Sunday, December 13, 2009

Until We Meet Again...

In all my many years of watching the TV, I do not recall hearing the phrase "fall finale" as often as I have this year. Apparently it is the fault of the 2010 Olympics. Pfft. But so many of my shows do not have new episodes until "next year"...with some, such as the awesome Glee... not coming back until April.

April. That is 4 fricking months. And the Olympics don't even start until February and will be over by Mid March (assuming you include the Paralympics - which most people probably don't). Until that time I will have to be content rewatching the fall finale over and over again (yay for my PVR) and scouring the interwebs for clips from the shows.

Speaking of, did you watch the finale on Wednesday? A-mazing right? Lea Michelle doing Rain on My Parade was effing genius. Audio above. Phenomenal. Fantastic. Pick a superlative and throw it in there. And for some inspired casting, do you not think that Barbra Streisand, who immortalised the song in "Funny Girl" would be perfect as Rachel Barry's birth grandmother (or possibly her birth mother if they had really really good make up and/or lighting). Video below from the movie - leaves me speechless every time.

I had actually wanted the amazing Idina Menzel to be Rachel's birth mother (if you were not aware, Rachel has two adoptive daddies). But she is *this* close to signing on as the coach of New Direction's rival for Regionals (along with Lea's costar from Spring Awakenings - Jonathon Groff as the male Rachel in the rival glee club). Perhaps they could consider a shocking end of season twist where it is discovered that Rachel and the yet to be named coach of the rival club are actually mother and daughter? Oh happiness. Oh Glee. Here is Idina singing the same song - live - in 2008 at the Kennedy Centre Honors.

I am not making any comparsions. I will leave that to others. It is 3 amazingly, phenomenally talented singers. I wish I had one iota of their talent.

Until April, I will just have to console myself with these pictures of the boys of Glee, which will be featured in an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. These are not the actual pictures, obviously. Just pap shots of the shoot. I wonder if they are getting the Cover? That would be pretty cool. They would be like the Twilight cast of the small screen.

Is it April yet?


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