Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day Ya'll

I learnt the Canadian National Anthem at GM Place, watching the Canucks play hockey. A guy I used to work with would arrange for 20 or so of us to go to 2-3 games a year. This was back when Vancity didn't care about the Canucks quite as much. We only paid about $30 per ticket. Nosebleeds at The Garage, but who cared?

But that is where this Aussie girl learned "Oh Canada". Truth be told I thought it was "We stand on God for thee" for many years. I was drunk at most of the games, so if that is the only mistake, I say Go Me. I generally don't do much for Canada Day..... or any organised Holiday really. Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Years Eve, Birthdays.... not a fan of any of them. According to one of my friends, I spent my 30th birthday crying in my office. I don't remember, I have blocked it out.

Why do I love Canadialand? How could you not love a country whose National Anthem is a beaver? A country that has Universal Health care, Poutine & Gun Control. Canada has real have seasons - it snows in the winter and is sunny in the summer. Canadian cities are consistently and continually voted amongst the most liveable and best in the world. I love Canada because we love our gays and would love for you to come on up and get married here.

This is poutine, it is fantastic if made well. Delish!

We do not take ourselves too seriously, and don't mind when young back-packing Americans sew Maple leaves onto their packs. A Canadian invented Basketball, telephones, television, the electric light bulb and the zipper. Canada has 2 official languages and we have one province (that's a State for all you foreign-type people)that seriously wants to be their own country and we love them anyways (well some of us).

I love Canada because The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, SNL & Arrested Development would not have been the same without the Canadians that made & make these shows amazing: Samantha Bee, Jason Jones, Lorne Michaels, Martin Short, Dan Akroyd, Phil Hartman, Mike Myers, Norm MacDonald, Will Arnett, Michael Cera. And that list doesn't even include John Candy, Robin Williams, Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Rick Moranis, Jim Carrey, Dave Foley & the rest of the Kid in the Hallers. Peter Jennings, Michael J Fox & Alex Trebeck are all Canadian. As is William Shatner. Not sure whether that is something to be proud of?

I would like to apologise on behalf of all Canadians for Nickelback. Yes I know, they suck balls. Please forgive us. When you think of Canadian music please consider Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, Jeff Healey, Alanis Morissette, Neil Young, Sarah McLaughlin, Paul Anka, Feist, Our Lady Piece or even Celene Dion instead. Thank you.

So that is just a few reasons why I love my adopted country. I would stand on guard for thee.

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