Sunday, December 27, 2009

Ivana Trump is my new Hero

I am not a fan of bratty kids or Ivana Trump. Contrary to popular opinion from those in my life, it is not that I do not like children per se. I just like it more when kids that I do not know are far away from me. And it is not all kids, your children are probably fine. You know those kids who run around like crazy in restaurant, shops, movie theatres etc. they are the ones that bug me. The ones that have no manners. I am sure that your children are fine.

And Ivana Trump not only married Donald Trump, but called their daughter Ivanka. Enough said.

Never in my wildest dreams could I conceive of an instance where these two annoyances would collide. But yesterday, they did. In a way that I could never have imagined. Ivana Trump was physically escorted off of a plane in Florida because she yelled at some little brats who were running up and down the aisles of the first class cabin. This is the most fantastic news I have heard in a long while. Fantastic and amazing.

According to the Orlando Sentinel:

Ivana Trump, the first ex-wife of billionaire Donald Trump, was escorted by sheriff's deputies off a flight Saturday afternoon at Palm Beach International Airport after she screamed and cursed at children, authorities said.

Trump, 60, of Palm Beach, was seated in first class and apparently became irate because children were running up and down the aisle and screaming, Palm Beach County sheriff's officials said.

Trump, who last week filed for divorce from her third husband, has not been charged in the incident. The FBI declined to investigate, sheriff's officials said.

Flight attendants on the LaGuardia-bound Delta flight told deputies that they tried to calm Trump by offering her another seat and headphones. Trump instead became more belligerent.

The plane was just leaving gate C1 when the incident occurred, and the pilot decided to pull back to the gate and call for help, officials said.

According to the Sheriff's Office, Trump used the "f" word toward the crew and passengers, including children. Officials said she began screaming in vulgar terms for children to shut up.

Deputies asked Trump to voluntarily exit the plane, but they said she refused numerous times. Deputies then "physically escorted her off the aircraft," officials said.

Deputies said Trump repeatedly cursed at them as well. Trump's driver picked her up at the airport soon after.


Okay, while I am not condoning Trump's behaviour - using curse words in front of and particularly to small children is never a good. But, WTF is up with anyone being allowed to roam the aisles of a plane during take off. Since when is that okay? Regardless of my whole bratty kids misbehaving rant and especially in light of the recent terrorist incident on that flight from Amsterdam to Detroit, again I say WTF? Flight attendants are like staff sergeants. Why would they allow the little pissers to run up and down the aisles of the plane once it has left the gate?

I really wish someone had this on You-tube. Would it not be amazing to see the refined, cultured, uber rich Ivana Trump cursing like a sailor and getting her designer clothed ass dragged off of a plane? Please let someone have it on tape. Please please please.


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