Wednesday, June 24, 2009

June 24, 2009

Was hurting a little today at work. Pizza for lunch totally worked. But a major minor screw up by someone who was not me, kind of made the afternoon a little annoying. Grrr.

But, my mantra is slowing working down to 1...... currently the chant is sitting at 4 days left until Vacation. With that thought running through my head, I can get through anything. Well, except for the fact one of my fave peeps is on vacay now. Who the hell am I going to talk to at work? How dare people not revolve their lives around me. Bah!

True Blood Rehash

I finally got around to watching Episode 2. OMFG I love this show so hard. So many things are fabulous about this episode I don't know where to begin.

Lafayette - amazing amazing amazing. Using a dismembered leg to escape. So good. Doing a deal to try and save himself. So fecking good. I love him and I hope he is not dead :( They had better not kill him off.

I knew that Jessica was damaged goods. And I kinda hope Bill kills her evil dad.

Oh and Eric...... Eric is swoon-worthy - yes? Being worried about his highlights - ha ha ha. And then the shop keeper thinking that Bill and He are lovers. Loved it.

I heard that in the books, Sookie and him get together - I kinda want it to happen, just cause I would like to see him nekkid. Alexander Skarsgard. Hawt. Have you seen him in Lady Gaga's video "paparrazzi". Holy mother.......

Okay so I cannot for the life of me figure out how to add in a video - embed I think is the word the kids use? I have tried and it won't let me. Son of a bitch. One day....... Anyways, take the time to click on this link and watch the teaser for season 2 of True Blood. If it doesn't make you quiver just a little, well..... I don't want to pass judgment.

And the Oscar goes to....... one of these 10 Films?

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences announced that in 2010 one of 10 films from 2009 will win the Oscar for Best Film. 10 Best Film nominees? Clearly a response to the supposed snubbing of movies such as The Dark Knight & Wall-E in this year's race.

Not sure how I feel about this one. Love the Academy Awards. Watch them religiously. this year, I even allowed people in my apartment to watch them with me (they brought food and booze, so I could cope for a night). But 10 best film nominees? What, is New Moon gonna get nominated next year? Maybe. Oh that would be awesome. Can you imagine the write-in campaign for that. Twi-hards would totally lose their shizz over that. It would be kinda worth it just to see the screaming, hysterical, crying fans. I know, I am going to hell.

Also, that means the winning film will need even less votes to claim the Golden Statue? Is it diluting the votes too much? Maybe they could do a kind of proportional representation kind of vote. All voters indicate their Top 3 preferences. those films with the top 5 votes move through to the "second round" - whereby the second preferences of those voters whose films were kicked out are included. Then you could go to the top 3 and do the same thing? Kinda complicated I know, but could work. And would mean that more of the votes would count right. I am a genius right? Srsly. It would totally work. Just my thoughts for the little they are worth.

Twilight Saga Update

I am a fan of Kristen Stewart. I have quite the girl-crush on her. I think she is a decent actress (clearly she must be good as she has worked with and been hired by some of the best in the biz), and I like that she totally doesn't care what anyone thinks. She is awkward and doesn't interview well, but she knows it. Love her hard.

I have high hopes for The Runaways. I am confident that they will do a good job. Kristen sand in Into the Wild and was pretty good. She deffo has the hard-core bitch face down and is working with Joan herself to get the moves down. Can't wait to see it. Lots of photos around the interweb of her in character. She looks bad ass.

They released the cover art of new movie version of New Moon. And Twi-hard moms everywhere are totally torn. "OMG Taylor is so hot, but he is the same age as my son/daughter so I can't think of him that way" I am sorry but i don't get the whole Taylor thing. It is not that I am Team Edward (which I totally am), he just doesn't do it for me. To each their own. I have said it before, sadly I need a little asshole in my man and Taylor is just to sweet and nice.

And Rob...... sigh. Still filming in NYC... still being hounded by crazy fans. This blood is not due to them though....I think ;)

Guilty Summer Show has been decided - Woot!!

Was gonna be Big Brother, which is always good for making you feel like you need a shower after watching it. But it is on a few times a week and who wants to make that much of a commitment to a show over the summer? So tonight I watched the inaugural episode of Real World Cancun.

10 minutes in they are talking about "promise piercings" & wanting to be the first one to "get some ass". I am sold. It's gonna be a dirty dirty summer in Cancun. This is the cast. They look like such a clean living bunch don't they!

Wednesdays at 10.00pm on MTV. Maybe at 7.00pm as well?. Hmmm. Real World Cancun - tell your friends. It's gonna be a horny, slutty, drama-filled summer and you know you wanna know what happens!

Okay, again I need to get myself organised for tomorrow. Big day. Meeting with our CEO to "chat" about anything we want. Eeek! What to say. Had some downsizing in January and morale is shot to shizz so he is meeting with everyone to see where we are at. Good in theory, but I have no idea what I am gonna say. I am kinda cynical and sarcastic and often speak without thinking so I really have to watch myself. Wish me luck.


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