you wonder why?

I really don't know why I felt the need to vent this. And I know, only about 4 people read this, so I am not that concerned about the hate from the very twi-hards that I am writing about. I am sure you are all very nice people. I am sure you are not at all crazy.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Music Monday: From my keyboard to your I-Pod

It has been a little while since I have done this, I know. It's not that I have run out of music to recommend and wax poetic about....I could talk about music for eons and eons.

In recognition of the concert I am going to tomorrow night here are this weeks magical musical melodies. I am off to see a super cheap and hopefully super fun concert at "The Venue" - a newly renovated space that I have yet to break in. I went to a few shows when it was "The Plaza" - much better name. The Venue is a f*cking stupid name.

Originally the whole reason was going to see Jack Penate, an English singer-songwriter that I discovered a few years ago. He is good friends with the amazing & lovely Adele, they toured together at one time so I thought I should check him out. Loved it. First CD is very different from the second...

This is a song from the first album... one of my faves. Torn on the Platform.... enjoy!

Next up is the co-headliner Miike Snow from Sweden. I had never heard of them, but I downloaded some of their tunes on the weekend and me likey! I read they are like a cross between A-ha and Animal Collective. I loved A-ha and am relatively indifferent to Animal Collective......but I actually really liked them.

This is Animal:

Maybe I will see you there tomorrow? The Venue. Miike Snow and Jack Penate. 9.00pm. Tell your friends!

Review to follow in a few days


One two Jackie Earle Haley's coming for you

I grew up in a culdesac with tons of kids and all summer we would play play this game Sardines. Sardines is kind of like the reverse of Hide and Go Seek. In Sardines, one person would hide and then everyone would look for them. When you had found the hider, you would quietly yell how awesome you were for winning the game, and then you would hide with them. The loser was the person who was the last to find the hiders - Hence the name Sardines cause sometimes you would have up to 10 kids hiding in the same spot. We took this game a little seriously, jumping over back fences, crawling under people's houses and basically destroying the street with our childish fun. We would play until the grown-ups got sick of our yelling and ordered us into our respective houses. Often it was after dark.

I loved this game. It was super fun. The one thing I didn't like was when my neighbour Hayley would wear her green and red striped sweater. It scared the crap out of me. Every time I would see her, skulking in the fading Australian sunlight, I would freak out just a little thinking that.... One... Two...... Freddy's coming for me (you). A Nightmare on Elm Street gave me actual nightmares. Freddie was one seriously frightening horror movie villain. When Johnny Depp got sucked into the bed and then there was just a gush of blood... and when that blond chick was thrown around the room while being killed. Awesome and amazing and scary.

It was only a matter of time before someone in Hollyweird decided to remake this classic horror movie. Oh sorry, it's a re-imagining - whatever the f*ck that means. This trailer was released today and all over the interwebs people were weeping and wailing. I think there was even some gnashing of the teeth taking place. Because it is sacrilegious to consider remaking this film - as it is one of the greatest movies ever made.... oh wait no it's not. It's a horror movie that made under $30 million domestically when it was released in 1984. Granted, it gained cult status on VHS and DVD releases......but I don't know whether the weeping, wailing and gnashing completely really necessary.

I guess I am one of the few who is okay with this trailer. I am gonna go see the reimagined A Nightmare on Elm Street when it comes out next year. I freely admit, I got chills when I heard the song.... How could I not? That song gave me nightmares for many years. It looks like it will be a decent film. What I actually found most interesting was that Katie Cassidy got more air play than the actual lead in the film - the one playing Nancy - also known as the other hot girl who is currently not one of the stars of Melrose Place (Rooney Mara). It also has Kellan Lutz, Kyle Gallner and Thomas Dekker as eye candy so it really can't be that bad right?

The newly reimagined A Nightmare on Elm Street is being released next year.


A Steady Ring?

Note to self: When watching the hawtness that is Daniel Craig & Hugh Jackman on Broadway next month - ensure cell phone is firmly in the off position. None of this vibrate bullsh*t, cause some vibrators are apparently louder than others. He he he. Seriously though, some magical person videoed a performance of A Steady Rain over the weekend. Said magical person managed to capture on film first Jackman's and then Craig's response to a buzzing cell phone.

