Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy 9.02.10 Day

Today, take a moment to remember the original Beverly Hills 90210. It will be many a long year until the dates align again! Or October if you go with the whole day-month-year system. I can never remember which way it goes.

Season 3 was my favourite of 90210. Primarily because Brenda's hair was it it's most awesome - I actually took a picture of her into a punk themed salon to show the super hawt stylist how I wanted my hair - 2 years ago. He mocked me the entire time I was there. Sigh.

Brenda and Dylan 4 eva!
PS: who woulda thunk that dorky David Silver would not only impregnate the stunning Vanessa Marcell (from General Hospital, Vegas), but that he would currently be shacking up with Megan Fox? Not me.

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