Saturday, January 23, 2010

Grammy Preview.

You all know I am a big big fan of the music. I am fairly vocal about it. I have even bought my first concert ticket of the year - St Vincent - early February - at the worst name concert venue in the stratosphere - "The Venue". Gah.... Excited for the concert though! Anyways... music's biggest night in music is next week - The 52nd Annual Grammy Awards are next Sunday and I can't fricking wait. Tons of music, great performances, many outfits for me to mock :)

A lot of big names have been nominated for Grammy's this year. Everyone's favourite country sweetheart Taylor Swift has a ton, as does the wacky yet amazingly talented Lady Gaga. Beyonce, Greenday, The Black Eyed Peas, even my eternal beloved Dave Matthews Band. DMB has been nominated for album of the year and according to EW's insider, they are the front runners at this point. While I don't know if I agree with that would be a nice screw you to the Grammy idiots who left LeRoi off of their "In remembrance" scroll last year. It is not that I don't think they deserve it. I am just not sure if anyone can derail the Taylor Swift juggernaut. And the rationale that the only reason they will win is because the Academy voter traditionally like "rock fare" is a little insulting.

The advertising campaign for the Grammy's has been decent this year. Capitalising on the social media frenzy going on all over the world, they launched the We are all Fans campaign. This is pretty cool. According to the Grammy website: this is " a first-of-its-kind interactive fan experience — featuring portraits of GRAMMY-nominated artists composed entirely of real-time, fan-generated YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, and Facebook postings. This user-submitted content is continuously gathered from these social media platforms and refreshed on the campaign site to form a constantly evolving, "living" portrait of each artist. TV, print, out-of-home, and interactive all support and will drive traffic to the site."
Super cool right? The still images above do not give the campaign justice at all. Check out this You-Tube video for Gaga. Ah-mazing right. Can't wait for the Awards. Will you be watching? Who do you want to win? How wrong is it for me to say I kinda want Taylor Swift to be completely shut out. I don't know if I can take any more of her "aw" schtick. I know I know. I am burning in Hell. Should I save you a seat?

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