I actually thought they handled it all very well. Lucky I wasn't in the audience, cause I don't think I would have been so polite. Considering I had no problem whatsoever telling a 15 year old to turn off her f*cking phone at the movies a few weeks ago, I shudder to think what I may have said to the rude assholes who don't have the common decency to respect Wolverine and 007.

Three weeks to go until I am on the East Coast! Yay...


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fourth Row Curse

The best seats I have ever had for a concert were third row centre at Alanis Morrisette in 1996. Jagged Little Pill Tour. It was awesome. Tons of angst and thrashing around on the stage. She was a lot more sedate last year Since these amazing seats way back in the 90's, I have had good seats at a ton of shows, but never closer that about the 10th row. Except for Mika, I think we had 7th row for that one. I have also had what many would consider crappy seats - being the stage for The Police and second back row of a 15,000 seat auditorium for INXS (my very first concert!)

Twice in the last 2 years I have had 4th row centre tickets for shows at the same venue. The venue is The Orpheum, located in the heart of downtown Vancouver. It is without a doubt the most spectacular venue in the city. Architecturally, the Orpheum has lot of different influences - while it was built in the Spanish renaissance style, it also has Chandeliers of Czech crystal, British Heraldry, Moorish arches and Indian ceiling motifs. It also features grand staircases, spectacular lobbies, stacked foyers which assist in the illusion of spaciousness. It is opulent and old fashioned, and every time you step inside you feel like you are some old theatre in Europe. I love it.

The best seats in The Orpheum would have to be fourth row centre. Could you imagine it? So good right? Amy Winehouse early last year - fourth row centre. Monsters of Folk in two weeks - fourth row centre. Both of these shows were with my fabulous friend Nicole. We decided on Saturday night that the 4th row at The Orpheum is cursed for us. Because Amy Winehouse could not say no no no to the crack she cancelled her concert. Because Monsters of Folk are horrible at self-promotion, this concert has been moved to a smaller venue (this is actually a good thing as we had extra tix we were having trouble selling). Regardless, the 4th Row of The Orpheum is destined to be cursed for us.....

Last night we were not in the fourth row. We were in the rafters of the Upper Balcony for the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra. The VSO is a Grammy and Juno Award winning company and I was lucky enough to be invited for their Opening Weekend Concert Series. This was the Third year in a row I have been invited to this, and again it was great. The VSO has an annual attendance of over 200,000 performing over 140 concerts during the course of a season. I am by no means a classical music aficionado, but I always enjoy what I hear. Saturday there was a little Bruch, a little Tchaikovsky and an original piece by the resident composer - Scott Good - called Blues ’n Riff—The Spectacular Tale of Katy Caboose. Thankfully, that particular composition was not anywhere near as lame as it sounded. It was all good and fun and made me feel a little more cultured.... which is always a good thing!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Mike Seaver: Don't Waste Another Minute on your Crazy.

Warning: This has a little bit of a religious discussion in it ... well, my opinion on religion. If you are a religious (not that there is anything wrong with that), I would skip this post.

Did you watch Growing Pains? I did. Did you love Kirk Cameron as Mike Seaver? I totally did. I would spend $7.00 on Tigerbeat just to have the little poster in it. Did you find it kind of sweet that after he married his wife Chelsea, he refused to take off his wedding ring for filming? I did. Did you wonder where he had been since Growing Pains went off the air? I kinda did.

I had heard that he had found God. Good for him. What I didn't know was that had created a ministry with Christian minister and Evangelist Ray Comfort. Comfort is the guy who used the ridges of a banana as proof of the existence of God. Their ministry - The Way of the Master - teaches Christians how to promote their faith..."simply, effectively, biblically....the way Jesus did."

