Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Meet the Broderick's!

In what is not the norm in Hollyweird, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick took the paparazzi frenzy for that all important first shot into their own hands and released a new family portrait. They did not sell this shot, it was released for free to a number of news agencies. Which makes me love them even more. They probably even payed for the shots to be taken themselves. Love it.

Does everyone remember the insanity at Lennox-Hill Hospital when James Wilkie was born? This was at the height of SATC's popularity and Sarah Jessica and Matthew dutifully posed for the paps for what seemed like forever when they were taking little James Wilkie home. Did you see that James Wilkie celebrated the arrival of his sisters with a much needed haircut!

Again I send out much love and happiness to the ever-expanding Broderick clan.


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