Monday, November 23, 2009

ABC = the moral majority and J-Lo's b*tch

WTF is up with ABC editing out J-Lo's fall on the American Music Award's? One little fall, which she recovered from admirably and they edit it out on the West Coast feed. Anyone wanna bet that J-Lo had a hissy fit backstage and demanded they do something about it. I guess she failed to realise that editing it out would just make everyone wanna see it more. And that it is all over the interwebs for us all to watch... over and over again.

Also, WTF was up with that song? Clearly Jennifer has absolutely no interest in relating to 95% of the population who have never even seen a Loubouton, let alone worn a pair. Sigh. Jenny needs to check herself and understand that songs about $400 pairs of shoes just prove to everyone listening that she is not Jenny from the Block anymore.

Another huge WTF to Adam Lambert for f*cking up his attempt to break free from the mantle of Idol Alumni. Making out with a boy... blah blah blah.... shoving a guy's face in your crotch, and grinding..... blah blah blah... doing something odd to a female dancer crotch ( I still can't figure out what he was doing)... blah blah blah..... average singing... ding...ding...ding!!!

I don't care that he kissed a boy, and he liked it. But saying it wasn't staged? C'mon Adam, do we all look new to you? I call bullshit on his "in the moment" claims. He did it for the press. I have no doubt in my mind. What are we all talking about today? How shocking he was! How daring! Ugh. Be a fame whore. Do it. But try a little subtlety.

I agree there is a double standard.... But what I am interested in is that he singing was mediocre at best. Screechy and flat are two words that immediately spring to mind. I was never really on the "Glambert" bandwagon. I am typically about the singing as opposed to all the showy crap around the performance. Give me a someone who can just stand there and sing (Kelly Clarkson..... for instance) and I am a happy happy musical geek. Adam Lambert was always about the performance. Not the singing. He seems to be all about the show. And as it stands right now, that is all he has.

PS: Kelly Kelly Kelly Clarkson. I love you. You are an amazing talent. But please please please, hire a stylist, or have very stern words with the one you currently have. Yes, it is all about the singing. But when you can wail like Ms Clarkson, you can afford to puit some effort into the outfit as well.

PPS: Awards were given out. Click here for a list. Jermaine Jackson needs to GO AWAY.

PPPS: I know I am gonna burn even deeper in Hell, but am I the only one who is a little over Taylor Swift's "aw shucks I won again" schtick? I love her, but no-one can be that sweet. Just saying.


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