Monday, January 18, 2010

Golden Globes disappoint.

This is a long post. Consider this your warning :)

The first really really big awards show of the season were handed out yesterday - the Golden Globes were handed out last night in Hollyweird. I generally very much enjoy these awards as they are a little more wacky and off the cuff than the Oscars. Last night the whole thing was frankly a little meh. This Award Ceremony is fairly unique as it honours both TV and Movie - and it separates the acting and best movie awards into drama and comedy/musical - which I like. A comedic role/movie typically gets drowned out by amazing dramatic performances.

While host Ricky Gervais did the best with the time he was given, that was the problem. He was barely on stage. Lame chicken sh*t NBC - too scared of the unpredictable Brit. He personally came out and introduced both Colin Farrell and Mel Gibson - and they were hysterical. Love him. He should host everything. And not be shackled by those whiny baby asses at NBC.

For a complete list of winners click here. Basically I am perfectly happy with the TV winners - particularly Dexter finally getting some love. John Lithgow and Michael C Hall were amazing this season and their awards were totally and completely spot on. I am calling bullsh*t on many of the Movie Awards. Really? The Hangover as best comedy? Really? And don't even get me started on Avatar. I thought it was a cool movie. I did like it a lot. But best Dramatic Movie of the year? I don't think so. And James Cameron's ego does not need any more stroking. If he wins an Oscar and starts speaking Na'vi in his acceptance speech..... please no. Anything but that.

After flicking through the photos of the dresses - cause it is really all about the dresses - I think these are my favourites. Zoe Saldana needs to eat about 600 Quarter Pounders with EXTRA cheese and bacon, but she looks very pretty. I have nothing but love for Joshua Jackson and even though he is blatantly cheating on me with Diane Kruger, I have to forgive him. He is so rakish and sexy. I am also crushing on Emily Blunt. So beautiful. I wanted to include a picture of her with her fiance (and another of my boyfriends) - the adorable John Krasinski - but none were full length.
I know that Taylor Lautner is only 18 years old - yes all you perves out there, Tay Tay is FINALLY legal, but even an 18 year old should know better than to wear that fricking shiny ugly suit. I think he may be a robot. Perfect teeth, perfect hair, perfect suit, perfect sound bites. And the consistent over pronunciation of ever word that comes out of his mouth. I have been saying this for months, and am glad that others have finally picked up on his incessant and never ending over pronunciation. I am a fan of good diction. I like to think I speak well - if you ignore the cursing. But he honestly sounds like a fricking robot. Robot Taylor. I wonder if I could order one for a friend? My favourite acceptance speech was definitely RDJ. He is not my boyfriend. He is my one true love - so back the f*ck off. And no discussion of the Golden Globes would be complete without mention of George and his woman. Sigh. George is so totally the man.

A quick mention of some of the couples who came out for the Party. Mimi was joined by her Umbrella carrier - Nick Cannon. That is all to be said about them really. Mickey Rourke brought his daughter... sorry, fiance who is actually 5 years younger than his daughter - heh! This picture doesn't show it, but they were both so leathery brown. A world of no. Their relationship just gives me the "no" feeling. I wanna rescue her and tell her that she does not have to marry him. She has options. Finally, Jennifer Aniston and the Scottish douche. I honesty forgot his name for a second. Gerald Butler. Thats it. But still. Ugh. They have what looks like a crappy movie coming out soon, so of course Jen has to show us her snatch in the press room. Sigh. Did you not love when Ricky Gervais introduced her as Rachel from Friends? Made my night.
Hollywood Superstars Sandra Bullock (hate the dress), Julia Roberts (made everything about her) and Halle Berry (very low key and amazing) were also in attendance. Sandy won for The Blind Side. I like her and found her acceptance speech very sincere and endearing. I do like her. She is a competent actress. But was that the dramatic role of the year? Not for me. Carey Mulligan was fricking amazing in An Education. An astonishing performance. Oh well. Sandy has worked hard. I am looking at this as her Erin Brockovitch year. Just as when Julia Roberts won in 2000 perhaps this role in The Blind Side was not the best performance of the year... but Sandy has worked hard, paid her dues, is well liked in the industry..... it is her time. Speaking of Julia, you do know she was offered both The Proposal and The Blind Side? Turned them both down. Regardless, I love how Julia makes everything about her. Red Carpet interview, the award she gave out, you could even her her guffaw when someone made a joke on stage. Cause Julia does not laugh. She guffaws. Trust. And Halle. Gorgeous, amazing Halle. No words.
I liked Anna Kendrick's dress. There I said it. I liked it and I liked Diana Aragon's. Both are a major improvement from what I have seen them in recently. Especially Diana's peach chantilly lace thing she wore a few days ago. Google it. It will make you throw up in your mouth just a little. I was sad that Anna did not win. Although I agree that Mo'Nique was phenomenal in Precious - a devastating, powerful performance. It is her attitude that I do not like. The way she carries herself. But I think someone has had a few words with her, and she is now playing the game. Her speech seemed sincere and heartfelt and inspiring. But I am sorry, she wants an Oscar. She is gonna do what she has to do to get it Which is not necessarily a bad thing. Lea Michele went all out for her first nomination for Glee. It was a'right. Not bad. Just a'right. But she looked a little like a black feather duster.

