Friday, October 30, 2009

Stars: Just like us?

I'm back Ya'll. More on the vacay later. This little thing could not wait.
Miserable day here in Vancity. I walk to and from work and on rainy days I cut through some underground buildings and pathways, through the skytrain station and avoid the outside as much as I can.

As I was walking through the skytrain station this guy walked past me to one of the ticket machines. Red plaid lumberjack shirt, grotty jeans and Blundstone boots. Firmly attached to his cell phone. Kinda scruffy looking, but cute as hell. He looked exactly like Joshua Jackson, but there was no way right? Joshua Jackson, star of Fox TV's Fringe, riding the skytrain like a regular person? No chance!

But my not at all sneaky double-take confirmed that yes, it was him. So dreamy and rugged. And so like a normal person. No car and driver for him. No fancy ostentatious car (although he prolly has one). Just a guy fumbling for change while buying a ticket for the skytrain.

This makes my crush on him get even bigger! Do you think Ryan Reynolds would ride the skytrain? Pfft! No way.
Joshua Jackson, big ups to you!

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