Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sweeps = California Lesbians & Upper East Side Threeways

Looky here. What is this? Ms Claire Bennett - the girl with miraculous powers of regeneration - appears to be going through her totally cliched "experimental phase" in college. Everyone's fave cheerleader from the former-hit show Heroes - is going to lock lips with a girl in next week's episode. And the powers that be at NBC have been flashing this photo around to whoever will post it on the interwebs. All in the hopes of luring some viewers back. I am sorry - even a fleeting lesbian storyline isn't gonna bring me back.

I am more interested with who Claire (aka Haydn Panetierre) is making out with ......Do you recognise her? That is none other than Madeleine Zima - originally from the The Nanny - but more recently as the underage girl who punched David Duchovny in the face while f*cking him (in Californication.... probably not in real life).

Can you say cheap stunt? You ain't seen nothing yet friends. The CW has just blown that little faux-lesbian stunt out of the water...

On the Upper East Side, Gossip Girl has some shocking! Scandalous! Titillating! news to share. According to EW.com, the November 9th episode will feature a little menage a trois action. No definitive word on who the lucky threesome will be..... but apparently it is 3 "major" characters.

There are a list potential threesomes on the EW.com site.....









Rufus/Lily/Serena's daddy

Okay..... so Olivia (Hilary Duff) is not gonna happen. And I really can't see bland Dan getting wild in any way shape or form. And Serena & Georgina = mortal enemies (which would make it super hot, but Michelle Trachtenberg is on another show so would she just f*ck and run?)

My money is on Chuck Bass. Probably Chuck-Blair-Josh. Chase Crawford (Nate) is be too scared his raging hard on for ex-roommate Ed Westwick would be seen by everyone to allow the writers to put him in a bed with Chuck and Blair. I actually wish it was a Little J/Chuck/Blair situation.... but considering there was that whole mauling of innocent, vulnerable Jenny Humphrey by the big bad Chuck Bass in the pilot.... I don't think that is gonna happen.

Oh did I mentions sweeps is coming up? Ugh. Cheap tricks and lame stunts do not make a show good.


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