Saturday, December 12, 2009

Pamela Anderson Has a Big Book

All about Big Dicks. The expression a picture says a thousand words is perfectly demonstrated with the picture below. Pamela Anderson, star of sex tapes and Baywatch, at a book signing in Beverly Hills on Thursday. Now, in spite of her experience in the subject matter, she did not actually "write" this book. She just picked it up to reminisce about some of her past loves.

I am fairly confident in asserting that this is primarily a picture book. I don't think that Pammie is fond of.... I don't know.... words. And we all know she is fond of the penis. And this is the Big Penis Book. She is sure to recognise a few.

Now, why, in all the hoopla surrounding the Olympics, has Pammie's name not been mentioned as a contributor to anything to do with the Games. She is from BC, she was "discovered" at BC Place. Can I nominate her to light the cauldron or whatever it is that is lit at the start of the Games. This may not be such a good idea. I suspect she is about 65% flammable - what with the big fake boobs and crappy weave. Oh Canada, I stand on guard for thee.


Photo Credit: SPH/Splash News

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