Sunday, January 10, 2010

Theatre Geeks from Yale are blowing up the Interwebs

I know I am very very late to the bandwagon about these dudes. You have prolly seen the last 2. But whatevs. These are new to me and they are fricking awesome. And they are posted in order of amazingness.

This is two kids from Yale - singer Sam Tsui and guitar playing/beat boxing/ producer Kurt Hugo Schneider who are in the unique and enviable position of having gone viral on YouTube multiple times. People post covers of them singing their favourite songs on YouTube all the time. That is not in any way unusual. But to have millions of people view said covers - and not because they are funny, cute or down right adorable - but because they are fantastically good - that is incredibly impressive.

Their latest is up first and features one Sam doing an awesome medley of Lady Gaga tunes. The arrangement is perfect and this has already had more than 1.2 million views. Great voice right?

The duo has also produced an outstanding version of Journey's Don't Stop Believing a la Glee. With Sam doing both the Lea Michelle and Cory Monteith parts. As well as all the back up and harmonies. Amazingness. The video - which has been viewed about 3.5 million times - is also super simple, but features Sam on stage with himself and himself and himself... you get the picture. If you scroll through the comments, there are people who are confused thinking this is the most amazing group of identical Quintuplet's ever.

Finally, is the - there are no words for how good it is - medley of Jackson songs. Holy F*ck. No words - right? The arrangement is mind blowing. The video is simple. But it gives you chills. Coming up on 4.5 million views. Chills I say.

Sadly, I suspect that these very talented dudes will not parlay this success into anything more than a trip to The Bonnie Hunt Show. As 99.9% of these Internet sensations are forgotten about in 6 months. Whatever, I will happily wait to see what they come up with next.


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