Saturday, November 28, 2009

What's your Tweetcloud look like?

And no, this is not some crazy new pick up line. I am so not hip to what the kids are saying when they are out. Cause it is Saturday night, and I am watching some random Mickey Rourke, Diane Lane, Joseph Gordon-Levitt flick called Killshot. So far, JGL is the best thing in it. Basically cause I didn't know he was in it - his appearance in this flick is like a shiny toy surprise at the bottom of the cereal box.

Anyways, someone I follow on Twitter did this Tweetcloud thing, and I thought it was a little interesting. It is basically the words I have tweeted the most in the past 3 months. Apparently I like the word love. That concerns me, because my cold black heart doesn't really "love" easily. Interesting. I am also fond of awesome and amazing.

The one word that totally stands out is barbie. When the f*ck have I used the word barbie on Twitter.... Why the f*ck would I use the word barbie on Twitter. I think if this program could recognise words with "*" in them, this happy little cloud would be chock full of curse words.

I am enjoying making somewhat sensical phrases out of my cloud...... "wine time" "barbie monsters" and "Franco finally" are my faves so far. "Kanye fuck" is also amusing. He he he.

Holy crap! JGL just pulled a deer's head off a wall. And got thrown out a window. This movie is all kinds of crayzee. Prolly not in a good way. And they just mentioned the Toronto MAFIA. Bwahhhhh. Who knew?


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