Saturday, January 23, 2010

The return of Joaquin Phoenix

Do y'all recall when Joaquin Phoenix had what appeared to be a very public meltdown on Letterman? At the time I was *this* close to calling bullsh*t on the whole thing. I expected him to reemerge in a few months, promoting the crap out of something. But no, he has been pretty much in hiding since the start of last year.

For some strange reason, Joaquin Phoenix chose to make his return to the public arena with Miley F*cking Cyrus. Trying to get people to vote for something to do with a Suicide Prevention website. I don't know. I stopped paying attention when Miley jumped onto the screen. She really is one of the most conceited individuals on the planet isn't she? I am all for self confidence, but come on. Ugh. She just bugs me more than words can say. The only redeeming thing in this entire video is the reunion of Joaquin and Liv Tyler. Apparently they were very very hot and heavy back in the day. It did not end well. They seem to be doing okay being in the same room. Maybe they could bond even further by getting rid of Miley.... They say that nothing brings a couple together like offing a teenage superstar.

To rid your mind of thoughts of the image of Ms Miley, check out these punk kids totally and completely rocking out to Party in the USA. I am sorry that you have to suffer through the song to get the full effect. I highly recommend only watching it once. That f*cking song gets stuck in your head.... trust me. I am sure every person in this clip is now in hiding. Any street cred they may have had is completely gone now that the world has seen them dancing and singing to Miley Cyrus. Ha!

PS: apparently Joaquin Phoenix has been working on his music in the time he has been away. Someone I can't be bothered to google said it is Ah-mazing. Too good to even be released. Cause Joaquin can't handle to inevitable fame and money and award shows and concerts that would result from said an-mazingness. Please.


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