More couples. Heidi - one half of Heidi and Seal - normally does so much better than that. I guess the fact that she had a baby recently may explain this unfortunate fashion choice. I think she is up to baby number 5 or so. I will forgive her this once. But I do ask - why was she there? Why do they get invited to everything? It is odd. Courtney Cox and David Arquette were there as Courtney was nominated for her great role in the funny funny Cougartown. She did not win and I am sure that David paid the price for the loss when they got home. I am super happy that Toni Collette won for The United States of Tara. If you have not watched this fantastic show - get the to the DVD store and pick up Season One. It is so fricking good. And then there is Cher and Xtina. Who looks good. Gone are the red lips and to that I say a resounding - Yay! Cher and Christina are making a film together and I suppose someone thought that the notion of Cher being back on the big screen wasn't enough to get people into the theatre. That is definitely enough for me! Love Cher.
A lot of people are upset that Jane Lynch did not win for Glee. Granted, she is ah-mazing as Sue Sylvester - and I am personally counting down the seconds until she sings a Madonna song - but Chloe Sevigny last season on Big Love....Holy mother. She was phe-nom-inal. Seriously. So good. This was a well deserved win for Chloe. Many disliked her dress. I like it. Chloe is known for going for the wacky - and this is leaning a little that way.. But I like it. Few could wear it well. Chloe is one of them. I loved her sister-wives dresses as well. Ginnifer Goodwin in the blue is stunning. Just cause I needed another photo to complete the trio - here is Jennifer Garner. I like her. I like that she lives her life and has adorable kids and has some semblance of a normal life with Ben. This was another a'right for me. Not a complete miss. But not a win. And she is to f*cking thin. Eat woman. Please eat.
Apparently these two are in a fight. When Drew went up on stage for her award, she walked right by Cammie D - who was seated at the grown up's table with Leo, Martin Scorsese, George Lucas (why was he there?) and Scorsese's eyebrows - there was nothing. No indication that she even saw her. I wonder what happened. I know that everyone is talking about how adorable and flustered Drew was......ugh. I am over her cutesy act. She is a smart smart woman and she is in no way as ditzy as she pretends to be. I was also over her dress 2 seconds after I saw it. The sea urchins on her hip and shoulder? What was that? Still better than the green nipple dress from a few years ago. I wonder if she had a breast reduction? Cause, the girls are a lot smaller than they were......

On a final note, proof that it can take one small thing to ruin an entire look. As proof of this, look at the picture on the left. Stars of True Blood and recently engaged real life couple - Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer. Love it. Then - the photo on the right. Those hideous shoes - oy! Anna. Disappointing.
Okay, I could go on and on. but this took hours. And I had to forgoe the second half of the season Premier of 24 as that takes concentration! I may make a few random posts about it, but I think I am done. The Golden Globes were lame. Stupid Hollywood Foreign Press. Giving in to middle America. Ugh. Hopefully the Oscars will not piss me off.

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