Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gimme Sympathy

I know I know. Bad wee-blogger. I have been back for a week and only one post. And it wasn't even about U2 or my trip. It was about Joshua Jackson.......sigh. And now I really want to write about the hawt photo of James Franco that the good folks at ABC have released in the lead up to his first episode on General Hospital. Or alternatively the swoon worthy & quiver inducing Vanity Fair pictures of Robert Pattinson. Sigh indeed.

The trip was awesome. Details will follow once my life is back to normal. It is splendidly chaotic right now! Weekend of drinking.... and I didn't even leave the house on Halloween (dislike of organised holidays because they are silly and commercial and rarely as much fun as the hype) = hangover and no desire to turn on the computer......

The amazing Regina Spektor last night (sooo f*cking good!!) so no time to write let alone post. Tonite is is Metric. Eeeek! So excited.

But I am gonna get back on track in the next few days.

Lots of stories to show and tell! Random Ben Affleck sighting in Boston - which did not involve me stalking in any way shape or form. Hugh Jackman, Daniel Craig, Jude Law, Tom Lenk, Carrie Fischer!!!!! OMFG - so much too say.

Give me just a little more time kiddies and I will deliver the goods! Be patient just a little bit longer.

Oh and did I mention that Constantine Maroulis totally looked at me with sex eyes during Rock of Ages? And that I totally geeked out when I saw Tom Lenk and couldn't even say hi....

Gotta get my dancing shoes on for the amazing Metric this evening.

Okay, Just one picture of Rob!


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