Saturday, June 27, 2009

Confessions of a Music Lovers I-Pod

I first did this on an IMDB board that I lurked and occasionally commented on and found it to be a little bit of awesome. The game is simple (provided you have some form of MP3 or I-pod): Set your device to shuffle all songs and list the first 15 songs that play. Cheating is discouraged (we all have some crap that we are loathe to cop to listening to) - only skip a song if the artist is repeated. I have not been switching out my tunes that much recently, so this will be a reminder to me that I need to mix up my tunes a little!

The order is Artist, Song, Album (if I have it)

1. Ray LaMontagne - Three More Days - Till The Sun Turns Black

2. Pete Yorn - Long Time Nothing New - Back & Forth

3. The Runaways - Thunder - Best of Runaways

4. Deathcab for Cutie - I was a Kaleidoscope - The Photo Album

5. Spring Awakening Cast - Song of Purple Summer - Spring Awakening

6. Crowded House - Mean to Me - Crowded House

7. Lady Gaga - Poker Face - The Fame

8. The Get Up Kids - 10 Minutes - Something to Write Home About

9. Melissa Manchester - Midnight Blue - Women & Songs - Beginnings

10. Mandy Moore - Gardenia - Wild Hope

11. Fleet Foxes - Textbook Love - Fleet Foxes

12. Jack Penate - Cold Thin Line - Torn on the Platform

13. M. Ward - Rave On - Hold Time

14. Joshua Radin - Star Mile - We Were Here

15. Coconut Records - It's not You, It's Me - Nighttiming

Okay. Not a bad start. This is a pretty solid showing for my first time on this. I had to skip a few as Ray showed up 3 times and the boys from Crowded House wanted in on the action more than once as well.

I feel the need to defend the Mandy Moore tune. It is the only one I have on my i-pod and is a really pretty, simple little song that was recommended by a blog I used to read often. I stand by Gardenia. Here is a you-tube of Mandy Moore singing it in Seattle (if the fricking embedding tutorial I just watched on You-tube works) ***Update - it worked - I am so happy! Go back and check previous posts for new you-tube fun!***


I am a little surprised my latest obsession - The Kings of Leon - did not come up as I have all 4 of their albums on my phone. I love them hard, saw them at Sasquatch (went to Sasquatch to see them) last month and am going to see them again in August. Love love love for my Kings of Leon

So there you have - a variation on this is to list the "most played" songs, but I prefer this one - I always have a song that comes up that I haven't heard in an age and it prompts me to listen to it all over again!

Off to listen to some music now


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