Friday, December 11, 2009

Chris Brown is a whiny little bitch

Poor Chris Brown. Apparently he thinks that a few half assed apologies and some carefully orchestrated puff piece interviews should be sufficient to make up for the FACT that he beat down his girlfriend. Chris is whining to anyone that knows how to search on Twitter that some retailers are refusing to stock his album. Awww. Boo f*cking hiss to him! Could it be because he was convicted of beating the crap out of his girlfriend less than a year ago? And that maybe some consumers don’t want to see his f*cking CD on the shelves? In the 10 months or so since Chris Brown viciously assaulted Rhianna he has done nothing beyond what was mandated by the courts. And do not even try and argue that a half assed insincere apology on you-tube, followed by a useless interview on Larry King equals redemption.

And don’t even get me started on that smarmy, conceited interview on ABC a few weeks ago, where he basically accused the girl he beat of lying on national Television. That smirk on his face when he told Robin Roberts that Rhianna had heard his stupid f*cking apology song. I wish she had had the guts to call him on it as opposed to pandering to this little sh*t. Sorry, he makes me so furious. His arrogance and sense of entitlement is ridiculous.

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So poor, picked on Chris Brown is mad as hell that some mean retailers have chosen not to stock this new CD and he doesn’t care who hears saying both “I ain’t retracting sh*t” and the “industry can kiss my ass” on Twitter. For anyone and everyone to see. Oh Chris Brown. You arrogant, whiny, ignorant little prick. Why won’t you just go the f*ck away?

And when I innocently pointed out to Chris (on the Twitter) that perhaps the fact that he has been convicted of assault may be the reason said retailers are hesitant to have his CD in stock (okay, so maybe I also called him a whiny little bitch), the response from one of his fans (@AnthonySereda) was…… “I hope Chris Brown beats another woman….and I hope that woman is you”. Ladies and Gentleman. I bring you fans of Chris Brown….. hoping he beats women. My response to this? I hope he fucking tries.


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