Sunday, June 28, 2009

Week In Review - June 28th

What a long strange week it was in the world.
Hollywierd lost 3 greats

Michael Jackson - the King of Pop - is dead yo! I know right? Apparently he broke Twitter for a bit.

Just hours earlier Farrah Fawcett lost a long and public battle with Cancer. Sadly her loss was completely overshadowed by the dramarama of MJ.
And only one day earlier, Ed McMahon, the sidekick to end all sidekicks passed.

And just now some random post on Brit-Brit's Twitter about her passing - it is now gone, but I saw it I swear. Methinks some hackage was afoot! **Update: Hackage ws afoot** Geesh people, I don't think the world could take another celebrity death this week

Even though it sucks balls, Transformers has huge opening weekend.

Despite generally shitteous reviews, Transformers 2 - Revenge of the Fallen is set to have a massive opening weekend of around $110 million, bringing it's domestic gross to over $200 million. I have yet to decide whether I will see it. Lots of other good movies out right now and this is not high on my list of must sees. And the whole Meagan Fox thing - I just don't get it. She is the white-trash Angelina, trying so hard to be taken seriously, but WTF has she been in? A TV show with Kelly Ripa & Faith Ford? And what?

I kinda respect the fact she says what she thinks, but most of the time what comes out of her mouth makes me throw up in my mouth just a little bit. If I get bored on my staycation, I may go. But right now I am thinkin' - meh. Redeeming quality of the movie is the sexy as hell Josh Duhamel. Fergie is a damn lucky woman.

Elisabeth's Plagiarism Hassles?

I never thought I would write about Elisabeth Hasselbeck from The View. I find her most annoying and honestly think that she is one of the most narrow-minded, uninformed Conservative puppets out there. Elisabeth who suffers from Celiac Disease is being sued by a Massachusetts woman for copy right infringement over claims that Hasselbeck plagiarised her ideas for the recently released "The G-Free Diet - A Gluten Free Survival Guide" from a book she had sent to Elisabeth 13 months earlier.

I won't start on Elisabeth's blatant attempt to continue to capitalise on her Survivor stint because - ugh. What is actually most amusing to me is who the lawyer for Susan Hassett cc's on the letter sent to Elisabeth advising her of the intent to sue. Oprah? Dr Oz? WTF? The letter is posted on TMZ and I have included the link to it here:

As to the merits of the law suit itself. I really hate to say this, I so wanted this to be true. I was looking forward to her getting taken down a peg or tow. Sadly though, although there are some similarities in the 2 books, but shouldn't there be? I mean Elisabeth is definitely not reinventing the wheel on coping with Celiac - most books on the subject should contain very similar information shouldn't they? How many different symptoms, restaurant do's and don'ts and shopping ideas can there be?

Sadly, I think this case will get tossed out on it's ear. :(

Chuck Bass makes me feel dirrrty (& I love it so)

I don't know what it is about him. Maybe it is the sexy British accent? Or the generally impeccable tailoring? Or the idea that he may treat you as poorly as Chuck Bass treats all his conquests? Maybe it is the fact he is in a band? Or maybe it is the confluence of all these things that makes me lurve Ed Westwick. Who turned 23 over the weekend. Ugh. I am a cougar.

He celebrated in NYC with girlfriend Jessica Szhor by hitting up Lucky Strikes Bowling lanes with some friends. Much birthday lurve goes out to Mr Westwick..... he is a dirrty dirrty man (who loves displaying his chest hair) and I love him so.

My Little Runaways

Here are a few images of Kristen Stewart & Dakota Fanning as they spent the weekend working on their upcoming movie - the biopic The Runaways. As I have said before, I am very excited to see this movie in which Kristen will tackle the role of Joan Jett, with Dakota playing Cherie Currie.

I wonder who the other girls in the photos are? I don't know much about the girls playing Sandy West and Lita Ford, but could it be them?
Looking bad ass ladies. There has been much chatter on the blogs regarding these casting choices as many seem unable to look past Kristen's role in Twilight and Dakota's good girl image They are of the opinion that neither are hard core enough to portray these icons of female rock'n'roll. I don't know about that, but I do know that they are both damn fine actresses and I am looking forward to this movie a bunch.. I wonder if they will do their own singing?

Okay, so that is is for tonight. My computer is a piece of crap and keeps crashing and generally being difficult. Ugh. Oh and have I mentioned, 2 more days of work until vacation (or should I say, my staycation as I can't afford to go anywhere).

Tomorrow I am hitting up Costco after work which should be very exciting and fun. Have I mentioned I have no life?


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