Monday, January 25, 2010

Where's Dawson?

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent much of my Sunday catching up on Season 5 of Dawson's Creek. Primarily because I have always had a crush on Joshua Jackson and was reminded of this after watching him cheer on his love when the cast of Inglorious Basterds won best Ensemble. Watching Pacey Whitter be Pacey Whitter got me thinking about the rest of the crew from that show. We all know that Katie Holmes is busy being brainwashed by Tom Cruise and raising the most adorable robot baby ever. Michelle Williams has an extremely successful screen career on the go, an Oscar nomination (for Brokeback Mountain), and a toddler to raise on her own. But Dawson? Where the f*ck is Dawson? He was ostensibly the star of the show - it was named after his character after all. Dawson was played by James van der Beek? Where in the world is James van der Beek? If you have seen him, let me know. You know I once wondered on the Twitter where Frankie Muniz (Malcom in the Middle) was, and I actually found out. He is in Arizona or Texas or somewhere hot. Racing cars and still being really really short.

On a happier and much more panty-dropping note, here is the ah-mazingly hawt and phenomenally talented Ryan Gosling at the Sundance premier of his movie with Michelle Williams. The movie is called Blue Valentine and it spans the rise and fall of a marriage by cross cutting across time periods. It looks kind of like a downer. But I will still see it. How could I not. Amazing and talented actors. And besides, nothing could be as bleak of The Road? Seriously, did you see that movie? Most depressing and bleak movie I have seen in a good long while. I hope that Blue Valentine opens in Vancity. Talent like this needs to be seen on a big screen.

Look at him. Look at her. Look at them. Why have I not thought of this before? This not a coupling I have ever considered. Primarily as I have always secretly hoped against hope that he would get back together with Rachel McAdams. They were the perfect Canadian couple. The were low key when they were together. They are low key while they are apart. And it may still happen. One day. Until then, I would be completely satisfied with a Gosling-Williams pairing. I give them my blessing.
And on a unrelated but even more important note... holy f*ck Mr Gosling. Why do you do this to us? Any picture of you sends my hormones and libido into overdrive. And then you had to go and do this. It's okay girls, I'll give you a minute. No, don't apologise. Go ahead, wipe the drool off the keyboard. Go on, I won't judge you. I am right there with you.

And the one of him with costar Faith Wladyka. Please. Even my cold black heart is melting. I think I may have even felt my ovaries skip a beat. And as anyone who knows me in real life or is a regular reader of this blog is very well aware ---> my womb is permanently closed for business. Oh Ryan Gosling, why you gotta give my momma a wee glimmer of hope that her baby may some day have a baby. Yikes!


  1. As a DC and JJ fan, I've heard through the grapevine that JVDB is the voice in the Droid commercials. No, seriously.

  2. Ha ha ha... I guess it could be worse. He could be Gary Coleman right?