Sunday, January 17, 2010

Aussie Aussie Aussie Oy Oy Oy

And just to clarify for any non-Aussies reading this, it is pronounced "Ozzie"... as opposed to "Aussssssie". There are only so many times I can hear Mary Hart or Nancy O'Dell mangle the mangling of my homeland's name. :)

Nearly every Australian who is prominent in the Entertainment Industry was on hand last night for the Black Tie Dinner that serves as the primary publicity vehicle for G'day USA: Australia Week 2010. This always sold out event honours individuals for their significant contribution to their industry (primarily sports and entertainment) and for their excellence in promoting Australia in the US. Australia Day is January 26th - they really should move this event a little later in the month doncha think?

Last night, Simon Baker was honored by super star couple Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman who sang a Simon Baker themed version of the iconic Australian Crawl song - Down Under. Loved it. More importantly I loved seeing Nicole be so free and loose. She really seemed to be having fun with her hubby, honoring her friend Simon. The amazing Toni Collette was also honoured, but I don't believe she was serenaded by the hawtness that is Keith Urban.

The Australian contingent in Hollyweird is a close knit one. Apparently they are all friends. I wonder if they all get together weekly and watch Neighbours? Or maybe Home and Away as both Simon and good friend Naomi Watts were in that. With Fosters and Vegemite sandwiches of course.


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