Thursday, October 1, 2009

Look out Jason Morgan! Here comes James Franco?!?!

Most actors use Soap Operas as a jumping point for their careers. In fact, some of the most well known celebrities on the planet got their starts on Soaps: Meg Ryan (As The World Turns), Demi Moore (General Hospital), Ricky Martin (General Hospital), Kathleen Turner (The Doctors), David Hasselhoff (The Young & The Restless), Robin Wright Penn (?)(Santa Barbara), Teri Hatcher (Capital), Christopher Reeve (Love of Life), Kevin Bacon (Search for Tomorrow & Guiding Light), Ray Liotta (Another World), Kelsey Grammer (Another World), Marissa Tomei (As The World Turns), Tommy Lee Jones (One Life To Live), James Earl Jones (As The World Turns & Guiding Light), Cicely Tyson (Guiding Light), Larry Hagman (Search For Tomorrow), Susan Sarandon (A World Apart & Search for Tomorrow) to name a few.

News broke to day that Golden Globe Winner James Franco will be joining my favourite soap - General Hospital - for a two month arc starting in November (conveniently just in time for sweeps). There is no official word yet on the character he will be playing, but rumour is he will will be playing yet another nemesis for mobster with a heart of gold Jason Morgan (played by Steve Burton). I kinda hoped he would have scenes with the awesome Luke Spencer (played by Emmy Award winner Tony Geary. Especially 'cause Luke was just hit over the head by a mysterious stranger after being informed by the evil Helena Cassadine that there was danger in store for both the Spencer and Cassadine families....Yes, I have too much time on my hands.

There has been no official statement from Franco as to why he is returning to the small screen. He got his start on the underrated Judd Apatow show "Freaks & Geeks", but gained fame from his roles in the Spiderman movies, Pineapple Express and last years amazing Milk . There is quite a bit of shock and awe amongst the interweb folks, and I can't say Ii am surprised. I am sure that they threw gobs of money at him, but does he really need the cash? He has at least 4 films coming out next year so I am assuming he is not broke?

I guess this is not that different than Marcia Gay Harden on Damages right? Or John Lithgow on Damages? Or Heather Locklear on Melrose Place? Am I grasping here? Or does this sound at all possible? I know there is a total stigma associated with Soaps. But they are no different from shows like Desperate Housewives or 90210 right? Oh who am kidding, I don't get it. I have no problem with it, I am just finding it a little perplexing. Puzzling even. Maybe even a tad peculiar.

Maybe he has a secret love for Port Charles and General Hospital? That would be awesome and completely make me feel like less of a loser for watching it also.... he he he. What I am really hoping for is a Steve Burton - James Franco hawt off. Shirtless. Steve has the impressive muscles, but James Franco is quite the stud muffin. Decisions decisions. I wonder if there will be a little Jason - Sam - mystery James Franco character triangle action? Has there ever been a threesome on a soap? This would be quite the trio to break that story line in.......

On a related and equally awesome General Hospital note, Jonathan Jackson is returning as Lucky Spencer a role he originated 16 years ago. Sadly that means that the hawt Greg Vaughn is leaving. Now, I understand that recasting sometimes has to happen. But when they recast Lucky, I was honestly a little pissed. He was such an important part of the show and his relationship and chemistry with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) was amazing and impossible to recreate with any other actor. He also won no less than 3 Daytime Emmy's for this role over the years.

Here is a clip of the original Lucky and Elizabeth. I am not sure how the Powers at GH are going to deal with the whole Elizabeth is sleeping with Lucky's half-brother situation..... While "Elizabeth" may no longer be in love (but still loves) Greg Vaughn as Lucky, how in the hell are they gonna keep the original Lucky and Liz apart?

November is gonna be a very good month in Port Charles!!


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