Sunday, June 28, 2009

Monday June 29th

One day left. One day left until no work for over 10 days. Tons of stuff to do though, tomorrow will be a busy day.... ugh. But, one day left.

Attack of the Vagina Virgin's

The Jonas Brothers are playing the first of 2 shows in Vancity this evening. I think I can hear the screaming from here. Sometimes at night, I wake up to the screaming of the tweens. You? I had a discussion today about whether I would go if given free tix. My conclusion was not even if they were front row centre. My ears couldn't take it - all those girls losing their sh*t for these purity ring wearing manufactured stars.

And I chose today of all days to go to the Costco across the street from GM Place. Thankfully the screaming hadn't begun yet. But there was quite the line-up of young inappropriately dressed girls waiting to get into the soundcheck. How are they allowed out of the house like that? And who is paying for these clothes?

What is rather interesting is that neither of their 2 shows are sold out. You can get tix below face value. I know people that did (for their younger siblings apparently....). In this Global Economic Crisis, parents seem hesitant to shell out the over $100 for good seats. I am sure that the Jo-Bro's put on a good show - I am sure it is slick & polished; they will probably even mention Michael Jackson as an inspiration - ugh.

But for talent, pure raw talent, skip the Jonas Brothers & spend $35 seeing Xavier Rudd & Joshua Radin at the Commodore from July 1-3.

Joe Jackson = disgusting human being

Did you see him at the BET Awards? WTF was that? I am not even the biggest MJ fan, but come on, even I was disgusted by his appearance and the words coming out of his mouth. I can't even type words I am so repulsed by his behaviour & actions. People wonder how & why Michael became the person that he was, why he clearly had so many "issues" - just look at Joe. He is the reason that Michael Jackson became the shy, eccentric damaged individual he was.

And I heard his explanation the next day. I don't buy it. The man is sickening and I hope that he is kept far far away from Michael's kids. He would do his best to f*ck them up as well. All those other parents of child stars seem like paragons of goodness and virtue compared to him. Well, maybe not Dina Lohan. See below.....

Lilo's Birthday Week Bonanza Begins.

Lindsay Lohan celebrated the week of her birthday as an good recovering addict does. Poolside in Vegas, cavorting and posing for as many paps s she could find. That seems like a logical thing to do right? And it is only day one of her Birthday week. She changed no less than five times in the course of one afternoon, all the better to pimp out her new self-tanner line. No sign of Sam, but the week is young. Oh and Ali - she was there. Of course she was. She needs to watch and learn from her big sis how to play the game. Ugh.

I am torn about Lindsay Lohan. I actually think she has some talent and that if she got her sh*t together she could have a solid career. I mean it. Srsly, did you see Prairie Home Companion? She held her own against Meryl Streep & Lily Tomlin in a Robert fricking Altman movie. It was impressive. But she has a narcissistic fame whore for a mother & a bible bashing felon, who is also a media whore for a father - with such amazing role models could you really expect anything else.

True Blood Recap: "My Wife Doesn't just give her pudding to anyone"

Yay! Lafayette is out of the basement! That makes me do the happy. Eric & Sookie also continued their eye-f*ckery. I really hope that she ditches bland Bill and instead Sookie and Eric can indulge in the hot, dirty vampire sex. Be still my quivering loins. Jason is having trouble with the whole redemption thing, and you know you it is just a matter of time until he eats some more of Sarah's pudding.

I cannot wait until Evan Rachel Wood starts on this show. Lesbian Vampire Queen - can't wait for it. Do you recall her killer outfit at the SAG Awards this January. Those shoes were total fabulosity. I can forgive her slip with Marilyn Manson due to those shoes. Love her.

Music Monday - from my keyboard to your i-pod

Recent Purchases (yes, purchases)

Pete Yorn - Back & Fourth. Mellow and fabulous

Regina Spektor - Far. Total amazingness

Away We Go Soundtrack - featuring Alexi Murdoch. There are no words for this man. I can't believe I have never heard of him before this weekend. Love, love, love.

**Update on Alexi Murdoch. Found out today that not only have I heard of him before, I have seen him in concert. He opened for Alanis Morisette last year. I knew his voice sounded familiar in I have heard it live kind of way, but I just couldn't figure it out. Thanks Emma for the reminder **

I have also been overplaying Laura Marling a lot this past week. She is fantastical. I wish she would come to Vancity and play. That would make me so beyond happy. Personal favourite song is Ghosts. Check out the video below:

Leonna Naess is also on frequent rotation on my I-pod. I am digging the chick music at the moment. Not sure why. Leona opened for Ray LaMontagne last year and she was phenomenal. This is one of my faves of hers: Don't Use My Broken Heart

Hot British Ginge

And it is not Hot Harry I am talking about. There appears to be more than one red-haired Brit causing quiveration these days. Haven't seen much of the three stars of Harry Potter recently, except for filming. It seems the supporting cast will be left to walk the red carpet for Premiere's due to filming of The Deathly Hallows.

Ron Weasley AKA Rupert Grint did take time out of a heavy shooting schedule to site down with the Daily Mail and pose for a few photos. He talks about how his acting opportunities may dry up after Harry Potter, what it ws like to kiss Emma Watson, and most importantly - his ice cream truck. Srsly. Like Emma & Daniel, I really like Rupert. He has grown up as part of one of the most successful film franchises ever and the most fun he has is drive around in an ice cream truck? Dina Lohan, you listening? Photos below.

Oh and just over 2 weeks till HP and the Half Blood Prince opens. Still debating the midnight screening - anyone wanna come?
Bachelorette is soo good tonight. I understand why Wes is still around. Check back tomorrow!

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