Thursday, February 11, 2010

2010 Photo Ops

Hello reader(s): just a heads up that over the next few weeks the posts in this wee blog will have a decidedly Vancouver Winter Olympics Focus. the reason for this is that I am writing full time for another blog during the Games and may not have time to update both. Also, as the other blog is a little more professional than this one, there will probably be a lot less cursing! I will try and post other things as well... but don't hold your breath! XO
Vancouver has always been a picturesque city. That much I know. Add to that the Olympic Games and this city has become a photographers dream. But will there be key spots where everyone wants their photo taken? Along with the Massive Canadian Flag on the Corner of Hornby and Howe streets, I suspect that this shot will be another favourite among those flocking to Vancouver. How could it not be? A conveniently erected Inukshuk, the banks of False Creek and Russian Sochi 2014 House in the background. A perfectly perfect photo opportunity. Do you think mebbe a Russian snuck out and put this up? Mayhaps......

Another popular photo op will likely be the entire 700 block of Granville Street - between Georgia and Robson Streets . This is bound to be one of the busiest pedestrian corridor during the Games and is home to a ton of interesting and different works of art. I love the Lantern Forest that is part of LunarFest: Soul, Art, Life (part of the Cultural Olympiad) - made up of thousands of submissions from children from both Tawain and Canada, this beautiful display is sure to be a hit. The lanterns represent each child's commitment to a greener earth, while also representing their cultural heritage.

I have also witnessed countless people contorting their bodies to fit into these stylized images of the some of the Winter Olympic Sports. These definitely have a very retro feel to them. There is nothing like seeing grown adults laughing hysterically while trying to assume the shape of a snowboarder. Love it.

This is just the smallest of tastes of some of the places and images that I suspect will be extremely popular for camera buff's during the Games. Where else do you think visitors should be heading to capture that quintessential Vancouver image during the Games?

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