Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Golden Globe Godess

So the Golden Globe nominations were announced this week. They air in about a month. January 17th. 5.00pm Pacific. Be there. Well, be in front of a TV. Award shows are like my crack. I need them. They make me feel better about life. As I have said before, I am contemplating a wee little partay in honour of the occasion. I kind of live in a shoe box so we shall see if it pans out at all.

The afternoon prior to the nomination announcements Carey Mulligan was spotted sitting at a Bus Stop in LA with boyfriend Shia La Beauf. Not only sitting at the Bus Stop. Waiting for the bus. Love it. Admittedly, Shia hasn't got this licence back since he did that thing a while ago (I can't recall - all I know is that it f*cked up his arm for a long time). Almost as adorable as Joshua Jackson who rides the Skytrain here in Vancity.
I wonder if she will ride the bus to the Golden Globes, as she is nominated for Best Actress - Drama - for her luminous performance in An Education. Prolly not. I can dream of a Prius at least though. She seems like the environmental type. Except for the smoking. I think she smokes. Boo Hiss to that.Wonder what she will wear? Hopefully nothing prom like. Or matronly. She can leave the cheap, tacky, bad prom look for the wanna be's - this girl is a true star. Love her. And her style.

Gawd, check out these pics from an upcoming spread in Vogue. Her skin is gorgeous. The minimal make up is flawless. That hat is fricking gold. Does this shoot remind anyone else of Cate Blanchett a la Elizabeth? Can't be just me. Love Carey Mulligan. Although I suspect she will be outshine awards season by Gabourey Sidibe (Precious) - she will be around for many many years and will have her time to shine and win and show all those little Hollyweird starlets exactly how it is done.
Photo Credit: INF

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