Kirk Cameron is again back in the news, this time for a little something he has planned for the 150th Anniversary of the publication of Charles Darwin's groundbreaking book on Evolution - Origin of the Species. According to an online video (below), three days before this anniversary, Cameron and his followers will be distributing free copies of the book at 50 of the top universities in the United States. Sounds good right? There is just a teeny tiny little catch. This fancy new edition includes a brand spanking new 50 page introduction written by Ray Comfort. The new introduction can be read here.

This new introduction (which I must admit I have not read all of, as it made me want to throw my laptop out the window) includes, amongst other things, an explanation of Hitler's "undeniable connection" to the theory of evolution. It also exposes the multitude of "hoaxes" surrounding evolutionary theory as well as Darwin's apparent "disdain for women" and racism. Oh and it also presents a "balanced view of Creationism."

According to a report in PEOPLE, Cameron believes that "Atheism has been on the rise for years now, and the Bible of the atheists is The Origin of Species...." He goes on to say that "We have a situation in our country where young people are entering college with a belief in God and exiting with that faith being stripped and shredded. What we want to do is have student make an informed, educated decision before they chuck their faith."

And apparently to do that, they feel the need to present a completely one-sided, warped view of Darwin and the theory of creationism. Many others have expressed their opinions on Kirk's video far more eloquently that I ever could (my person fave is below - this chick is awesome). I am not going to get into a discussion of Evolution versus Creationism. Or my opinions on religion. Suffice it to say, my Catholic upbringing and Catholic education went a little off track when I was told that it was in God's plan that my father died when I was 14 years old.

What I find interesting beyond the introduction and the obvious inaccuracies and half-truths presented in Cameron's 6 minute calm rant, is the fact that they were allowed to reissue a book with an introduction that completely refutes everything in said book. I don't understand this and how this is done.

I also find it very amusing that Cameron honestly thinks Christian teens are so weak minded and have such a shaky faith that they would be so easily led astray by their agnostic and atheist professors. Could it not be that said teens grew up having been taught only one belief system - then they enter college and are exposed to masses of new ideas and notions presented not only by their professors, but also by new roommates, new friends, TA's and all the other groups at college. Is that not a much more plausible explanation for college students losing their faith in Christianity?
Cameron's idea is something completely new for the religious zealots. Normally, the holy rollers have book burnings. Now, they are having, what, book givings? I am sure some of them will forget, and will show up on November 19th with marshmallows, ready to make s'mores. Hmmm S'mores.

You're Gonna Love my nuts??? Bwah ha ha ha

I don't watch infomercials very much. In honesty, I don't actually watch TV ads in general very much. I either fast forward through them or flick to something else. But tonight while watching the AFL Grand Final on TSN (Australian Football League aka Aussie Rules aka the best sport ever), I was to busy filing my nails (cause it was a nailbiter) to bother switching channels.

And boy am I glad I didn't. Cause, OMFG........ have you seen this? He's been around for a while, but I had never seen the amazingness that is Vince - the Slap Chop guy. From his first sentence - "Slapping your troubles away", to it stopping me from having a boring life cause it will unboring my tuna, to my personal fave : "you're gonna love my nuts"

I really have nothing else to say. I think that Vince should speak for himself. I kinda want to get a Slap Chop, simply to get the Graty..... Oh Graty. You make cheese so delicious.


Friday, September 25, 2009

Post-age updates

Since I started this wee little blog, I have written about my disdain for not leaving well enough alone. And by this I am talking about the often inane ideas I hear from Hollyweird involving remaking movies and/or TV shows, continuing a movie series that has already reached a completely satisfactory conclusion, and turning great movies into crappy TV shows.

I have an update on one story i wrote quite a while ago. Way back in mid-July it was announced that a script was being developed for Scream 4. I thought this was a
silly idea. Mainly because the heroine of the entire series - Canadian Neve Campbell - had not signed on to appear in the movie. I honestly believe it would have sucked balls.

Thankfully it was
confirmed this week that Neve has reconsidered and will be reprising her role as Sidney Prescott. While to this I unequivocally say - Yay! - I am still not sold on another Scream Movie. Especially since it seems like this will be the first in another Trilogy. Eek! I am fearful we are going to venture into Friday the 13th part 678 territory. Cause 6 Scream films? I don't know. What do you think?

