Saturday, January 30, 2010

First Song from Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland.

One of my dirty little secrets is a fondness for the music of Avril Lavigne. I know. I am deeply ashamed of this. But musically, she is a'right with me. As a person, I find her pretty much irritating as hell. She is in her mid 20's and still dresses like the punk poser she was as a teenager. And acts like she is five. But whatever, she is not the first singer I have listened too that I wouldn't want to associate with in real life. She is just the one I am probably most ashamed to admit to liking....

Avril Lavigne is contributing to the soundtrack for Tim Burton's ridiculously anticipated Alice in Wonderland. In fact, she is not only contributing to the soundtrack, she has the lead track on said soundtrack. The song "Alice" will be released along with the Soundtrack on March 4th. Other contributors include Franz Ferdinand and All American Rejects.

Thoughts? Obviously this is not the video for the song. It is not bad. It is not great - Avril often yells a little when singing. I am pretty sure it will grow on me....

What do you think? Did Tim Burton completely miss the mark having Avril Lavigne contribute the lead single off this soundtrack? Is he hurting the film? Or to answer a bigger question.... do Soundtrack's even matter anymore? I can't recall the last time a song from a movie has been so huge that everytime you hear it your mind automatically goes to the film??

For me, I gotta say the Aerosmith song from Armaggedon. That was huge. Oh, and I am also sorry for admitting that I liked that song and that movie :( Sh*t, I am totally blowing any musical credibility I ever had with you aren't I? Heh!


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