Saturday, November 14, 2009

Charlies Angel redux?

Apparently development executives in the world of TV have run out of any original ideas. I mean this year alone we had the Melrose Place redux, the V reimagining, and the recently cancelled Eastwick remake. And then there is also the The Jay Leno Show. Okay so Leno is not really a remake, redux or reimagining - but it is pretty unoriginal. He he he. It would seem that there are absolutely no new ideas to be found, because according to Variety ABC is *this* close to asking for a Pilot script for an updated version of Charlie's Angels.

This is a good idea? In whose fantasy world is a remake of a show that basically objectified women in every way imaginable a good idea? Don't get me wrong, I actually love Charlie's Angels. My favourite Angel was always Kelly Garrett (Jaclyn Smith). The way her hair was so shiny and bouncy and she was always the nice one. I kinda wanted to be her when I grew up.
I could go on about how I think this is a really really bad idea, but believe it or not, I am choosing to reserve judgment. I am gonna give the powers that be at ABC the benefit of the doubt until it is both confirmed and the cast is announced.
Casting will be key for this.
Charlie is actually easy the only one I am willing to call right now. Alan Dale. Hands down. You know him right? Alan is typically cast as the up-to-no-good father - in Ugly Betty, The OC and most recently as the nefarious Charles Widmore in ABC's Lost. I remember him as lovable patriarch Jim Robinson from Neighbours. I miss Neighbours.......

I am not comfortable calling any of the Angels yet. It depends what age they are going for. There are a ton of actors out there who could be good in the role...... The only one I am willing to admit to dreaming of is SMG.
In a perfect world my girl Sarah Michelle Gellar would come back to the small screen. That would be amazing and is likely just a dream.... But SMG has all that Buffy fight training to rely on right? And she could be either the sassy newbie or the jaded sarcastic senior Angel. I don't think it will happen. Sarah seems to be trying to distance herself from all things related to Buffy and may not wish to subject herself to the inevitable comparisons. And there is also the matter of the HBO series that she filmed in New york earlier this year. She comes with the built in Joss Whedon fanbase. Not that that is any indication of a successful series (umm.... Dollhouse or Firefly anyone?)

Other than Sarah, I can't decide......... Kristen Bell? Rachel Bilson? Summer Glau? Lindsay Price? Eliza Dushku? Dichen Lachman? Zoe Bell? Gina Torres? Amy Acker? Felicia Day? Argh. So many options! I have even read a few blogs that are saying Claire Danes. While I would love her to be back on the small screen, it would have to be in a reunion of My So Called Life instead.

Who do you see as the Angels in this reboot?

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