The next update is more a continuation , a sequel if you will, to a previous post. I
wrote about how Bring it On is may favourite Cheerleader movie from 2000. And I stand by that. Seriously, name another movie about Cheerleaders from 2000 that is better.

Well, instead of making yet another direct to DVD sequel, Universal has
decided that a better course of action would be to produce a musical extravaganza that they will take on a national tour in hopes of making it's way to Broadway. It has an impressive team behind it - lots of Tony Award Winners in writing, choreography and music.

If there is one movie that is perfect to turn into a musical - this could be it. I can't wait to see the opening sequence on stage. It will be awesome. Campy, over the top, doesn't take itself at all seriously. Just silly silly fun. It has my seal of approval! Can't you see this song on stage somewhere?


Hello Gorgeous!

Growing up, our family was a big fan of road trips. When I was a kid, the five of us would pile into the car and drive - Sydney, Jindabyne, all around Tasmania.... everywhere. I distinctly remember one trip to or at least through Bateman's Bay on the coast of New South Wales. I don't remember the specifics of this vacation - what we did or where we stayed. What I do remember is the music. It alternated between Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand. My parents loved them both and we were subjected to what at the time all three of us kids considered the total garbage that was Neil and Babs. As an adult I appreciate them both. I even got a little miffed at my mother about 15 years ago when she didn't buy me a ticket to Neil Diamond cause she thought I wouldn't want to go. And I have a standing date with her to go and see Barbra together if we are ever in the same country when she is touring.

All three of us kids bitched and moaned about listening to either Neil or Babs. I don't think I even liked "music" back then - but I knew that I did not like Barbra Streisand. We even came up with a nickname for her - Bloody Barbra, completely inspired by the fact we were going to Batemen's Bay. I was pretty young and found it rather daring that I could use such a curse word. Bloody Barbra. We thought it was hysterical. It still makes me chuckle, over 20 years later. I am very easily amused.
Barbra Streisand was on Oprah this week. It is hard to believe, but there was more to Oprah this week than Mackenzie Phillips revealing her consensual sexual relationship with her father. I am not going to even comment on this... except to say eww. Babs was there to promote her new album - Love is the Answer - coming out September 29th. More importantly, they unveiled the new limited edition Barbra Streisand Barbie Doll.

What the what? Barbra will have a Barbie? Gay men all over the world are peeing themselves in excitement. I even peed just a little and I am neither gay, nor a man. This doll is inspired by the an outfit she designed herself and wore to Hollywood's Coconut Grove in 1963.

All I have to say is Hello Gorgeous!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

LA Times visits New Moon Set

The Twilight Saga New Moon comes out in less than 2 months. Squee! Still incredibly hopeful that I will be able to take the day off work and go to a matinee with my girls, bottle of wine in hand. There is sadly a slight chance I may have a work event that I can't get out of and have no actual control over. Ugh. We shall see.

The LA Times has released a ton of photos taken on the Vancouver set of New Moon this Spring.

These pics are so f*cking promising. Rob and Kristen look phenomenal with the exception of that ugly ass jacket that Kris is wearing. I know it is a left-over from Twilight, maybe there will be a ritual burning of anything that reminds her of Edward, cause that is one hideous frumpy piece of outerwear! I love the one in the top in the middle, where there is a ton of light on Rob & Kristen. Beautiful right? And the one of Rob getting his lips touched up. Sigh......I threw in one photo of young Mr Lautner for those on Team Jacob. Yes, the kid looks good half nekkid....but still... meh.

One of my good friends lives in Port Moody, where they were filming something at a police station today. Rob was on set. Apparently there were thousands (which I will take to mean close to 100 as there is a tendency to exaggerate) of girls screaming and holding their camera phones ready to get a shot of Rob. In April, I may have been a teeny tiny bit into something like that. Now, not so much. Not even at all.
I think I have made a major breakthrough. I am still a pathetic loser. But at least I am not a pathetic loser who stalks sets right?