Sunday, October 11, 2009

Nekkid or Fully-Clothed: Marge > Tara

Tara Reid is set to be outshone by a cartoon Character. Tara - who would attend the opening of a letter if someone paid her enough - is set to show us what years of partying and crappy plastic surgery can do to a 33 year old former starlet's body, by posing nekkid in an upcoming issue of Playboy.

I am not sure who exactly wants to see photos of Tara Reid naked, but I am sure that there are some fans out there right? I am going to say more power to her. If she is comfortable enough with her body to withstand the scrutiny and probable ridicule that these pictures will generate - more good for her. I am a woman. I will not judge another woman for this choice - even if I think it is a bad idea. All I will say is praise the godesses for airbrushing. Cause while I believe that Tara actually looks like the picture on the left, I think she will end up looking more like the picture on the right.

Sadly for Tara's self esteem, word on the interwebs is that more people would rather see whether cartoon character Marge Simpson's carpet matches the behive (not my joke - it was all over twitter) than if she is a fan of Brazilians (I am going with yes on this)

Marge Simpson, wife of Homer, mother to Bart, Lisa and Maggie is gracing the cover of November's Playboy. This is the first time in the magazines 56 year history that a cartoon character has been featured in a pictorial. Apparently Marge will be nekkid for these shots.

I think this is awesome. An outstanding marketing ploy for both Playboy and The Simpson's. Not that I have that much interest in seeing a fictional blue-haired yellow skinned cartoon character in the buff. And it is generating a ton of buzz for a magazine that has been slipping recently - remember the whole Heidi Montag bullsh*it. I also have zero interest in seeing Heidi... But, she totally implied that the spread she did a few months ago would be of the nekkid kind. But in the end, we saw nothing that we hadn't already seen in one of the thousand "candid" bikini shots over the last few years.
I do want to see the nekkid photos of Marge Simpson. And yes, I realise how completely creepy that sounds. I don't care. Nekkid Marge! Bring it on.

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