Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Should Be So Lucky

When I was in 6th Grade, my friends and I would regularly race the four blocks from our school as soon as the bell rang in the hopes of being able to watch filming of what was then our favourite television show - Neighbours. Actually, it was pretty much everyone's favourite show. Most of the time we would show up and there would be nothing going on. But on a lucky few occasions, there would be barricades up and we would be able to watch them film scenes on world famous Ramsey Street.

Even though it was around 20 years ago - eek! - I have a perfect memory of showing up one day to find the Scott & Charlene in the middle of a major fight. OMFG!! I almost peed my pants - Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan, in the flesh. So exciting. I couldn't find the scene n the interwebs...... so this is them remembering their first meeting. Lordie! They were both so young then right? The hair, the clothes, the accents! Oh the memories of my Aussie childhood.

During the years since Charlene left Ramsey Street forever and Kylie became Stock, Aiken and Waterman's premier pop princess - I have loved her and I have hated her. The hate stemmed from the undeniable fact that pretty much every Aussie soap star in the late 80's to early 90's tried to sing..... whether they were from Neighbours, Home & Away or the oft forgotten E-Street - if you were the hot young thing on the show - you had a recording contract. Most had a hit or two and then realised that just because they could "act" didn't necessarily mean they had a future as a singer.

Kylie was different however. And for me, since "Confide in Me" it has been pretty much love. In the years since this song came out in 1994, I have even developed a new appreciation for the songs that I originally despised - such as Locomotion, Lucky Star and the always enjoyable Especially For You (fabulous duet with Jason Donovan). I have never seen Kylie in concert - which for an Australian is something akin to treason.

This month, 41 year old Kylie Minogue embarked on her first North American tour. It is shocking to me that she has never toured here. It is also shocking that she is not a bigger star here. In Australia and the UK, she is on the same level as Beyonce and Madonna - but here - people know who she is, but .........
I am not going to see her while she is in North America. Her only Canadian date is Toronto and the closest she came to Vancouver is Los Angeles. Considering I fly out to Boston and New York next week, I couldn't really justify flying down to California for a concert. I am super bummed I am not going. All reports and reviews I have read have been glowing. Much smaller venues than she would normally play - which would have made it even more awesome. This saddens me even more.
Maybe next time.

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