Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Denise Richards hit the Mother Load

Remember when Charlie Sheen was arrested on Christmas Day for allegedly threatening his wife of 20 months? Yea that was pretty bad. And remember at the tail end of that post I mused to the interwebs how long it would take for Denise Richards to run to the tabloids and spill her guts to the world about her relationship with Charlie? I am honestly surprised it took her this long. I know that within days of the arrest she was conveniently spot ed out and about at the park with her daughters. I won't go so far as to accuse her of calling the pap's to come and take some candid shots of her and her girls. I will just say again that it was very convenient.

Now, Denise could have called Star Magazine or In Touch or even the more reputable People. But no, Denise Richards went straight to the top and parked her smug ass on the hallowed couch of the mighty mighty Oprah. Ugh. Am I the only one who finds this woman completely unsympathetic? It can't just be me. I also find myself feeling guilty about how much I truly dislike her. I know she was married to an asshole, I suspect that their relationship was even more abusive than she said on Oprah today. But in spite of it all - she drives me up the wall. In spite of the fact that as a woman I should be on "Team Denise", I can't bring myself to like her even the tiniest bit.

I have given this a bit of thought. I feel like I should be completely supportive of Denise and marvel at her ability to rise above her abusive marriage and even praise her strength at coming forward and sharing her story for other women out there. I should, right? As a woman, f*ck - as a human being. And please, do not mistake me. I in no way shape or form condone Charlie Sheen's behaviour. He is seriously f*cked up. He has issues far beyond this insignificant blog. What I am taking issue with is Denise Richards capitalising on this situation. It is the timing that makes me nauseous. The father of her children, who she claims to be in a "great" place with is arrested for domestic violence. And in one measly month she is talking about it with Oprah? How is that being a good mother? How is rehashing the most damaging parts of your life benefiting anyone? It doesn't. The only person gaining anything from this whole depressing situation is Denise Richards.

Yo Denise: those same kids at your daughter's school that you talked about with the mighty mighty Oprah? The ones that spilled the beans to your eldest about Charlie being in jail over Christmas? Do you think they or someone else is not gonna hear about this and feel the need to tell your young daughters about what an abusive sh*t their father is? So Denise. Talk all you want. Say what you gotta say. Get it all off your (fake) chest. But perhaps it would be prudent to wait until your girls are old enough to understand the details of your relationship with their father.


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