Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Why People Suck.

I am not really a fan of Adam Lambert's music. I am typically more of a "substance" rather than "show" person when it comes to musical taste. I was not very impressed with his performance at the American Music Awards last Sunday night. Not because of anything he did specifically, although I did find his whole performance completely over the top and unnecessary, it was also that I didn't feel that his vocals were very strong. However, the complete and total hypocritical bullsh*it taking place on American Network TV right now makes me want to support him.

In case you were not aware, Adam Lambert closed the American Music Awards show by shoving his crotch in a dancer's face, making out with another member of his band and doing something to someone crotch that completely reminds me of this stripper I saw once..... True and funny story ...... About 10 or so years ago I was at the North Burnaby Inn with a bunch of people from work. They had a $3.99 Roast Beef Dinner, and really cheap beer. This girl was dancing, doing her thing, and she got upset that the dudes in the first row were not paying attention to her. So she stuck her hand down her g-string, dug her fingers in there real good and do I say this..... there is actually no way to say this without cringing...... she flicked her juices in their faces. It was both hysterical and disturbing. I have never seen anything like it. Maybe that is what Lambert was doing. Getting ready to flick the juices of one of his dancers in Jay Z's face?

Anyways. Off topic, but funny as hell right? Back to Adam Lambert. There was an "outcry" after his performance. ABC edited most of it out of the West Coast feed and apparently received over 1,500 complaints. And not one of them was about his screechy performance. As a result of this "outcry", Lambert was disinvited from a scheduled performance on Good Morning America. Citing concerns over whether his performance would be appropriate for early morning TV. Cowards. F*cking cowards. Not because of anything he might do. But because they caved to the f*cking conservatives. CBS's The Early Show snapped him up quickly and he appeared on their show on Tuesday. Good on them right? Way to not completely overreact right? At first.

During the interview they had with Lambert, they chose to blur out the kiss between Lambert and his bandmate, but showed that stupid Madonna-Brtiney kiss from the MTV Awards a few years ago. When
questioned by advocacy groups and entertainment shows about this blatant double standard this is the response they gave: "We gave this some real thought. The Madonna image is very familiar and has appeared countless times including many times on morning television. The Adam Lambert image is a subject of great current controversy, has not been nearly as widely disseminated, and for all we know, may still lead to legal consequences.” BULL-F*CKING-SH*T. What they should have said was: "We were to scared that seeing 2 men kiss would freak out our advertisers and incur the wrath of the bible belt." Again I say F*cking cowards.
But for me, this pales in comparison to what the powers that be at ABC decided. In a true demonstration of how f*cking insane people can be, Good Morning America invited convicted felon Chris Brown to be on their show. You remember Chris Brown right? He is the non-repentant asshole who beat the crap out of his girlfriend. Back in February, while in a moving car he choked, bit, punched, slammed her head into the window & dash of his $250,000 car and threatened to kill his girlfriend. Yes, he took a plea. Yes he apologised. But what has he actually done to show he is sorry? To the best of my knowledge, everything he has done has been mandated by a judge. There has been no actual regret. This is not cowardly. This is F*cking insane and infuriating and incomprehensible.

An openly gay entertainer may offend the viewing public? Because what - is he gonna go at it on stage with someone? Pfft! But an unrepentant abuser of women perfectly acceptable.

People wonder why I am so cynical and typically dislike people. This is why.


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