Monday, February 8, 2010

Satyana's not playing along.....

I feel totally skeevy posting candid shots of celebrities and their kids while they are trying to live their lives. I know that photogs and paparazzi come with the territory, but when there are kids involved it is different. The complete and total adorableness of these shots overruled my sense of decency. That and the fact that I am pretty sure these were taken from a long lens as opposed to the pap frenzy that surrounds some celebrities.

These shots of the Denisof family were taken on 2 separate days, but on both occasions the adorable munchkin that is Satyana Denisof seems to love popping her head up to see what is going on. I am sure that the reason Aly and Alexis have her in a stroller like this is to avoid too many photos of her being taken. But Satyana doesn't seem to be on board with the whole protecting her adorable mug from the masses.

This is one family that seems genuinely happy and not yet completely screwed up by Hollyweird living. I really really hope it stays that way.


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