Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lilo has a new Man?

I have often likened Lindsay Lohan to former train wreck Robert Downey Junior in that she will one day pull herself out of the gutter and become something more than a joke in Hollyweird. I think she has the potential to be a decent actress and unlike some of her current contemporaries in the tabloids (Paris Hilton, any Kardashian) I think she has actually contributed to the world with her craft as opposed to sapping the life force and IQ points from anyone that they encounter.

Unfortunately, I may need to rethink this position. I Know Who Killed me was on TV last night. And I cannot recall when I have seen such unmitigated crap before. And not only the ludicrous story. The acting was also pretty dismal. Actually it was beyond pretty dismal. At least Lindsay got in some practice on a stripper pole right? Cause the way things are going for her, she may be looking at an alternate career in the next few years.

I follow Lilo on the Twitter. Mainly for the Lulz. Most of her recent tweets have been pretty innocuous. The crack tweets that provide so much fodder for the bloggers have been few and far between in the past couple of weeks. But her random tweets to her ‘friends’ are amusing enough. Jumping into conversations between Samantha Ronson and Mindy Kaling, but never receiving a reply from either. She comes across as just another typical fan…. Someone just like the rest of us who @replies to celebrities, even though they rarely respond. It is honestly a little pathetic. But funny as hell for me, so I say @reply on Lindsay, @reply on!

I am also highly amused by her quiet trips to AA meetings surrounded by the paparazzi. As if she didn’t tip them off herself.The pictures are those above. And I gotta give Lilo props. She doesn’t look at all like a crack whore in these photos. Perfectly staged, fresh faced Lilo! Ready to be hired. Not gonna cause any problems on set at all. What is so interesting is that tons of celebrities are working the program, but I don’t really recall seeing photos of anyone else – except those fresh out of rehab – attending meetings. Lindsay is trying really really hard to convince us that she has buckled down and is working hard on a number of new projects.

Apparently that is what she was doing when she spent the night at How I Met Your Mother star Jason Segel’s house the other night. An overnight business meeting is how it was explained. Sure. They are “co-workers”. Pfft. We all know exactly what kind of business these two likely got up to. And to that, I say to Jason Segel….. snap the f*ck out of it. You can do better. Much much better. Even Barney wouldn’t go near that. And he would bang pretty much anything with a pulse.


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