Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Brittany Murphy Will Never Tell

Apologies for the time away from this wee blog gentle reader (s?), but I have had some real life crap going on that has kept me preoccupied. Things are in no way resolved, but I am trying to keep positive and Soldier On as they say.....

So Brittany Murphy died on Sunday. Holy. Did not see that one coming. Cardiac Arrest. At 32. According to TMZ and other sources, Murphy had been sick for a number of days, with severe abdominal pain and shortness of breath. There are also reports that she had a history of hypoglycemia, and was hospitalised earlier in the year for low blood sugar. While a plethora of prescription meds were removed from her house, no alcohol or illegal drug paraphernalia was found on the scene. An autopsy is being performed and the results won't be known for up to 6 weeks.

This is very sad news. While I would probably not consider myself a fan of Brittany Murphy, I did like her in pretty much everything I ever saw her in. So maybe I am a fan. Hmm. I think I need to define what makes a fan. Later. Friends, former coworkers and Hollyweird sycophants have taken to the interwebs and of course the Twitter to express their shock and sadness at this tragic event. Many have commented on her brightness and her spark, her smile.

I loved her in Clueless and 8 Mile, but really, really liked her in Don't Say a Word with Michael Douglas. She played the damaged crazy very well. She also had a small role in the amazing Drop Dead Gorgeous. She made a ton of other films that I never saw, as well as her voice over work in King of the Hill (a show I really do not enjoy).
But did you also know about her music career. She recorded this fantastic dance pop song with the legendary Paul Oakenfold in 2006 - Faster Kill Pussycat. Love it. Super cool track.

So sad to think that she is gone. So many rumours swirling around about what happened. Some are claiming she was a junkie. Some are pointing at a possible eating disorder as a possible cause. Others still are saying that her husband of two years was somehow responsible. Whatever the reason, I hope that the vultures let her family grieve in peace. Prolly not. They will be circling for a while.
Fuckers. But then again, I am just contributing to this aren't I. Pfft. It is not as if I am not aware of my extreme hypocricy.

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