Saturday, January 2, 2010

What have you been hiding from us Matthew Morrison!!

Who knew that under Mr Shue's kicky sweater vests and lesbian hair was this. I certainly did not. I think next season on Glee, there should be shirtless hawt offs between Mark Salling (Puck) and Mr Shue (Matthew Morrison). Nothing against Canadian boy Cory Monteith, but he is literally a friend of a friend of mine and I just can't bring myself to think of him that way. He is cute, and I am sure that he looks perfectly perfect shirtless. But I would just rather have dirty fantasies about Puck and Mr Shue......

This is the ever so dreamy Matthew Morrison in Florida over the New Year. Dutifully posing for fan after fan after fan. What a nice guy! Sigh. As we get no new episodes of Glee until April..... sad face..... we will just have to settle for what we can get right? Regardless, Matthew Morrison gets a definite "Hello Salty Goodness" from me....

Photo Credit: INF Daily

Below is a clip from the Kennedy Center Honors that aired on TV a few weeks ago. Amongst the honorees was the hi-larious Mel Brooks. Matthew was one of the performers. Springtime for Hitler. Good times. He needs to sing more on Glee. Srsly. More singing for Matthew please. And dancing. I would like him to dance and sing more. Cause he can do both without the insane autotune and awkward dancing.

One more time. Hello Salty Goodness. Oh Matthew... who woulda thunk it? Sigh.


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