Saturday, January 23, 2010

What Were You Thinking Drew?

I will likely do a full wrap up of the tonight's Screen Actor Guild Awards tomorrow, but this could not wait. What in the name of all that is sacred is up with Drew Barrymore? Nothing in the styling of this look is okay. I am actually okay with the dress. The colour looks good and the cut fits her well. Although it does look a little heavy, as if it may fall down at the slightest movement. The problem with this whole look is the make-up and the hair. The make up is atrocious. If you can pull it off, I am all for a pale lip - but not when it makes you look like you do not have any lips. And as Drew is someone who can afford to get her eyebrows groomed to perfection, I am also going to call her out on that. Uneven and has she never heard of a brush to clear away the strays? Geez. And speaking of brushes......I think she let a 12 year old do her hair. It looks like ass. There really aren't any words for it. F*ck me. You are coming off one of the best years of your life professionally and this is how you chose to leave the house for a major Award Ceremony - for which you are nominated. Sigh.

And of course she won..... Of course she stumbled up on stage working the ditzy, cutesy I am so sweet act for all she could. I am not saying that she is not sweet. In real life, outside of all the Hollyweird bulls*it, she is prolly a really nice girl. But the way she is in public - all smiley and "aw shucks".... it drives me up the f*cking wall and makes me dislike her. And I don't want to dislike Drew. She is Gertie from ET for f*cks sake. But her continued annoying and grating performances at Awards Ceremonies is not making this easy for me.


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