Monday, October 5, 2009

Two Shows - Part 2

As I said a few weeks ago I generally only allow myself to start watching 2 new shows each season as I would otherwise be literally parked on my couch for the next 6 months. I also explained that this year I am pretty much f*cked as there are a ton of new shows that look both interesting and promising.

Glee is most definitely in the watch column, and seems to be the first bonafide hit of the new season. With the announcement this week that the original "Very Special Guest Star" of the 90's is finally reprising her role as uber-bitch Amanda Woodward on Melrose Place, the lukewarm reception I had towards this show is slowly heating up a little. It is in the likely column for now.

Vampire Diaries: you should know by now, I am a big big fan of vampires and vamp mythology (see my obsession with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, True Blood and even Twilight which completely destroyed the known mythology). Vampire Diaries had a ton of hype surrounding it. Totally capitalising off of the success of the Twilight Saga, this CW series is also based on popular teen novels. I should preface this by stating that I have not read this series of novels and am pretty sure I never will. Mostly because I already feel so much shame for reading the Twilight novels that adding in another book about vampires geared at teenagers would make me wanna stab myself with something very sharp and pointy

Vampire Diaries tells the story of Elena (Degrassi's Nina Dobrev), a small town every girl, who is torn between two brothers, both of whom happen to vampires. Oh, and one is good (Paul Wesley) and one is evil (Ian Somerhalder). 2 episodes in, I am somewhat undecided. The story has not completely engaged me yet. I think it is Ian Somerhalder's portrayal as the evil Damon. He is just so over the top, with a smarmy grin that makes me want to punch something. I liked him as Boone on Lost. Not sure if I like him in this role. He (or the director) needs to learn the art of subtlety.

This is still in the undecided column for me. I want to like it. I want something to fill the void left by the end of True Blood. But so far, this show does not quite cut it for me. It is good, not great. I know that they are different shows on different networks, with different demographics. But I want what I want and I do not know if this is gonna give me what I want.
The best thing so far about this show is the arrest in August of the four female stars, one random female extra and a photographer for disorderly conduct. Motorists apparently called the police after the women were allegedly flashing passing motorists and dangling off the Rumble Road Bridge in Georgia, near where the show is filmed.
Check out starlet's first mug shots! Awww. Aren't they adorable? None of them (except the photographer) seem at all concerned. He was probably calculating his credit card balance as he had to fork out the $500 each for their bail - which was forfeited when none of them showed up to court. Not surprisingly, the charges were dismissed last week. No word yet on whether the CW will actually use the photos they were arrested for taking. I kinda hope they do.

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