Thursday, February 11, 2010

Opening Ceremony Secrets.... Not Likely!!!

Last night I was very very lucky to be able to attend a Dress Rehearsal for the Opening Ceremony of the Games. While I will not spill any of the secrets regarding the show itself….. Let me just say…. Wowsers! This was a “full” dress rehearsal. All the musical acts were in attendance, the parade of athletes was conducted (with stand-ins) & even the speeches were simulated for timing purposes.

I was super impressed with the entire show. From start to finish I think they did a phenomenal job. The music was fantastic (one act in particular had me smacking my friend on the arm at the amazingness, tearing up and screaming like a crazy person all at the same time). The dancing was equally impressive. At times, the acrobatics were jaw dropping.

Being in an enclosed venue such as BC Place creates some unique challenges as the Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Games traditionally involves a massive spectacle of Fireworks and “things” shooting into the sky. Honestly though, I didn’t feel short changed about any of it.
Watching parts of it on the screens inside the venue - trust me when I say the whole event will look spectacular on screen. Particularly if you are able to watch it in High Definition! The colours, the movement, all of it –fantastic.

Now onto the all important questions about getting in and out of the venue. Getting in was a breeze – they had express lanes for those without bags which was very handy. On the way out, patience will be your friend. Thankfully VANOC had people stationed with megaphones directing the crowds. One final side note: All the staff/volunteers/security: AMAZING.

I suspect that the organisers have a few more surprises up their sleeves and I will most definitely be glued to my seat tomorrow night. I can’t wait to see the whole thing “again”

PS: No cameras allowed in for obvious reasons.... hence the not so visual photos ;) I did sneak a few from my phone, but in the interests of not spoiling the surprise I am not posting them until after the ceremony! I have some morals. Well, I have at least one :)

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