Sunday, October 4, 2009

Lilo a Designer Ya'll

Lilo pretty much invited anyone on Twitter to see her first show as the creative director for Emanuel Ungaro's RTW Spring 2010 line. I really have no idea what a "creative director" for a design house does. But in this case, a Creative Director apparently sends poorly constructed, tacky and cliched crap down the runway. I am not a fashion expert, I just know what I like and what I do not like...... in this case there are a few pieces that are all right. Sadly for the most part I have to concur with the early reviews which have labelled the collection "an embarrassment", as well as "cheesy and dated".

Apparently there was boob popping out more than once, at least one of the dresses was so short that if you went commando you would be flashing the entire world your biz-ness, and the heart shaped theme (on pasties covering nipples, head pieces and material) looked like a concept a five year old from the 1980's came up with. The colours are garish and not used effectively.
Of the collaboration with designer Estrella Archs, Lilo said “We both kind of mixed our (ideas) together, and that’s why it came out so well. I really appreciate everything that goes into, like, any article of clothing. I think it’s fantastic and I think it’s so expressive in so many ways.” Already after the show Archs seems to be covering her ass stating the the collection was designed "very quickly"
This completely reminds me of the episode of Project Runway that just aired in Canada where one of the guest judges (Celebrity stylist Jen Rade) said of the model who liked a boring design, that it was a good thing the model wasn't a designer. She didn't say it anywhere near as nice as I wrote it, it was actually kinda mean. Just because someone likes clothes, and/or can wear designer clothes doesn't mean that said person should be a designer. Do you think Lilo woke up from a drug-induced stupor and thought, I wanna be a designer? Probably..... so sad.
Oh and as to which of Lilo's many celebrity friends showed up to support her and applaud her success..... her 16 year old sister Ali was there - instead of in school - and that's about it. I think the rest of her friends were too scared to go..... terrified that her weird, cranked out lips would engulf them.

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