Sunday, January 24, 2010

SAG Awards = Golden Globes

The 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards were handed out in Hollyweird last night. If you missed it, don't worry yourself. Simply rewatch the Golden Globe Awards and you pretty much have the same awards show. Different outfits, different seating configurations, but everything else was pretty much the same. Yawn. I am getting worried that the Oscars will be a three-peat and I will be bored silly. Ugh. That is not to say the winners did not please me. Some were very well deserved (Mad Men, Glee!, Michael C Hall, Alec Baldwin, Jeff Bridges etc), but some were disheartening. It is as if the member of SAG are recognising and rewarding a body of work as opposed to an actual performance. And some pretty much just pissed me off (see my earlier post regarding Drew Barrymore). For a full list of winners click here.

Starting off with the TV winners, I am perfectly happy with both Glee and Mad Men winning for best comedy and drama ensemble respectively. What I really about the SAG awards is that even the "bit" characters get recognised. Each show typically has a handful of stars, but they all get a statuette and all get to soak it in. Some of the best lines from Glee have come from the blonde cheerleader who is not Quinn. The one in the yellow in the top left picture below. Sorry, haven't learnt her name yet. Soon I will. As for their outfits..... Loved loved loved Diana Aragon in that white number. A little edgier and way less prom like than her previous offerings. Her hair, make-up. All of it. Love. People will be all over Lea Michele's teal number. She will be on best dressed lists. But for me, kinda meh. Not bad, but not great. These are young, hot girls. Hot in the sense that designers are clamouring to dress them. I just wish they would take some risks and veer away from what middle America is comfortable with. And Jane Lynch. Well the woman is a glamazon. She is spectacular.

I cannot say enough good things about Michael C Hall winning Best Actor for Dexter. Love him and love that he is finally getting some recognition for his work on this show. This season, trying to juggle being a husband, father, serial killer and blood spatter analyst. All while playing the most amazing game of cat and mouse ever with John Lithgow's Trinity Killer. Gah. Amazing. And for all the cynics out there, I am fairly certain that voting closed before the announcement of his battle with Hodgkin's Lymphoma. And although they did not win any awards, it is nice to see Anna Paquin and her fiance with the crappy hair - Stephen Moyer - out looking good. Love Anna's outfit - everything is good. Even the shoes (unlike last week) were acceptable. And Jon Hamm... well, because he can wear a beard better than most. Sigh.

I know I am not alone in saying that it would be amazing to see Meryl and Tina Fey in something together. A guest role on 30 Rock perhaps? Oh the amazingness. The amazingness know no bounds. If that were to happen, I think there would be peeing involved. Me peeing, not them. Peeing myself with the utter excitement and joy at this collaboration. You know you want it. And I wonder if that is how it is done. Tina and Meryl chat at an awards show and...bam..... 30 Rock. The women of Nine made an impressive showing last night. I am undecided about Nicole Kidman's dress, but I loved her hair. The loose, perfectly unstyled curls = fantastic. And I think it is darker, right? She has a great film coming out soon - Rabbit Hole. Well, I don't actually know if the film is great, but I saw the play and it gutted me. So f*cking devastating. I hope the movie is good. And apparently white is the new Little Black Dress. Marion Colltiard looked flawless no?

For the first and probably last time, Kate Hudson is getting 3 pictures in a post on my wee blog. She looked flipping amazing. White Pucci gown, fantastic hair, make-up, styling. This look was popular last night, but no-one did it as well as Kate. High neckline, backless. Amazingness. And in white. No words. I threw in a pic of JT and her because I had a thought. Have they ever dated? That would be a fun couple right? But do you think she is a little too Cammie D. for him? Hmph.

I am spending this Sunday holed up in my apartment watching Season 5 of Dawson's Creek. Not for Dawson. Never for Dawson. It is all about Pacey. Has always been and will always be about Pacey. Joshua Jackson is so good in this role. and I like to think that is how he is in real life to a certain extent. Check him out last night supporting his girlfriend (fiance?) Diane Krueger who won for best ensemble as one of the Inglorious Basterds. I read somewhere that she does her own make up for Award Shows. I kinda hate her as a result of that. Not really. I do absolutely love the dress. The colour is bold and unusual, but she can pull it off. Loved it. Love them. Remember when I saw him at the Skytrain station? If I am ever having a bad day, I think of that and it makes it just a little less crappy to be me....

I am christening these lovely ladies the "maybe next time trio." Although all three of them gave amazing performances this year in An Education, Up in The Air and Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire respectively. And this Award Season all three have been completely overshadowed by other performances. It is kind of sad really. Anna Kendrick was phenomenal in Up in The Air and Carey Mulligan in An Education was revelatory, as was Gabourey Sidibe in Precious. Damn you Mo'Nique! Damn you Sandra Bullock. As to how they looked....cause that is really what this is all about right? Carey looked fantastic, Anna looked good, and Gaby looked great. Carey is in my top five for the night. Most definitely. I can't wait to see what she will wear to the Oscars. She is not afraid to take a risk.
The best part of Sandra Bullock last night was her speech for Betty White. And the best part of that speech was Betty White coming up on stage and groping Sandy. Actually, the best part was Betty talking about all the men in the room she has f*cked. Followed closely by George Clooney calling Betty a bobcat in the sack at the end of the night. Love George. Always love George.

I know I am going to burn in Hell even harder for saying that Sandra Bullock winning again irritated the heck out of me. Don't hate me. I like Sandy. She is perfectly sweet and actually kinda funny. She is a competent actress. For that role? Against that competition? Srsly? What the? No no no! And she is probably going to win the Oscar. Ugh. I thought these awards were about one role, not recognising a body of work. This is what they are doing with Sandy, much like they did with Julia Roberts in Erin Brokovitch. And it sucks for those who are nominated against her? How can they compete with the Sandra Bullock machine? They can't. And this, my friends, is why these award shows are bullsh*t.
Sigh. This will not stop me from watching though. And even yelling at the TV a few times. It makes me happy.

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