Saturday, December 12, 2009

Britney, Britney, Britney

My first thought when I saw this photo was "Nice Poncho." Now, they tell me that sarcasm doesn't always translate from the written word... so perhaps I should rephrase this to "Please, never wear this out of the house again" It is most definitely a world of NO.

My second thought was "Mom hair" - cause in the pic on the left it is total mom hair. And, yes I know she is an actual mom. It is just not Britney Spears hair. I was also a little bit thrilled at the possibility that this shorter do meant that he crappy ass weave days we finally behind her. It was a Festivus Miracle! Praise Jeebus.

But no. The miracle of Festivus has yet to reveal itself. The weave is still beyond words. Now, I may be a little slow about some things. But I will never understand how Britney can leave the house looking like that. Knowing that she will be followed and photographed from every angle. How do you leave, knowing your hair looks like that. I am not even remotely famous and I would never leave my apartment with that ratty, stringy mess. Throw on a touque, grab a cute hat, or - a novel concept for Brit-Brit apparently - run a f*cking comb through your hair.

Note to Papa Spears: I know that the conservatorship is possibly coming to an end. But seriously? Is that a good idea? I know it is just a case of lack of hair brushing..... but it is a slippery slope from simply not brushing out a weave, to shaving your head and attacking photogs with an umbrella. Just saying.


Photo Credit: Bauer Griffin / Splash

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