Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Week In Review

What a week. I finally got off my lazy and sadly expanding ass and started this damn blog. Yay me. But that does not help with the expanding ass or laziness really does it? Crap. Who cares. The plan is to update a few times a week, but I said that with a live journal account also.....hmmm... what was the login for that again. Gah.

Crazy Mother-effing Twihards

Mr Edward Cullen AKA Robert Pattinson was attacked by crazy fans on multiple occasions on NYC. All you people who told us Vancity peeps to leave him the hell alone - People in Glass Houses, should not be throwing stones!! At least the crazy fans (of which there are many, trust me) in Vancouver did not result in him being grazed by a fricking cab! Come on people - do you really think squealing like a lunatic, and attempting to strangle him is gonna make him want you? Srsly? Get back on the meds people and let the man work.

My personal fave is the blonde in need of having her roots done is strangling the man while he is walking down the street. Yea honey, he is so gonna want to love you forever after that. Sheesh. No serenades, or smouldering looks for you sunshine (or is that just my fantasy.... sigh)

Stephanie Pratt had Bulimia for a minute or two......

Stephanie Pratt announced to the world that she developed Bulimia as a result of being on the Hills. I mocked her for this on Twitter by pulling out that fantastic Heathers Quote "Grow up Stephanie Pratt, bulimia is so '87". Some thought that was a little harsh. To clarify, bulimia is a serious disease, and I do not mock people who have it. But the occasional binge and/or purge does not a bulimic make in my opinion. Ugh, she is so annoying and stupid. And to go to a tabloid to announce it. Ugh ugh ugh.

Speidi's quest for World domination to be thwarted by E!?

To continue with the Pratt theme, E! is this close to banning the two biggest fame-whores in the world from their site. Kudos to you E!, but we shall see. Speidi are like herpes, they may go away for a while, but it just takes one slip for them to come back. Couldn't they have just left them in Costa Rica?

From this

To This


I finally saw Drag Me To Hell with my friend Kent this weekend. It was a little bit of awesome. So disgusting and fabulous and funny. I did not really enjoy Alison Lohman, she was a little meh for me - but the crazy old Gypsy lady ( Baba-Ganoush?) more than made up for her lack of emotion. I was expecting to see a little of what Hell was like. As I have a seat waiting for me there and all, I was kind of interested in seeing what it would be like. Oh well, I guess I will just wait and see.

This totally p'wned this

We then snuck into The Proposal. Sandra Bullock, Ryan Reynolds and the incomparable Betty White. Love her so hard. I wish she was my grammy (I have none left, so I can say that without offending anyone - I also wish Leo, one of the volunteers at my work was my Grampa - he is most adorable). It was cute - typical rom-com fluff. More Ryan Reynolds naked (or at least shirtless) would have made me happier. I have heard not nice things about him - that he is a dick in real life, one of those I am a celebrity leave me alone type people, so that tainted my view of him a little. He also has the beady eyes going on, and I am an eye person. But that body.... le sigh. Scar-Jo is one lucky untalented singer.

Sadly, 2 movies in a row left me very nappish, so I bailed on a BBQ I was s'posed to go to and went home and watched a few eps of Buffy Season 5 - The Body is coming up and it always kills me - the scene when Anya is talking about how stupid and mortal it all is - Joss Whedon is a genius and Emma Caufield played it perfectly. But I digress.....

The Much Music Video Awards were on this evening. They are hard to describe for anyone outside of Canada. Seem way more fun than other Award Shows, but when the closing number is Nickelback........ sigh. The awards are like the high school version of a Broadway Show - they think they are fabulous and amazing and just as good as the real thing, but deep down inside you just know that they are not. Nickelback is just so bad. And they are not the greatest rock band in the world. It was the Juno's all over again. But thankfully I wasn't forced to breathe the same air as them tonight as they were in T.O. The crowd is also so random - Cleavagey slutbomb Cougars for Chad and the boys and hysterical tweens for the Vagina Virgins and Taylor Lautner. I guess the tweens could have brought their slutty moms? Hmmmmm. Lady Gaga was awesome - I really wish I had jumped on her bandwagon earlier. Kelli Clarkson was also great (she is just a great singer). I didn't know who half the rest of the "talent" was. See - high school. Jonas Brothers seem sweet and nice and sugary. And boring as hell. But whatever. It will only be a mater of time before one of them comes out and another is in rehab.

Lots more going on in the world than this bullshit though. Apparently my cousin's envoy in Afghanistan was attacked. He is not military, he works for the UN - but still. Holy Crap. They were all fine, but they had to crawl out from under the truck/car/van. He is kind of done with Afghanistan I think. Wants to move to NYC - which would be all kinds of awesome as I heart NYC with a fiery passion and would love somewhere to stay.

And Iran. Even though I do not claim to know a lot about what is goin on there, all I have read points to a false election and rigged results. Kinda like the US 2000 election? Ha ha ha Seriously though, that is lame.

But I will leave you with this amazing video of Johnny Depp on his birthday. From Puerto Rico. The man is all class, so shy and humble. And when he gives that girl the look. OMFG. There are no words. I used to know someone who could give that look. Sigh. It was a long long time ago. My Johnny Depp is now married with 2 kids. But I remember when I used to get that look. Loins quivering. Thanks to Lainey for posting this originally


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