Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The First of Chase?

Okay, so this is coming from Star magazine so is probably total bulls*it. And even if the woman in question actually made these comments, note that she is a professional fame-whore so again - probably total bulls*t. But this is just far too amusing to not comment on.....

Shauna Sands.... I don't really know what her claim to fame is. Porn Star? Playboy in the 90's? Married to and divorced from Lorenzo Lamas? Plastic surgery nightmare? She is all of these things (except for the porn star, of that I am not sure) Anyways, she has apparently told Star magazine that in 2003, she not only deflowered a then 18 year old Gossip Girl hottie Chace Crawford, but that they dated on and off for about a year.

I guess this could conceivably be true? An 18 year old guy dating a Playmate who is 14 years older than he is? I can imagine that would be pretty cool right? Even if she is a plastic woman....But really.... a boy as pretty as Chace waiting until he was 18 to pop his cherry? Doubtful. I am sure that he had chicks throwing themselves at his perfectly manicured self from the age of about 14. Sh*t I am sure that his friend's mothers were hitting on him daily.
I am calling bulls*it on Shauna Sands. I am sure that she has someting to pimp. A book? A make-up line for the Home Shopping Network? My guess is she is bitter about her ex-hubby's reallity show and is looking for some press of her own.....
'Nuff said.

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