Saturday, January 30, 2010

Settle the f*ck down Twihards

I find this story equal parts annoying and amusing. Normally I would call bullsh*t on a story like this, but it comes from Deadline Hollywood - a source that is generally pretty spot on. Nikki Finke - love her or hate her - normally gets her stuff right.

According to a report on her site, fans of Kristen Stewart have been bombarding potential buyers of Welcome To The Rileys, pleading with them to purchase the rights to release the film. In an effort to ensure that they are able to see Kristen on screen as a teenage stripper, apparently these fans have gotten a hold of said executives emails and are using twitter, text and email to beg for a distribution deal for this movie. No word yet on whether their efforts have been successful.

Holy mother of crazy. Assuming this is true, and I am going with it being true simply because it is hysterical and disturbing, What the f*ck?? Badgering movie executives to buy a movie because you are a fan of one of the actors in it is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard. But I am not surprised. These are the same fans that have been known to write petitions because they don't like the proposed director of Eclipse. The same fans that wrote and delivered a letter to Summit when the very small role of Victoria was recast. Fans that will inundate message boards to defend Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and the Twilight series if someone deigns to say something even remotely disparaging. Some of them are just a little crazy.

Now, don't mistake me. I am a fan of Kristen Stewart. Look back through previous posts. I think she is a little bit of awesome and have even been known to write a few comments on message boards in defensive of the Stew. I really want to see Welcome to the Rileys. I read the script and think it has potential. What I take issue with is the fact that although the intentions are from a good place, treating the makers, cast and crew of this movie with such disrespect irritates me. WTF were they thinking? That this would make the buyers want to purchase the film? They are turning what is a complicated high level decision into the equivalent of a high school petition to get a new brand of pop in the cafeteria.


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